Drifting Along, House 011.1

I am back to Sims but will only be posting once per week for awhile. Planet Zoo still has my attention and it will take time to get enough updates ready to post more than once a week.

Thiago moves out into his very own empty lot. He is in Willow Creek on the Umbrage Manor lot.

I was so ready to get out of the last house and away from the twins, that Thiago moved out with horrible needs – but, thankfully there is a bathroom behind him. And food and benches. He is only missing the shower, but that can wait.

Someone asked me why the twins in the last house were so awful that I couldn’t wait to get Thiago out of the house, and I think it was just a combination of burnout on my part, and twin toddlers living in a three-story house. I tend to prefer single-story houses, so that could be a factor. Anyways. I am back and Thiago is going to start House 011. As an additional benefit, Eco-Living released this morning, I have everything updated, and ready to begin.

For House 011, in addition to having and raising the next heir, Thiago needs to build a house of at least §50,000; it needs to include a dedicated party space; complete the Master Mixologist aspiration; reach the top of the Mixology career; and craft all of the emotion potions available after he completes the aspiration. He has his work cut out for him.

The first thing we do is place a bar on the Rattlesnake Juice lot. We haven’t looked at the map view in awhile (ever?) so here is Oasis Springs with six houses and three community lots.

We also get a quick look at Willow Creek with four houses, one Spa, and our hero, Thiago.

I just realized that I never added the nightclub to Willow Creek when completing House 006. So it is there now.

Thiago is standing on his empty lot, with zero simoleons, and he really needs to pee. He is also hungry and he is not having any fun. Thiago looks around and takes stock and realizes there is a public bathroom nearby. That is one thing off his list, for the moment.

Thiago takes care of the next item of business – he gets a job in the Culinary career, starting at level 3, Caterer. He still doesn’t receive the cash bonuses (game glitch?), but at least he did get the three counters and the coffee pot. Because priorities, right?!?

The controls between Sims and Planet Zoo are so different, it is like I have never played Sims before. I can’t remember how to move the camera…

Thiago raids the community garden for some apples and pears, and eats until he is no longer hungry.

Then it is time for a power nap.

Thiago didn’t get off the lot before the welcoming committee showed. This one sim is the entire welcoming committee. Thiago thanks him for coming and then “sends home”.

He gathered enough from around the neighborhood to meet the funds requirement for leaving the lot – he is going to the nightclub to work on his mixology skill, and he invites his teen girlfriend along. She should be aging up soon. And she really needs to work on her fashion sense.

Thiago is exhausted and this is not what he wants to be doing.

He isn’t actually serving anyone, just practicing. The real bartender is standing outside wondering who this sim is that has taken over his bar.

Thiago was kicked out from behind the bar just before he reached level 2. Since he has to be level 2 in order to join the Mixing Crew club, he now has to find another bar to take over.

Where better to find a bar than at a bar.

Once he reaches level 2, he joins the club and then he begins his campaign of taking over the club. The current leader, Bruno, is not open to the suggestion that he step down and let Thiago have control.

OOh, LOL, so this was an option for Thiago.

Thiago reaches the end of the line and decides that he simply must have a nap now.

Elsa invites him out and he said yes. But then he went straight home.

Another night, sleeping on the bench. This time, in the rain.

Thiago doesn’t even care whether he is supposed to play the lottery. He buys a ticket with §100 that he can’t afford to spend.

His fun is still sucking and every time I look away, he begins jumping into the nasty piles of leaves.

He picked up a bug somewhere and he is just suffering through the itchiness. This is the full extent of what he owns.

He invites Elsa over and they get to know each other better. She is still a teen – three more days.

Thiago makes sure that she won’t be thinking about anyone else while he waits.

After Lottery Day it is now Harvestfest. He is going to milk both gnomes for seeds.

He buys the pile of decorations so that he can decorate the house, and completes enough traditions that he is happy with the holiday. Which is great because he was not going to be able to make a grand feast today.

