Drifting Along, House 012.1

Tiana is ready to begin her house, so first let’s see what she is going to be required to do:

  • Create a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house worth §50,000.
  • Complete Friend of the World aspiration
  • Declare another sim an Enemy
  • Become BFF with this Enemy
  • Win 5 physical fights with 5 different sims
  • Produce the next Heir

This is not going to be one of my favorite houses. Probably. Maybe it will go better than I am expecting. And as I write this, I am getting an idea… But it is still a lot of fighting and enemies, and why can’t everyone just get along.

Anyways. Tiana is Mean, Outgoing, and Green Fiend. Her aspiration is Friend of the World, of course. She is going to give the Politician career a whirl. Politicians require charisma to be mastered and this will work nicely with the idea of becoming a Friend to the World.

I did consider sending her to university, but then also decided I am not in the mood for that this house. Eventually it will happen with one of the drifters. For now, Tiana has to work on becoming a Friend to the World. So, she is introducing herself to everyone that passes in front of her lot.

She takes a break from the hand-shaking to greet her welcoming party. Two cousins and one aunt.

More introductions. She is looking for a BFF and a life partner.

Abigail becomes her BFF.

Tiana is really excited about that.

More introductions. She is getting nervous because everyone walking by is Adult or Elder or Child. And they all have 1-3 kids and half are married. I love MCCC but it does make the drifters have to work to find available sims.

She is starting to drop her expectations and standards, not that the off duty fire fighter is bad, other than an Adult.

Oh, Tiana spots the sim of her dreams. Trent may technically still be a teen (age 14/13), but she is just barely a young adult (0/24).

She stops Trent and they spend time getting to know each other.

Really, they are basically the same age.

Tiana approaches Trent with her idea that he could move in with her as soon as he has his birthday.

Trent is all about that plan. They have to shoo off the interloper though.

Tiana wants him to commit so that he doesn’t get married or have a baby before he can move in.

Zachariah watches their first kiss, and wonders why none of the drifters ever choose him. He isn’t going anywhere, apparently.

Trent agrees to become Tiana’s boyfriend, and promises to save himself for her. No marriage or kids with anyone else.

Trent has to go, and apparently so does Tiana. Thiago stopped by to check on her, and his timing was perfect. Too bad she can’t ask him for a loan.

Seriously? WTF – and now I am checking to see if Trent is an alien in disguise. He isn’t the best I can tell.

[twiddling my thumbs]

Once Tiana gets back, she scrounges for more decorations and opens a present from the pile, and has enough, finally, to setup a bathroom and a bed.

She decides the shower is the most important, and then takes a nap afterwards. At this point, I remember that she took a position on the Political career. Checking that, she has to choose a cause to support (Simoleons for Everyone) and her shift starts in three hours.

Trent comes over the next morning, and he has had his birthday and is now a Young Adult. And someone needs to help him out with his fashion sense.

Tiana gets right to business, because there are things to do, and worrying about her life partner is not on her list.

She proposes.

He accepts.

They elope.

And then comes the surprise. While Trent is not a father, apparently he is a big brother.

Checking out the family tree and Trent has four half-siblings and four step-siblings.

The first thing to do is to try to move Michelle back in with her parents. And that is a nope because apparently they are dead and are in the process for being declared dead. Deciding to go with Michelle’s blood related brothers first: Trent is obviously out, Art already lives in a full house, but Shane lives alone in Sulani. Michelle joins him.

With Michelle moved to Sulani, it is time for Trent to get his makeover. He is Creative, Child of the Islands, and a Loner. His aspiration is City Living, which is just wrong, so he switches to Beach Life, which makes more sense since he is a Mermaid! Needless to say, he does not have a job to worry about.

At this point, I decided to try to give them shelter and realized they had a lot of money. I also realized there was a lot of crap in the inventory. Apparently the first time through, I didn’t handle the move in correctly.

So, I went back to right before Tiana and Trent got married, and replayed from there.

