Drifting Along, House 013.2

First things first. It is time for La’ei to have her makeover. And the haircut makes all of the difference.

La’ei does her homework standing up because Hunter won’t sleep in the bed if she is sitting on the side, and she won’t sit on the bed while Hunter is sleeping.

So, they are going to be working on improving the relationship and getting that romance thing going as soon as Hunter wakes up.

La’ei is not yet sleepy so she begins to work on her presentation after completing her homework. She does not have to write a term paper this semester. But she is also handicapped by the fact that she has not been controlled for her first two semesters and is trying to catch up for this one.

After Hunter gets some sleep, he heads outside to make sure La’ei is going to be okay with the sleeping arrangements.

Since he doesn’t stink to high heaven, this time La’ei is willing to entertain his romantic advances. She even returns some flirts of her own.

Hunter manages to get their first kiss, but for now they are not going steady or anything like that.

Umm, La’ei?

Well, maybe they are going to be friends with benefits. After all, there is the one bed they are going to be sharing.

With the sleeping arrangement resolved, it is time to get to work. La’ei is finishing up her presentation before leaving for her two classes today.

Hunter has already left for his first day at work when it is time for La’ei to leave for school. She has a full day – two classes and a presentation.

Hunter does pretty good at work. He needed level 4 programming and was able to get to level 3 before he left for work. Then he worked hard and is close to getting a promotion, probably as soon as he improves his programming to level 4.

La’ei finishes her classes and gives her presentation. She gets right to work on her homework, although I would have thought it more comfortable to do this at the house, but whatever.

They have a very basic setup – a table with two cheap laptops. This was a priority over actually adding a kitchen. And they have been living off of the fruit cake from the welcoming party.

I didn’t realize they could still apply for scholarships after they were already enrolled in university, but there are a couple that are open to La’ei. Hunter applied for a few even though he doesn’t plan on attending.

It is time to eat, so La’ei runs over to the food stand across the street. Apparently she didn’t get the memo about social distancing and receives a back-the-hell-up look from the sims that is already standing there.

She gets her hamburger and takes the drink that was just sitting on the counter. Not bad – buy a burger, get someone else’s drink free.

Hunter is struggling, being so water dependent in Oasis Springs. I am not sure if the rain would help his water need, but it hasn’t rained yet, since he moved out. Oh, and he earned a promotion – level 5 Project Manager.

They spend most of their time at the table. Playing, programming, or doing homework. But it is for a good cause, and they are seeing the benefits. Hunter has level 6 gaming and level 4 programming. La’ei has level 4 gaming and level 5 programming.

They finally have enough to do something with the house, so it gets some wall coverings. They also find a couch in inventory from Hunter’s promotion, and they get the combination entertainment center that hangs on the wall. Plus a fridge, stove, and counter, which is going to be important since they finally ate the rest of the fruit cake.

Most of these pictures look about the same, because this is literally their lives at the moment. They only leave the house for work or school, they take care of their basic needs, and they live on the laptops. They need to upgrade them for better models, but they can’t afford that yet.

La’ei has been trying to sleep but everytime she lays down, Hunter turns on the stereo. It is time to add walls around the bed.

La’ei finally gets to sleep and Hunter is trying out his first Pro Tournament in Sims Forever. Spoiler: The other competitors were better than Hunter.

It is Saturday, which means no work and no school. That means it is going to be a gaming weekend. Except not, since La’ei is practicing programming. Hunter is playing video games though. Their gaming skills are now 8 and 6.

Whatever. Apparently all of the young adult females are coming out of hiding, and trying to visit Hunter. Too late now, go away.

La’ei and Hunter eat dinner in the bedroom, because they sure don’t have a huge dining table in the other room. On an unrelated note, I have decided that La’ei is pronounced lah-AY, after consultation with friends and Google. However, her nickname is pronounced Lay-uh, because I am struggling with the lah-AY pronunciation.

Sunday morning finds Hunter and La’ei back at the laptops. Today, she is working on a side project and he is entering pro tournaments.

