Drifting Along, House 012.3

Holly is the only one up, and it is early. She may regret that later in the day, but it is her problem at the moment. “Play with…” can be a useful tool. Tiana is sleeping, but she was still able to get Holly to the chess table, and never even twitched. This is important as Holly didn’t have the skills to get from a “C” to a “B”. Both twins will need to work on skills to get their grades up to an “A”, but that will come later also.

Hunter is up and heading downstairs and I spend a few minutes wondering why they aren’t going to school. Probably because they just became children so this is the first day off.

Tiana needs to get her work tasks done so she tracks down sims walking by, makes sure they are friends (again), and then asks them for the large donation, the small donation, a small loan, and a large loan. §125 for her charity and §2,500 for herself. Hmm…

Since the kids are out of school today, Tiana takes them fishing. She is still trying to get them to improve their mental skill so that they will be able to get an “A” in school. Holly catches a bug and is pretty miserable.

Hunter catches a cheap camera, which will be sold.

While Tiana is off finding more targets, Holly slips back to the house and goes to lay down.

Hunter is fine where he is and begins looking for seashells. That works as those can also be sold for cash.

Tiana wakes Holly up and has her go to bed. Much better sleep than just a nap. And it looks like Tiana also has the scratching bug.

Dude! Trent has the swirly bug. And I think Hunter was sick but his rash went away before I could check.

Back to the chess table, Tiana works with Hunter some more. About this point I realized that they have not done their homework for school tomorrow.

Hunter is agreeable and gets his homework done quickly. Then Tiana puts him to bed.

Holly is not so agreeable. Tiana tries twice to influence her to get it done.

Then, Tiana forces her to do the homework. Holly argues and protests.

But in the end Tiana gets her to start. Notice, she only started. After the third failure, Tiana told Holly to take a shower, and after the shower then Holly was able to finish the homework. And then, Tiana put her butt to bed.

As a quick update, all goals for the house are completed. All that remains is growing up Hunter. And Holly of course. But Hunter most of all.

Well, I guess I forgot the monster lights. I have been putting children into full size beds where possible, so I tend to forget about them when I use the single bed.

Holly makes sure to wake everyone up. I thought she was just going to wake up Trent but she woke of Tiana also.

Today is Harvestfest, so no school. The twins haven’t been to school yet. Even more impressive is the fact that they are all gathered around the table for a grand breakfast feast.

After eating, Tiana went back to bed. She has not been getting any sleep lately. It is worse than when the twins were babies and toddlers.

The maid is worthless. But she does clean, and then she plays on the computer the rest of her time. Eventually, I will fire her, but not today.

After getting some sleep, Tiana heads out to the nearby bench so that she can accost sims walking by – She is still asking for money for the charity and also as a personal loan.

Her neighbors are getting wise and they are avoiding this side of the street.

That means it is time for the kids to finish level mental. They just need level 4 and both are at level 3 now.

Hunter does not like fishing. Holly is no longer in the group and could do something else, but she keeps fishing.

Tiana finally gets Hunter back to the fishing and he reaches level 4 mental. Time to go home, and to bed.

Hunter looks like a toddler as he wakes up in a very bad mood. Apparently, trent’s father passed away so everyone is sad. And then Hunter stinks, has to pee, and is hungry.

Hunter has to deal with his needs and then he has to go to school.

Tiana isn’t in much better shape, and she also decided to work in the office today.

Trent’s mermaid is showing.

Needless to say, Tiana did not get her needs sorted before leaving for work.

The maid is getting older, and yet she still spends all day on the computer. After she cleans, then she computes.

Now I remember the security settings and lock her out. She is bugged and won’t, or can’t, stop using the computer now. Eventually I realize this and reset her. So, don’t lock out a sim while they are actually using the computer.

The twins are home from school. They are still “C” students but have a chance to improve their grades on Monday.

Trent is telling a story and Holly is just not that impressed. It doesn’t look like Hunter is either.

And, another fight across the street.

One of the fighters is Trent’s mom.

At least now I know why there are so many fights. That would be the Roughhousing Encouraged NAP.

Tiana decides to vote for the NAP to Rock Your Body (and Mind). Maybe it will help the kids keep clean.

She also realizes that she has improved her Parenting enough to hug away their sadness. First Hunter, then Holly. Then homework and then bed.

Middle of the night wanderings, and Holly is standing there watching her parents sleep.

Then she went and cleaned up all the dishes. Nice, but it is only 4am – go back to bed.

When the rest of the household gets up, Tiana hires a caterer to restock the fridge. Maybe they are too nice?

