Drifting Along, House 013.3

With things progressing so nicely, Hunter decides to spend some of the savings to improve the house, finally. So, he builds a huge-ass pool. That is the priority of the mermaid.

La’ei is still finishing up the last of the homework while Hunter enters a pro tournament for Hillock II.

He finishes 2nd. So close, so very close.

With the tournament done for the day, Hunter heads out to break in the pool.

He swims, he floats.

And she is done with the school work. All that remains are the three final exams on Monday. She has mastered programming so that is done for her career. She also needs to get to level 6 in charisma. That is still a work in progress.

I saw the red glare and began to worry that Hunter was going to die. From being cooked like a fish on a grill.

Nope, he is alive, but burnt to a crisp.

They had both just gone to bed when La’ei realized that she is pregnant. Timing will be good as she will have the baby after she graduates and after she takes the new job. So… she will/should qualify for family leave.

It is Sunday, which means it is time for another pro tournament. I haven’t figured out the cooldown, but Hunter still has plenty of time to get the winner. La’ei has been working on her charisma, but she is going to sit in on another class or two to help try to boost her skill.

I am not familiar with which game this is supposed to be based on – but for sure, not one I would normally play.

Hunter only achieve 3rd place this time. Maybe next time.

La’ei is back from her classes and she is mid level 5 now, so she only needs another half of a level, and then she will be ready for her career.

Hunter has to do something, and he still needs 100 hours on the computer for his aspiration. So, he practices Hillock II until he has the option for another tournament. Although since the tournament has to be done in one sitting, he won’t join until his needs are in great shape.

La’ei continues to work at her charisma and finally improves it to level 6. That means she should be set for her future promotions. Now to get through the finals.

Hunter has time before he goes to work to enter another tournament. 2nd again.

La’ei is done – school is over – now she just needs her grade report and her graduation.

And the grades are in – great job La’ei.

She checks her status and now it is time to see what job she can get.

Start-up Entrepreneur, level 8 – Independent Consultant. And funnily enough – Hunter is also level 8. That means they both just need the last two promotions to finish those goals.

La’ei spends her aspiration points for Frugal and Entrepreneurial traits. That means Hunter will pick up Free Services and Entrepreneurial for himself. He also buys Gym Rat. Let me tell you, once he is done with his career and gaming goals, the boy is going to be spending his time outside in the pool.

La’ei has a great first day of work, but just misses the promotion by a smidgen. She is off tomorrow, which is good because this baby is coming tonight.

Oh yeah, gimme the money. §2,500 in the bank.

You know you are an adult when you really want to play your game but you have to do the chores first – cleaning, repairing, mopping. And then when you are done with the chores, you go to bed because now you are too tired to last the entire tournament.

Holly comes over to visit and gets there just as Hunter goes to bed. She sits awkwardly at the table for awhile before deciding to go home.

It isn’t obvious but La’ei is in labor. But she is still trying to get the last of the gaming skill so that it is mastered and she is done with the goals, other than the career.

Hunter is in the middle of the tournament, so he is just kind of watching La’ei as she prepares to give birth in the kitchen.

With the birth of Hayes, I earned this achievement. Umm, okay – this is the birth of generation 14.

With the tournament over – he placed either 2nd or 3rd, again – it is now time to panic. Hayes has already been born, fed, and changed.

Time passes weirdly when you spend it chained to a computer. Today is now Winterfest, so they are eating their grand feast, trying to ignore the poopy diaper at the end of the table.

The meal is done, presents are open, it is time to get back to business. La’ei will master video gaming although she hasn’t completed Computer Whiz yet – she still needs about 15 hours on the computer, so that will come eventually.

She begins to work on leveling parenting, which means lots of spammed interactions with Hayes. They are still in the tiny house until, well now. They just needed to have the skills done, so once Hunter wins his tournament, they will be expanding the house some more. After all, Hayes needs his own bedroom.

And Hunter has done it – he won the Hillock II tournament! That just leaves building the house, reaching the top of both careers, and letting Hayes grow up.

