Drifting Along, House 013.1

Well, I thought I was going to take a break from the drifters but here I am back again. Hunter is contemplating his new empty lot, wondering what it is that he needs to accomplish. For me, I need to get back to playing and writing so that I can finish SimNano strong. And maybe achieve my goals there also.

House 13 Goals:

  • §100,000 House, with at least 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom
    • Must include designated game room
  • Achieve level 10 in both Tech guru careers
    • eSports Gamer
    • Start Up Entrepreneur
  • Score 1st place in Pro-Ranked Tournament
    • Hillock II
    • Sims Forever
  • ALL Household Sims are Controllable
  • Receive §1,000 for every skill point earned in Video Gaming
    • Kaching
  • Produce and raise the next heir to Young Adult

Hunter checks his skills and he has 1 point in video gaming already. And yes, I am counting that, so he gets his first kaching. I am going to have to add this tracking to my drifting tracker so that I can remember which points have been paid and which have not.

A quick reminder and reintroduction to Hunter… He is a Snob, Hot-Headed, and Squeamish. He earned the Happy Toddler and Responsible traits and has the Quick Learner trait due to his Renaissance Sim aspiration. His aspiration is changed to Computer Whiz to line up with his goals. And he is a mermaid so he will need a good water supply. Hunter uses the initial §1,000 to build himself a small building.

This is literally just to get the Tiny Lot traits working before he begins playing games. He ran out of simoleons before he could add anything else. Also, with two careers needing to be maxed, he is going to need a partner pretty darn quick. Hunter is planning on taking eSports, so now to find someone else to take the other. Of course, he spent all of his funds and can’t travel for the moment.

Hunter needs several things – more simoleons, a job, increased gaming skill. He chooses to play games but stops just short of level 2. Then almost takes a job but decides to hold out for the Connections reward, if he can earn points fast enough.

He switches to The Curator and runs around to collect whatever is available. Keep in mind, he is squeamish so he really does not like doing this, and it makes him physically nauseous.

Finally he has a small collection in his inventory and he is allowed to return to his home.

He plays another game to reach level 2, earning another §1,000 and eligibility into the Guild of Gamers club.

And this is disappointing as it is just him and Zachariah the never dying. While he can’t designate his home lot as a club hangout and he can’t host a gathering at his home lot, this will allow him to meet other gamers. If there are any in the world.

Well isn’t that special. These are the only sims already in the world that have at least level 2 in video gaming. He was really hoping to meet his life partner this way. But oh well. Let’s see what is next.

Hunter collects the next §1,000 for his second skill point in video gaming and then he applies for university scholarships. He doesn’t really plan on going, but it would be nice to see what is available.

Luz has the look that catches everyone’s attention. Unfortunately for Hunter, she is way too old, and married with children.

That leaves Marie, who is just a little bit too young. Hunter still takes the time to get to know Marie – she is Materialistic and Squeamish, so they have that in common.

Hunter asks Marie to change out of the scouting uniform because it is making him feel like a creep. She does and they talk some more.

Her birthday is in three days, so Hunter decides to head off to the university to see if there are more age appropriate sims around. And who knows, in three days, maybe Marie will be the best choice.

Hunter chooses Foxbury Commons to visit to see if he can find anyone his age. He does. They are male.

Zachariah the stalker runs by, purely by coincidence. I am seriously considering having the next female drifter marry him just to get him off the streets.

I saw one of the sims Hunter was talking to change into his swim trunks and walk away. So we followed. Hunter is getting really dry and needs some place with water, and this was interesting. And the water here is swimmable. Very nice.

The dude is a mermaid. This is not Hunter, but the mermaids are among us, apparently.

The first young adult female walks by and Hunter stops what he is doing to run out to meet her.

Hey, Hey, Hey.

Patricia would probably make a decent drifter spouse, except she is needed in the computer programming field rather than the culinary field. But she is pretty so Hunter is going to keep her on the list.

He is just about done, with everything, and is heading out to get a swim in, when he passes another young adult female sim.

He stops short and goes back to meet the new prospect.