Thiago drops by so Tiana spends some time chatting with him. She also hit him up for a charitable donation and a little family loan.

And, another fight. I believe this is Thiago and the caterer. I mean, I know it is the caterer, and I am pretty sure it is Thiago.

Enough is enough. Tiana starts a repeal on the NAP. Thiago is the first one to sign and the caterer is the second one to sign.

Then she heads outside and begins stopping other sims. Sign, donate, loan. She has a pretty good racket going on.

The last signature needed – the NAP will be repealed on Monday evening.

At least now I know what this NAP does to the world around us. Hmm…

And the sadness is back. Thiago passed away after he went home yesterday.

Sunday is a quiet day and not much happens. Tiana reads to the children and this is how the children sat the listen.

When she read a second book, the kids swapped places. Whatever EA.

Despite having a monster light, Hunter swears there is something under his bed. No comment about the fact that there is no room under his bed.

Tiana tries to talk him through it, and she influences him to get some sleep. Then she goes back to bed.

Hunter decides that the couch is the safest place to sleep. But he only naps for a short while and then is up way too early.

While the kids are at school, Trent relaxes in the bath and lets his tail hang out.

Proof that the maid actually works. Of course she can no longer get onto the computer, so that probably helps a little.

I am disappointed. Neither one improved their grade – but their performance bar is as high as it can be without having a green check.

And just like the twins, Tiana just barely misses her next promotion.

She is still grieving for Thiago. The rest of the evening is getting the kids to do their homework, and then getting them into bed.

Tiana is able to get both twins to start their school projects, knowing that she would be the one to finish them. She wasn’t wrong.

Eco inspector comes by and tells them that they are not in compliance with the NAP. Whatever. The bills will be higher. Umm-whatever.

Trent chats with Tiana while she completes the projects. He could have offered to help.

Instead he is upstairs trolling the forums. Just what we need – more trolls.

Finally, the twins have found the “B”. Now they need to get their grades up to an “A”. At least they already have the skills for it.

Evenings are homework, food, and bed. But both twins wake up in the middle of the night as they enter a “LOUD” phase. Having the stereo on LOUD is not a good thing in the middle of the night. Tiana gets back up and sends them both back to bed.

I swear they could sleep longer. But 6:30am and both Holly and Hunter are getting up. Today is Winterfest so they are also excited, or hyper, or whatever the emotion is called.

That one is called “GOTTA PEE”. Going to say that I am really liking Hunter. He is growing on me although Holly has done more to be written about.

Tiana decides that making a fish dinner might not be politically correct to serve to her mermaid family. So she makes a ham instead.

Time to eat, and always a challenge to try to get the uncontrolled to have a great holiday.

Another successful family meal. Tiana and Trent are happy with the holiday once they finish eating, but the twins are going to make this a little harder.

They are gathering to open presents, and Holly comes down loud. There will also be a battle of wills for the rest of the day as she wants the stereo on LOUD and I do not.

The only present worth anything – Hunter gets the art table which Holly is happy to see.

STOP! Little shit-eating grin.

Tiana is trying hard to pass on the holiday spirit so that the kids will have a good holiday. It eventually works for Hunter, but Holly never is satisfied.

Father Winter comes and Tiana is the only one to ask for a present. He gives her an empty box full of lies.

Time for the twins to go to bed. Tiana comforts Holly because she knows it wasn’t her best holiday. In the end, Holly wasn’t sad, just glad it was over. Maybe next year.

Hunter put himself to bed, and Tiana joins Trent for a good night of sleep. Hopefully.

Father Winter makes sure everyone gets to bed, and then he leaves.

Thursday is a good day at school, other than they don’t get an A. But they are close enough that they might get it on Friday.

Tiana was able to get her promotion, but she is really not liking her job.

The consequence of having the fitness NAP in place. Everyone passing by is working out.

However that is much better than some of the NAPs. Tiana begins the process of repealing the Eco appliances NAP. She doesn’t feel like spending the time or money to upgrade her appliances like that.

On the bright side, the twins have earned their A in elementary school and it is time for their birthday. I don’t understand how they come home so filthy (Hunter) every day.

Ahmed Straud shows up and offers to repair the broken appliances. Um, no, you are not invited into this house. Go away.

That is really sad. Not even scary. But someone send him home. The option is not available, so Ahmed hangs around all evening.

I can’t even.

The cake is ready and Hunter gets to blow out the candles first.

Holly gets her turn at the candles, and both of the twins are now teens.


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