Drifting Along, House 012.4

This updates starts off with makeovers for the twins. Hunter is now a Squeamish Snob with the aspiration to become a Renaissance Sim.

Holly gets her makeover, and why is he still here? She is now a Lazy, Childish sim with the aspiration to become a Painter Extraordinaire.

Weird, random Vlad descendant is still wandering around the house even though everyone has gone to sleep. After staring at Tiana and Trent for an hour, he finally poofs his way out of the house.

Holly shows off her mermaid call. I guess is what they are doing. It can’t be a mating call since she is “too young”, but who knows.

This is one family that actually spends a lot of time together and gathers at the table to eat and talk.

Holly takes a bath so you get to see her tail. Hunter hasn’t found the tub yet.

Tiana makes sure both kids get their high school homework done in preparation of their first day of school. Hunter goes first since Holly was in the tub.

But once Holly gets out of the tub it is her turn to get it done.

Talk about confusing and mixed signals.

Tiana slips out to work – today is New Year’s Eve – and when she gets home she is going to have to call the repair service. She was ignoring the broken stereo but with two sinks broken, it is time.

Each of the twins has a laptop locked for only them. This is the first time either one has used the laptop since they got them. Oh look, a random monster light.

Since it is New Year’s Eve, everyone gathers to watch the Countdown. I wish they would do this for TV premiere and the other seasons.

Abigail slips in right before midnight.


Tiana and Abigail catch up and then Tiana gets her to sign the repeal petition. Both of the twins are old enough to sign it also, so Tiana has 4/5 signatures needed. She still has Sunday to collect the last signature, although she does have to work.

Trent and Hunter head up to bed while Tiana enjoys a last glass of bubbly and Holly gets some food into her stomach. She and Hunter each had a glass for a toast and they were both feeling the effects.

Hunter finally takes a bath and shows off his tail.

And giving equal time to Trent, because I think it has been awhile since we have seen his tail.

Tiana finally gets the last signature to repeal eco living and she checks to make sure the fun and games NAP is still in the lead.

The dude in yellow was walking by, stopped and heart-farted over Tiana, and then proceeded to stand there in her bubble until she left the spot.

Holly actually went to practice debate all on her own. That was cool, although she didn’t practice it for very long.

Lazy sim, in the room. That looks so uncomfortable.

She is also childish, so basically spent Sunday playing with the toy robot and then napping in the chair.

Tiana comes home from work, exhausted. She really hates her job, but I am not going to let her quit. She can suck it up like everyone else.

I knew it was Trent’s birthday and then I forgot to have Tiana make him a cake. He ended up aging up on the landing.

Tiana is trying to figure out how to encourage the teens to get their skills up. She suggested to Holly to work on her mischief, since it is the highest skill she has. Whatever she said to Trent was upsetting, so that isn’t a good choice.

She cooks a little on her own, and Tiana might encourage that, as long as there aren’t any fires.

Despite appearances, Trent is telling Abigail a story.

The old maid must have died because they get a new maid today.

Another test was to try to get the kids playing video games. This was not a good choice either.

Tiana rage quit, Holly was already having a mood swing, and Hunter didn’t play long enough to do more than unlock the skill.

Honestly, I don’t think she has been in a good mood yet.

Tiana pulls everyone down to the fishing spot to work on that. Hunter is squeamish and let’s just hope he doesn’t have to do any fishing when he moves out. He literally ran down, looked at the water, and noped back to the house. Tiana called him down again.

So this time he took a selfie and then ran back to the house.

Tiana went back with him to play chess. Hunter’s highest skill is handiness and they might have to buy a woodworking table to see if he will autonomously make things. Or is maybe, Tiana can encourage him to practice. That left Trent and Holly chatting, because they were over the fishing also.

Amazingly, everyone made it back to the house on their own. Normally, it seems like one sim will get lost out in the wilderness and never come home until they are called.

Tiana and Trent enjoy the quiet time during the day while the kids at in school. She actually went over to sit with him, but then decided she didn’t want to give up control of the computer.

The kids are home, and they have filled their performance bar for the “A”. What they don’t have is the skills. So, Tiana influenced Holly to make several meals and Hunter to work on the woodworking table.

Not wanting to wait on Holly, Tiana makes another meal on the grill.

And Holly has cooking at level 3. She should bring home an A tomorrow.

