Drifting Along, House 011.2

Elsa broke the coffee pot, and yes, she does drink that much coffee.

Thiago has mastered mixology. Now to complete the aspiration and get some more promotions. He also needs to improve charisma.

But first, he must repair the coffee pot for Elsa. She is good at cleaning but never tries to repair anything.

The house is no longer a Tiny House. If only they had the money for interior walls.

Being pregnant has been hard on Elsa.

Thiago decides to work on another aspiration while he is leveling charisma (Great Kisser = Mastered Charisma). While they are getting their flirt on, some random sim comes into the house and begins playing.

I guess I forgot to Disallow Vampires. They are just ignoring him.

Still ignoring him. He also doesn’t have the option to be “Sent Home”. He eventually went home when the sun came up.

They worked all the way through the Soulmate aspiration to the final three gold dates. They completed 2/3 of the gold dates. But then they were so exhausted that they had to take a break. Elsa can sleep in the bed and she does so occasionally. Mostly, she sleeps on the floor.

She turned around and passed out again.

Then she went to work. The baby is due any minute now.

She is in labor, but got to get that last nap in while she can.

Where TF are you going? She literally walked to the back corner of the lot to have an accident. And she is still in labor.

See, she absolutely can use the bed to sleep.

It is finally time for the next heir to make an appearance.

Initially I thought Thiago would be trapped by the bassinet, but he wasn’t. The next heiress is Tiana.

The house is expanded to almost the final footprint. They keep running out of simoleons.

She is pretty but useless. Truly, utterly useless.

Thiago sets up the bar in the corner of his soon-to-be party space.

Jennifer comes over to visit and she ends up taking care of Tiana because one parent was making drink and the other was drinking drinks.

Thiago completes the Master Mixologist aspiration. Now to reach the top of his career, and whatever else he needs to do.

The coffee pot is getting sold. Neither one will sleep, they just get another cup of coffee and walk around like this all of the time.

The drinker comes wandering through. She literally has never done anything with Tiana since birth.

Thiago is going to complete the Soulmate aspiration next. i forgot to change Elsa’s aspiration to Soulmate, so she has nothing to show for it. Tobias would love to visit with Thiago, but right after this picture Thiago goes to work.

And this is where she sits for the rest of the day. With Tiana screaming in the nursery.

When Thiago gets home, it is time for Tiana to become a toddler. She is silly so this is going to be fun. Silly toddlers are not the best at doing what they should.

She wouldn’t come get the plate on her own, so Thiago put it on the high chair and then put her in. She played more than she ate, but at least social services won’t be taking her today.

Every freaking meal with a silly toddler.

Thiago is over the drama. Tiana goes to bed early and he takes a day of family leave since Elsa is about to leave for work and she can’t call out. Hopefully Tiana will sleep all night.

Ignore the Winterfest tree – as usual they will be leaving it up all year. Thiago plays with Tiana to try to improve her movement skill while Elsa watches.

Thiago gets Tiana up to level 2 in potty but there is sadness when she pees on the floor. Sad is a change since her usual emotional state is angry. And then I looked at Tiana’s tasks for the next house. ./sigh

Oh Elsa. She starts off her day with a liquid breakfast. Sweet & Spicy I believe.

Thiago and Tiana are settling into a routine.

While Thiago is doing something, Tiana has breakfast and Elsa follows up her liquid breakfast with some regular water.

While Elsa is at work, Thiago is collecting around the neighborhood – they really need some living room furniture and a chair for Tiana. Left unsupervised, Tiana works on her imagination.

After destroying the other room, she plays with her monster toy for literally hours. This is the least destructive she has been so far.

Thiago is still making the rounds, Elsa is home, and Tiana is hungry. Thankfully a plate magically appeared with food and it is calling Tiana’s name.

Thiago gets home in time to take Tiana to the potty and then read her to sleep. For a change, she is not going to bed angry.

Any time Elsa considers taking a shower or a bath, she either has to get back out for work or because she has a drink in her hand. I cannot tell you the last time she was clean. On the other hand, Thiago just completed the Soulmate aspiration and bought some reward traits.

This is also the first bath that Tiana has had. And it was her idea, but only because Thiago was still eating so she asked Elsa.

Tiana masters what will probably be the only skill – but she knows how to use the potty now.

This is Thiago’s life. Everything is a mess including his wife. And I wouldn’t call this a hot mess. It is just a mess.

A little fun time with daddy and daughter before Thiago leaves for work.

This is probably my favorite dollhouse. Just saying.

Yeah. So, the nanny is putting Tiana to bed while filthy Elsa is playing with the gaming pad. She is home from work and still hasn’t taken a shower.

As par for the course, since the nanny put Tiana to bed, he did so without a story. My experience is that the stories are what prevent the nightmares. Which means, Tiana is up pretty fast and she is sad. Which is a very rare emotion for her as she is normally either happy or angry.

Thiago comes home, with a promotion, at 1am. He doesn’t even blink to find everyone still awake. He is on a mission to repair something, after which he comes back and puts Tiana to bed, with a story.

It is amazing! The kitchen is clean!!

Even more amazing is that Elsa finally found the tub and stayed in it long enough to scrub off all the dirt.

The nanny is here again so Tiana is taking advantage and staying up late.

She has reached level 3 in everything except thinking. And she still loves to be defiant.

Just a shot of the new roof.

Being a toddler is not so bad, and Tiana has more happy days now than angry days.

Elsa thought she could hide outside to drink her drink, but Tiana followed her and then stood and watched her drink.

A better shot of the colorful metal roof.

Tiana is this close to becoming a Happy Toddler and her birthday is tomorrow. Thiago makes the sacrifice (sleep) and helps her reach the goal.

After flash cards, he gets her to play with the blocks and then he grabs some food before leaving for work. She does reach level 3 and just in time.

Elsa spends her entire day like this. Stinky, filthy, just staring at food. She is starving, exhausted, and obviously needs a bath. And she will just sit here until some point when she drags herself to bed. Can sims be depressed? Because they is how she is acting. Also, she has drank all of the juice in the house and Thiago has not restocked the fridge.

Tiana wants to dance so they all gather to dance.

Thiago has some extra cash, which is rare, so he makes his first emotional drink.

And immediately drinks it. At least the rules don’t say he has to keep the drinks, just that he has to craft them. He did.

It is time for Tiana to blow out the candles and Elsa still looks like roadkill. Thiago is giving her the stink eye.

Despite appearances, this is immediately after Tiana becomes a child, and Elsa still stinks. Tiana rolled Green Fiend, so she is going to want to be eco-friendly.

Elsa takes a nap on the couch, instead of going to bed, and then complains about the mess after she pees on the floor.

My only hope is that Tiana does not inherit her mother’s bad habits.

Elsa went to work, came home, and passed out on the front lawn.

Tiana checks to see if she is still alive and then heads back inside.

Thiago has received another promotion – level 8, Chief Drink Operator. This is his happy face. I can see Elsa has been by, and left a bowl of something on the street.

Thiago makes just enough to pay the bills, so he dips into the decorations to complete the house.

I know. It is completely weird. But I like it for this particular family.

The house is “complete”. It exceeds the requirements and most of the decorations are in place. I doubt I will make many big changes from here out.

Except that the neighborhood plan is Green Living, and Thiago got called out for not having a garden. So he is planting some flowers to see if that will count.

Tobias comes over, so Thiago borrows some money from him. So far, he owes Tomas and Tobias §2,500 each.

Don’t you just hate it when you come home from work, and stand in one place so long that a impenetrable hedge grows up around you? If it weren’t against the “rules”, Thiago would divorce her and she would move out. But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.


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