Drifting Along, House 012.2

Thiago decides to drop by to see how Tiana and the family are doing. Yeah, that is about how I feel about unexpected guests.

I forget what she was trying to do, but it wasn’t go to bed. I also upgraded their bed to a better one so she will actually improve her needs while she sleeps.

Since she is not pregnant any more, it is time to get these fights checked off. She grabs sims as they walk by. First is Zachariah Allison, who has complained about not having a more prominent place in the challenge.

Then there is Alanna Goth.

Tiana hasn’t lost a fight yet.

This is Bruno Crisp, the most current nanny, as she will discover shortly.

Michele Pancakes.

And, Skylar Chatman. That is five fights won by Tiana. Now she has to complete the Friend of the World aspiration.

Or, she could take a nap. She has done everything except master charisma. Holly would love for someone to change her diaper. It apparently won’t be Trent.

Tiana purchases the Free Services trait, and then she calls for a plumber and a nanny.

The nanny, Bruno Crisp.

Bruno tells Trent all about how Tiana kicked his ass but how he can definitely take good care of the twins.

In the morning, both twins are stinky and hungry. Tiana heads in to take care of Hunter and Trent heads downstairs to feed himself.

Despite his lack of participation with the twins, Tiana still needs him to help her master charisma.

I have no clue. Abigail came over, Tiana stopped kissing Trent to yell at him, and then Abigail attacked Trent. Tiana doesn’t seem to be upset either.

Whatever Trent did, he needs to apologize and never do that again.

Do not get pregnant.

Charisma mastered, finally, and I think they are both glad to be done with the kissing.

It is time for the twins to become toddlers.

Hunter rolls Fussy, and he is a mermaid like Trent.

Holly rolls angelic and she is also a mermaid.

Dude, no. He is exhausted and Tiana just put him on the bed to read him to sleep. Thankfully, she gets him to sleep before Trent can come to the boy’s rescue.

After getting Hunter to sleep, Tiana tells Holly a story and then they have a quick play session before reading her to sleep also.

Tiana gets the twins up for some potty time – they are both at level 2 now. Then she sets them working with their blocks while she makes some dinner.

Grumpy can’t wait for the franks and beans to be ready so he gets to eat peas instead.

Holly had a sandwich because she couldn’t wait either. Then she tells Trent a story until he finally figures out to let her out of the high chair.

Hunter decided he was not going to eat the peas, so he threw them on the floor. No one noticed. After he gets out of the high chair he snags a bowl of beans and franks.

Some more training as Tiana makes sure both of the twins can get up and down the stairs by themselves.

Then everyone starts passing out. Holly just woke up and is headed outside. Tiana was considering taking her upstairs to bed, but that is a nope.

Once outside, Holly finds a quiet bush and falls asleep underneath it. Eventually, Tiana gets Hunter to bed and Trent gets Holly to bed. It is an early night for the household.

Trent finds the grill even though there is plenty of food in the fridge.

At least the twins will have something to eat when they get to the bottom of the stairs.

Tiana is already down there having her own breakfast. That is a heavy green cloud around Holly. I would say they both need a bath.

While Tiana is taking care of the baths, Trent actually cleans up everything except the dirty high chair.


Abigail and Trent get into another fight. I have no idea what is going on. It is not Brawl Day and they do not hate each other. But every time they are in the same room, Abigail attacks Trent.

Hunter has not completed a meal yet without throwing his plate on the floor. This time he was caught by both parents and got scolded twice.

Hunter is woken up when his hunger gets really desperate. He listens to Tiana and Trent talk.

Holly is still sleeping, so Tiana spends several hours reading to Hunter.

Dude! The boy was sitting on the potty and was just about to actually use it, when he stood up and pooped his diaper.

By the time Holly gets up, Hunter is back in bed – after a bath – and Tiana and Trent are taking a nap.

That feeling when you have to get up at 4am in order to have some peace and quiet.

Tiana set out a plate of food for the toddlers, and this particular plate belonged to Holly. Then Trent came along and took it for himself.

Hunter is giving Trent the stink eye for taking Holly’s plate.

Trent comforts Holly. Just because he took her plate doesn’t mean she didn’t get to eat. But that was her plate.

Hunter really wants a bath. He has asked for a bath several times, but Tiana wants to get him to level 3 in his skills first.

B-A-T-H. Hunter can spell bath and yet he still hasn’t convinced Tiana to give him a BATH!

Nope. Still no bath. But at this point, Hunter is level 3 in Communication, Movement, and Imagination. He is almost level 3 in Potty, and we aren’t going to talk about Thinking. Holly is heading upstairs to do something – maybe take a nap. Since Hunter is the heir, he is getting the priority attention right now.

Hunter and his green cloud and finally working on thinking. He mastered the Potty and Tiana immediately sent him to work on his blocks.

Hunter is 100% done with learning his skills.

He is starving, stinking, and exhausted.

There is food sitting out downstairs, so he heads down to get something to eat. He takes a few bites and then passes out under the kitchen table. When he wakes up he gets Trent to give him a bath, and then he takes his tired, cranky butt to bed.

Tiana has to track Hunter down and stand over him while he eats. This might be the first meal where he has eaten all of it.

After pushing Hunter to the brink, he is finally getting some much needed sleep. That leaves Tiana and Trent to spend time together and Holly gets some playtime. She was lacking in the fun, so she is happy to just play with the toys.

The maid spent the entire day on the computer. She cleaned absolutely nothing.

More time together as both of the twins are sleeping now. Or maybe they are playing. No, they have to be sleeping since they are always nearby if they are awake.

Dude! Despite being completely potty trained, Hunter continues to have accidents because he waits too long to head for the potty.

I was beginning to wonder if they were going to make it, but both of the twins are now Happy Toddlers.

Since the twins are Happy Toddlers now, Tiana heads back into work.

Trent immediately breaks the computer, so tough luck.

The maid is back and she still has the same stellar work habits.

The NAP inspector comes by and of course they fail since they, meaning me, don’t even know what the neighborhood plan is at the moment.

Tiana comes home and hires a repairman to come and fix everything that Trent has broken. Trent might be feeling a little threatened at the moment, as he mostly does nothing around the house.

It is time for the twins’ birthday. They are waiting for Tiana to make a cake, and I was surprised that they came down and sat together chatting while they waited.

I have no idea what she is telling Hunter, but she is serious about it. Herself.

Hunter looks a little worried and might be calculating exactly when he can move out. His angelic twin sister looks just a little bit scary there.

As the first both, Hunter gets to blow out the candles first. Holly has realized that she will be growing up with a stinky diaper. I can bet she will be in the bath tub before too much time has passed.

After Hunter blows out his candles, it is time for Holly to blow out hers.

Just giving you a second look at Hunter’s hair. He is not keeping it, but OMG that is bubblegum blue.

Hunter rolls Squeamish and takes the Mental aspiration.

Holly rolls Lazy and takes the Creative aspiration.

Their rooms are updated for children, and they are assigned to their new beds. While Hunter heads straight for bed, Holly finds a tub.

Not the closest tub, but probably the most funnest tub in the house.


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