Drifting Along, House 011.3

Elsa is starting to get the idea that something is wrong. Something is very wrong.

Thiago comes out to check on her, and he asks her to put on her cold weather outfit.

Then he goes inside to work on spending what little money he has on the emotional drinks.

Elsa is really, really starting to worry now.

It is really hot today.

Maybe a little too hot to be wearing a cold weather outfit.

Thiago comes out and realizes the Elsa has died from excessive heat. Apparently, she was “too hot for life!”. Too late for second thoughts now.

He sets up a nice little memorial for her, where she will reside permanently.

Another emotional drink to make while Grim watches. Thiago makes all six emotional drinks, plus he replaces the one he drank in the beginning. They are shelved in the kitchen now.

Tiana is upset when she gets home, but Thiago does his best to calm her down.

Sadness as they adjust to their new normal.

Of course, Elsa comes out to visit the very first night, but Thiago is still really sad.

And then I had to laugh, because he was able to ask her for a loan.

Thiago is missing Elsa, but it was for the best. Really. Trust me.

I believe Tiana has a B, but now I can’t remember. That would be the only reason I took a picture of her as she came home from school, so we will go with that.

Thiago gets her working on her next round of homework immediately.

Then he heads out to get some (five) signatures in order to repeal the Green Living community initiative.

While Thiago is working, Tiana is home alone. Eating nuggets. And that is sounding pretty good for dinner. Well, not nuggets – pizza rolls. But close enough, right?

She even does her extra credit without being asked.

Thiago has reached level 9 – he just needs one more promotion.


Tobias shows up just before Thiago leaves for work on Sunday. Tiana doesn’t want him to babysit her. She doesn’t need a babysitter.

With a little money in the bank, it is time to spend it all. Thiago adds a dew collector, wind turbine, and a lot of solar panels.

He also is at the level where he only works three days a week. So, he takes an odd job as a way to fill his days.

I was about to be really impressed. Tiana started her project, but as I got ready to take a picture, she quit.

When Tiago gets home, he gets Tiana working on her homework and he completes her project. She is going to get an A tomorrow.

This is reassuring. And not only did she consider it, she did it.

Harvestfest is their first holiday since Elsa died. Tiana doesn’t seem to be too bothered but Thiago is still feeling a pang of guilt.


Dude. Thiago just barely missed getting his last promotion. At least his next shift is in two days, rather than the four days that is in between the next two shifts.

He takes an odd job and then realizes he needs to go free diving to complete it. Since he already sucked at the last job, he has to make this one work. It costs §1,200 to buy the treasure tool, and she is only paying him §658. However, he had enough time to dive for treasure more than once and was able to snag one for himself that was worth §810.

Then, he comes home to this random group of loiterers.

When Thiago stripped down to go diving, it was noticed that he is getting a little soft. So, he went jogging – the first and only time that will happen.

He hired a caterer to come along and fill up the fridge, because he didn’t want to spend the money to do it himself, and he gets free services. Zachariah is still around, so he definitely is immortal.

Tiana completed the first tier of the social aspiration. Amazing as she did it all by herself.

Daddy-daughter time before work.

The party room that Thiago had to include in the house. He is a Bro, so it made sense for his party room to be drinking and games.

This was too funny. Tomas was just walking by when Tiana changed into her cold weather outfit and ran out to talk to him.

She must have talked so much because he was dazed when he left.

Thiago has reached the top of his career. He is not happy because Jennifer (his mom) just died.

He has the bubbles and he was trying to find a mood other than sad, but it didn’t work.

Thiago makes sure Tiana is okay before he leaves for work.

This is looking too much like Elsa.

But it is birthday cake time for Tiana.

She blows out her candles, becomes a teen, and has a quick makeover. Her traits now are Green Fiend and Outgoing. Her aspiration is Friend of the World.

After futilely mopping up the water from the broken plumbing, she gives up and watches television.

Thiago has completed all of the requirements, so this house is done. Now we are waiting for Tiana to get through her teen years. This is going to play fairly fast, I would expect, because there won’t be any accidental babies to deal with. Just Thiago and Tiana doing their things.

Tiana starts the first fire of the generation, but they have it out before the fireman arrives. And then he leaves just as quickly.

Tiana needs to have a skill at level 3 for school, and after trying several things, Thiago buys a chess table and keeps Tiana there until she reaches level 3.

It is a good thing today is Winterfest because they played straight through the night and they are both exhausted now.

While they play, here is the living and activity room.

And looking the other way is the dining room and kitchen.

With time to kill, Thiago picks up the fizzing station and tries it out.

His first batch is Fizzy Apple Juice. Yum?!?

Tiana is ready for a bath but first she completes her homework.

And then she starts another fire.

This time I caught the firesim cheering that the fire was already extinguished.

It is New Year’s Eve and Thiago is encouraging Tiana to have a good holiday.

Umm, she asked him for tips on making fizzy juice and he got pissed at her.

They are watching New Year’s Eve television. While uncontrolled sims won’t autonomously watch the premieres, they will come to watch New Year’s Eve. It was good for both, then Thiago sent Tiana to bed.

After New Year’s Eve comes New Skill Day. Tiana completed it when she made her grilled cheese sandwich. Thiago completed it dancing.

Thiago finally was successful in suggesting that Tiana practice charisma at the mirror. She just didn’t stay that long.

Five days until her birthday, three days until she gets the first notice. She will be having her birthday cake after the first notice, because everything else is done.

Elsa is trying to encourage me to let Tiana have her birthday early. She has come out several nights in a row, and each time she starts at least two white cakes.

Before Tiana can grow up, she is trying to earn the Good Manners trait along with the Responsible traits. She has one and almost has the other. After setting the table repeatedly, she finally has both traits in the zone.

And it is close enough, she is blowing out her candles.

She gets the Mean trait as required, and then she moves out.


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