La’ei is studying computer science, so that is a good sign. The only two traits he is able to learn about her is Geek and Outgoing.

Hunter finally makes it into the water and rehydrates and tries to get some sleep.

If only he could build a pond at his place. Oh right, that is called a pool. And he needs more simoleons in order to afford a pool, and a house.

Sleeping in the water is about as slow as napping on a bench. Hunter does the best he can, but he has things to do.

Like meet more young adult females. This one is evil and is studying Villainy. Not quite the partner he is looking for. That is La’ei standing halfway up the ramp.

He is trying to find a way to make this work, but it is probably not going to happen with Catalina.

Nope, I would say that is a nope.

So he begins introducing himself to everyone that walks by. This group is a young adult, adult, simbot, and teen.

Hunter grabs a nap upstairs at the Commons mostly because he is not ready to go back to the empty-ish lot.

His options all come in for a study session. At the moment, La’ei is the top candidate.

But Hunter is still looking. Alayna is a History major.

Aniyah is a Computer Science major, but she is a glutton. She also needs to work on her chapstick application.

Food, glorious food.

La’ei hold on to her place at the top. Her degree and interests are in the right place and her traits are acceptable.

It is time to return home, and Hunter spends a little time geting his video gaming skill up to level 3 – another §1,000 in the bank. Of course, he spends it as fast as he earns it, but that is the course of the drifter.

Hunter stutters down the street to find a bench and regrets the decision that left him in a neighborhood without a public toilet.

Yeah, that regret is big the next morning.

Timing is everything and since he is home, the welcoming committee finally shows up.

They come inside and there is much judgement taking place. Hunter ends the event early and now they are all pissed at him.

He spends his money on a toilet and sink, although now he really needs a shower.

Hunter remembers the fruit cake and goes to look for it. Yes! It was left next to his napping bench, so he picks it up and has food for a few more meals now.

Hunter was really close to having the aspiration points to purchase Connections, so he does a little aspiration bouncing and “boom”. Once he gets Connections, then he calls and takes the Tech Guru job – level 4, Ace Engineer. Okay, now he needs to get his Programming skill built up as he is a little behind on that requirement. But he is level 4 in his career. He also sells the career rewards because he needs the money.

Now it is time to add to the household. La’ei is on tap as his spouse, so the question really is, does she want to join the party? But before he talks to La’ei, he takes one more attempt to learn about Irene and Jenkins. Spoiler: It didn’t go well.

He invites La’ei over and improves their relationship.

He is just about to attempt a flirt when Irene and Marie join the group. Awkward. He sends the teens home so that he can talk to La’ei without interruption.

The flirt does not go over well. Apparently, he really needs a shower.

La’ei is brutal in her rejection of his romantic flirts, but he still asks her to move in, and despite her vehemence about his personal hygiene, she does agree to join the household.

A shower must be added immediately. La’ei has level 2 skill in video gaming, so they are allowed to keep §2,000 from the funds she brings into the household. Her only requirement is that they buy a shower and Hunter uses it immediately.

The house is upgraded to add a shower/tub and a double bed. They are still in a Micro Tiny house – 32 tiles.

La’ei gets ready for her makeover and she is definitely getting a new aspiration since she currently wants to have a Vampire Family. Nope, not happening. Her traits as seen before are Geek, Childish, and Outgoing. She is Domestic thanks to the original aspiration, but she switches to Computer Whiz since she is going to be focusing on the programming side of Tech Guru. And then, hmm. She has 5/12 of the credits needed for her degree, in Computer Science. So, she is going to stay in university to finish her degree and then will join the career at the later point.

Okay, much better. Once I reloaded the game/house, La’ei’s school tasks populated. One presentation and two final exams.

While we wait for Hunter to get his shower and put himself to bed, La’ei works on her homework. She already has 5 credits and is taking 3 classes this semester. So she should just have one more semester to go, after this one.

Hunter has been struggling the past few days, but he should be able to settle down now as his search for a life partner is over. Well, I mean she is living in his house, even if she hasn’t agreed to the romance part yet.


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