Tiana proposed, Trent accepted, and they eloped once again.

§253 starting on hand + §20,663 cash + sell all furnishings = §68,272, so the amount that transferred with Michelle was §68,019. What they could have done with the money.

Tiana chooses to spend her first day of work, working from home. Or in this case, protesting in the Spice Market.

Then she stops by the library to write a letter, also for work.

Back at the house, Trent is finding ways to keep himself busy.

After some rummaging for items to sell, Tiana has enough for the exterior walls for the ground floor. Thiago stops by to meet his new son-in-law while Tiana is crashed inside. Eventually she makes her way upstairs to the bed.

This is pretty much has Trent spends his time. Of course, it is just about the only thing to do at the moment.

While Tiana spends her time rummaging, Trent finds the tub and flashes out his tail.

Now the tub is inside so they have made some progress on the house.

It is time to vote for the Neighborhood Action Plan, and Tiana chooses to add Roughhousing Encouraged to the docket. Then she spends the points to get it to the top of the list.

Tiana does have a job and she is working on her work tasks as she gets them. In the between times, she rummages and chats with Trent.

Once a day they each open a present. He gets to participate because Tiana “opens with…”.

They take a break for Love Day, and surprisingly, it is a good day for both of them.

Tiana also discovers she is pregnant so they have that to celebrate also.

Of all the presents that they have opened, this is the best. Everything is sold for cash, but this is mounted on the new wall.

The kitchen is being pieced together. They are using the items from Realm of Magic for the kitchen.

He is still cute even if he is mermaid-weird.

Tiana prepares her first meal – tuna casserole, I believe.

Today’s presents are opened and it is Brawl Day. Tiana has plans for today.

But I am not sure if she can actually fight. So she is about to test that out.

She needs an enemy that will then become her BFF. So, she decides that her current BFF will make the journey with her.

Abigail is not impressed with this idea.

Tiana is relentless and she eventually is able to declare Abigail an Enemy, with a capital “E”.

Abigail is furious, of course. But the real question is can Tiana actually fight her now. And nope. She can shove but she doesn’t get the option to fight. So Brawl Day is a complete waste.

With the enemy declared, Tiana begins the process of rebuilding their friendship. She explains that she is pregnant and very hormonal. Abigail agrees that they are BFF once again, but she is not letting Tiana off the hook. She knows Tiana is a mean bitch but she loves her anyways.

It has been a rough day for Tiana and Abigail is the true best friend. While Tiana is passed out on the floor, Abigail plays chess nearby.

After a nap, Tiana is up and Abigail is still here. Tiana gives her a key to the house so that she will know she is always welcome. Then Tiana goes back to bed, Trent lays down for a nap, and Abigail sits down to practice chess some more.

Tiana desperately needs a computer for one of her work from home tasks. She barely gets it in time to write the next letter. But she does, and her boss is happy with her. Not enough to promote her, but enough to not yell at her.

Still really just enjoying looking at Trent.

Tiana and Trent enjoy spending time together and chat nicely most of the time. Every once in awhile Tiana’s mean streak comes out, but with Trent it isn’t often.

As her pregnancy begins to wind down, Tiana receives another promotion at work, allowing her to move into the Charity Organizer track.

Tiana needs to talk with her neighbors, collect donations, and make more friends – career and aspiration tasks. Apparently, Tanya is not happy with Trent for some reason. Tanya is Tiana’s aunt, so she is Thiago’s sister.

Holy mother whale on legs. Tiana is huge, miserable, and in labor. But, she is on task to catch up with Zachariah so that he can become her friend.

Since she still has a little time before delivery, she starts inviting over sims that she knows but isn’t friends. They are gathering at the house so that she can take pictures of each one.

Yeah, she was able to get pictures of everyone here just in time. Needless to say, everyone left pretty darn quick when they realized there was an incoming baby.

Twins – Holly and Hunter Huntington.

Trent sends everyone home and doesn’t even bother with the stairs. The couch will do just nicely for tonight.


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