He finally has time to try to wrest control of the drinking club away from Bruno again.

It was tough, he had to ask more than once to get Bruno to finally agree to let him be in charge.

I think this is the longest I have gone, at least on the last few houses, without having a good base started. He started this journey on Tuesday and it is now Friday. He has only gone to work once – on Harvestfest, but is hopeful that he will receive a promotion on his next work day (today).

Jennifer (his mom) comes over to give him a present. I was really, really hoping for a TV or something expensive.

But nope. And eww…

That is a faux meat cube – and it is eatable. Thanks Eco-Living.

With the cube of meat and the other items Thiago collected before work, he is able to purchase a bed at last.

When he comes home with a promotion, he is able to swap out the not-quite-a-shower for a real enclosed shower.

Thiago invites Elsa over Saturday morning, and he takes care of his lack of fun. He was so miserable that it took two times to get him topped off. Thankfully, Elsa left the lot as unpregnant as when she got there. She should be having her birthday today or tomorrow, and then she will be moving in.

With his fun built it, it is time to work on his mixology skill for his next promotion. Apparently, making 10 glasses of water from the bar counts as making 10 drinks. And even better, it is free.

Well, the rules about club usage are resulting in the club not being a truly great thing, for now. Thiago can’t host a gathering at home and he can’t afford to go anywhere. Since he is an Insider, he is going to keep the club even if he can’t gather at home.

Umm, that would be a great big Nope! Thiago books the event through his employer because he wants to keep his job.

Dude! You didn’t get a promotion or anything, so get yourself home.

Okay, now he got the next promotion is a level 5, Line Cook.

Elsa has also become a young adult and it is time to bring her into the household.

Guys! You couldn’t wait until after the wedding and she was moved in? Thankfully, again, risky is not choosing to get her pregnant. And then I will discover that her current household is full and she can’t get pregnant because there isn’t room.

After the fun, then Thiago proposes marriage.

She accepts and they have an immediate elopement because of course.

And then she goes straight into CAS for a wardrobe update. And she comes out of the change hysterical. And she is Uncontrollable!

Thiago begins with the romance to try to flip her over to flirty. And after the woohoo, she sleeps. But not long enough.

Thiago then tries to get her inspired with some cloudgazing.

That didn’t work and he leaves for work. She is now on her own.

Since I can’t control her, all I can do is watch. She goes to make coffee.

And then she drinks the coffee and now she is Very Energized. She needs to not die before making babies with Thiago. But I am very worried about her life expectancy because she is a Childish Goofball. She is also a Bro, and she has a Knowledge aspiration, so fingers crossed those will help her counteract the hysteria.

They are starting to accumulate belongings.

Elsa spends the entire day shoveling snow.

Tomas comes over to visit and meets his new daughter-in-law.

I forget what this was about. Obviously he is running home in a blizzard, and he was out collecting more stuff to sell. But can’t remember what I was going to say.

One of the Tiny House lot traits is an increased speed on improving skills, so Thiago is working on mixology.

Umm, nope.

He has 3-4 days off before his next shift, and this is how they spend their time.

Oh look – Elsa has a job as in Fast Food.

And, she is pregnant with the next generation.

Thiago needed to make three drinks at a social event, and the House Party was one of the cheapest and easy to reach Gold. He invites over every sim he knows. This is all of them. The two kids are his younger twin siblings.

After the gold party, Thiago goes to bed and Elsa is back out in the snow, building snowmen now.

I was wondering who Disallow Solicitors was for, and now we know.

Winterfest comes and they splurge on a tree. They can only afford the small pile of presents, but good things come in little packages.

The stereo is from the party, the gaming pad is Elsa’s present.

Thiago received a really nice grill.

And then it is back to practicing mixology. They are waiting to expand the house until after he masters mixology. He will still have to level charisma, but that is for another day.


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