Hunter won’t. He is at 81% so doesn’t have much remaining, but he came home mortified and was miserable all evening.

Tiana gets Hunter up early, before school the next morning and influences him to try woodworking again.

This time he finishes the thing and reaches level 3 in handiness. Finally.

Another missed and forgotten birthday. Tiana is really sad because in addition to forgetting her birthday, someone died, and she didn’t win the lottery.

And for a birthday present, she received an element for a collection she isn’t collecting.

The kids did not get an A today, because their hydration is so poor. They are both dehydrated and were so miserable in class that their performance dropped. Maybe tomorrow.

They also haven’t done any homework all week, so Tiana gets them both working on it.

It is late, and the teens are up watching television. Tiana gets up and sends them both to bed. The house is so quiet when everyone is asleep at the same time.

It takes awhile for Tiana to get over her sadness. She whimpers most of the night, and I am pretty sure she woke up Trent.

The teens sleep until the last moment, so they are going to school without any preparation. Fingers crossed they get the grades today.

And they did, although it was a close call for Hunter. Holly had hers right after lunch, but Hunter didn’t get his until the last hour of the day.

Tiana came home with a promotion to level 8, Non-Profit Director. Today is Friday, so she stops at the mailbox to see which NAPs are on the vote this weekend, and pushes art to the top of the ballot.

Tiana and Trent celebrate the weekend, and the fact that the teens will be come young adults in a few more days. Soon~

There hasn’t been a time when the teens were not having a mood swing. They are probably the teenest teens I have had this challenge.

Since the house is complete and the goals are complete and we are just waiting on the teens to have their birthday, here is a tour of the house. From the front…

From the back…

Looking into the living room from the stairs. The front door is to the right.

Looking into the kitchen and dining from the living room.

Standing at the back door looking to the front of the house. There is a small bathroom next to the stereo.

Upstairs landing, standing at the top of the stairs. Tiana and Trent sleep to the left, Hunter’s room is to the right, and Holly’s room is even more to the right and not in the picture. There is also the bathroom that the kids use and the tub the mermaids prefer is immediately to the right and also not in the picture.

Looking at Tiana’s room from their en suite door.

Hunter’s room, simple and clean.

Holly’s room is a mirror image of Hunter’s.

Simple, quiet day, so Tiana goes for a run. The first time in her life she has made an effort to exercise.

Later that night she finds out she is pregnant, again. Trent is not quite sure how he feels about this timing.

Okay, he is mermaid-happy about it.

Tiana and Hunter are the early birds on Sunday, and she tells him the good news. Then she yells or nags at him.

She will do that a lot today.

Hunter is in a crappy mood all day. He is lacking in the fun, and he is still having a mood swing and teen phase. He is not a pleasant sim at the moment. Holly just ignores him.

I thought she was going to get it done, but she quit before it was repaired. Tiana called for the repair service when she woke up from her nap.

More of the grouchy. Don’t let Tiana fool you. She sat down and started yelling at Hunter.

Tiana decides it is time to bake the birthday cake for the teens. All of the goals are completed and both teens have earned an “A” in high school. The cake will be good for 24 hours, so now it is up to Hunter to get into a better mood before blowing out the candles.

Go, Hunter. He actually gets the repair completed, so I will be checking his inventory for pieces and parts before he moves out.

The grill really needs some cleaning, but Tiana has been on a steak kick. This is the third plate of Steak that she has made on the grill today. Tiana cleans the grill when she is done and then she goes to bed. She doesn’t even eat any of the steak.

It is time for Hunter to blow out his candles. He has gotten most of his needs back into the green, with just the fun sucking.

He has a little trouble with the candles but eventually he gets them blown out.

Oh, isn’t that just wonderful. Hunter, drifter for house 13, is Squeamish, Snob, and Hot-Headed. And a mermaid. He also picks up Responsible, and has the Happy Toddler trait.

Since Hunter blew out his candles, it is now Holly’s turn.

She gets them on the first try and becomes a Vegetarian. Lazy. Childish. She is a Happy Toddler but never quite got there for responsible.

Hunter finishes mopping the bathroom floor, and he is tense from the ickiness and grossness of the puddle. Then he moves out.

Hunter finds himself standing on an empty lot in his jammies. At least it is a big, green lot, although it is still in Oasis Springs.


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