Another tournament fee is lost. This is his third to either lose the tournament or drop out of the tournament early.

After repairing the laptop, Hunter tries again, and four times is the charm. He has won the Pro level Sims Forever tournament.

Don’t be getting any ideas. Y’all aren’t there yet.

La’ei comes home from her last class of the semester and she is feeling pretty confident that she has done well.

Hunter comes home with a promotion to Development Captain, level 6. He is almost to the split point where he will choose eSports Gamer.

La’ei receives her grades and she will take them. Her GPA is looking pretty good also.

When she registers for her last semester, we get to look at her options and choices. Computer Science – distinguished. This puts her in line for the Start-up Entrepreneur career, which is where she is going. And she has four classes remaining to graduate. She decides to take three core classes and a cooking class. And now I understand how she was leveling Mischief. She must have had the mischief elective last semester.

Trent comes over to visit, and that is definitely not a good look for him. Standing up straight would be a much better decision. I don’t know why they are all full of the sighs these days, but it seemed to start with Eco, so I am thinking that he is judging their decorations.

The semester begins so La’ei has to get four sets of homework done. Thankfully she only has one class on her first day.

Hunter mastered video gaming – yay! Now he is working on programming for both the aspiration and his career. He only needs to get to level 8 in programming in order to reach the top of the career.

While La’ei only has one class on Tuesday and Thursday, that means she has three classes back to back to back on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. More good news is that she will have three final exams and only one term paper, and no presentations.

They are still in their places but now Hunter is working on creating a mobile app while La’ei is working on her term paper. They are both making so much progress, but they are really working hard to make it happen.

La’ei has reached that point where most university students start to question WTF they are doing in university. Maybe she should just quit and get a real job?

Hunter comes home with a promotion and he is pretty darn proud of himself. He is now level 7, esports Competitor.

He has begun practicing Hillock II since he will need to win the Pro Tournament for that game before we are done. La’ei is really over this whole challenge and university and whatever.

Hunter is also still trying to complete the mobile app for his aspiration – and to continue to improve his programming skill to level 8. La’ei looks like she is actually in pain as she finishes her homework, then edits her term paper, before falling into bed a few hours before class starts.

Thursday is Harvestfest which means they are coming up to the end of Fall. La’ei is so close to being finished with her school and getting a real job.

When they put up the decorations I realized I forgot something, kind of important.

That is better. They are still in the 64-tile house and are planning on upgrading it once she finishes school and gets that real job.

It might be Harvestfest, but there is a class to attend. Don’t feel bad for her because Hunter also went to work.

Once he gets home – she is already asleep – he plays some Hillock to chill out while he is watched by the freaky little gnomes. He heads to bed around the time the holiday ends, so those freaky little gnomes got sold.

Neither Hunter nor La’ei have the Free Services trait, so when something breaks they have to repair it themselves.

Today is Night on the Town, so the food at the food stall is all free. La’ei was actually late to her third class today because she was sent over to eat after the second one – I forgot! Now she is headed back over because so many sims leave drinks sitting around, and she is going to drink them all. Hunter is over there also eating and drinking, and he actually cleans them all up before leaving for work.

Now that her classes are over for the week – it is Friday evening and her last three finals are on Monday – La’ei is going to work on finishing up her skills. She has mastered programming, and is now working on gaming – currently level 8. She is also on Computer Whiz aspiration, but is waiting on her job to come through after university.

La’ei checks the skills she will be needing for her career and realizes that she needs to learn some charisma. She finds a class that she can attend, and has a great time, improving her charisma from non-existent to level 2. That doesn’t happen often.

Hunter earns another promotion – he is now level 8 Pro Gamer. He has all of the skills he needs to finish out the career, so he will be spending the weekend focused on the Hillock II tournament.

But first, there is another type of fun activity that he and La’ei are going to enjoy.

Hunter loses his first tournament but that is okay – he has time. La’ei is working on the last of her homework for Monday’s classes. After Monday, pass or fail, she is done.


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