La’ei takes a bath, cuddles with Hayes, and then heads to bed. As she is getting into bed, she becomes hysterical. I sure am hoping she can sleep it off, because I did not get her up to calm down. After a few hours, she drops back down into Happy. She is safe for now.

Hunter took me at my word and immediately went to the pool. I had to drag him back inside to get some sleep because I do not need him drowning because he was exhausted. Although, admittedly, as a mermaid he should be able to sleep in the water without drowning no matter how exhausted he is. But I am not taking the chance.

The final layout of the house is in place, now they just need to furnish and decorate it.

La’ei is up early and she is excited to actually have a desk, her own desk, and she doesn’t have to share. This room will be the dedicated game room, because computers = gaming. Amirite?!?

I took a nap after work today so a quick reminder, for me more than you… both Hunter and La’ei are at level 8 in their respective careers with the skills in place for the last two promotions. And they have to complete the house to a value of §100,000. And they have to raise Hayes to young adult.

La’ei is busy working on programming – I forgot she was still trying to complete a mobile app. That leaves Hunter to take care of Hayes. He is not complaining.

Since they are now getting settled into their house, and Hunter has free services, it is time to order a pizza for the fridge. That and they should have a toddler soon enough.

There – she has completed the mobile app. No more targeted programming for her, just enough practicing for her job requirements each day.

And then I took about an hour and spent every simoleon they had to work on the house. And the house is still only worth about §63,000. But they have time, and the game room has not been started or completed yet.







Infant corner – you know that is fun for mom and dad.


Second bedroom (Hayes)

With the house as done as it can get until they make more money, I noticed Hunter and La’ei chatting. When I clicked on her I realized that they completely skipped the relationship part.

So, Hunter decides to make an honest sim out of her. Thankfully she said yes. But they don’t have time for a wedding as La’ei has to go to work in 11 minutes.

Okay, so they also still need all of the flooring. I just realized that the house is still concrete.

La’ei had a great day at work and she earns a promotion to level 9, Dot-Com Pioneer.

I forgot La’ei is childish, and she is Very Playful again. She still needs one more promotion so she needs to stay out of Hysterical. Spoiler: she does.

Another benefit is that they now have Free Services, which means when La’ei breaks the laptop, she can call for repair services instead of piddling with it herself.

Dude! Where is your promotion? You were so close before you went to work and to not earn the promotion as a sad, sad thing.

I am pretty sure it is time for Hayes to have his birthday. I accidentally clicked off a notification without reading and I know I saw his name. Anyways, he is becoming a toddler now.

I am finding him adorable so toddler spam warning coming. Hayes is silly and when I take him into CAS, he is a mermaid. I don’t believe he will continue to be a mermaid and will eat the kelp as a teen. This is before his makeover – already a cutie.

After the makeover. I mostly just changed the hair – my toddlers have been getting that one style most of the time, so variety here. And I love this style on the little boys.

Now it is time to learn to walk.

My heart is melting.

A little celebration that he can walk now, and then it is off to the potty.

Hayes had a little potty accident, and now there is pee on the floor and his socks are wet.

La’ei knows just what he needs – a story and a nap. Growing up is hard work.

La’ei heads off to work – she has the job with the normal hours – leaving Hunter home with Hayes. Hunter was swimming but when he came in to pee, it was decided that he would take Hayes for another trip to the potty. Neither one of them is happy about this.

But Hunter gets Hayes situated and then he demonstrates how the process works. He must have shown it well because Hayes does not pee on the floor this time.

After their joint potty time, they sit down for some lunch together. The schedule works nicely at the moment – La’ei will come home an hour before Hunter has to leave.

Hunter asked Hayes to do something and he encountered defiance for the first time. Being scolded hurts Hayes’ feelings.

But he is a toddler and he gets over it pretty quickly. Especially when he realizes how much fun playing can be. Of course, then Hunter puts him back to bed. It is time for La’ei to come home and for Hunter to get ready for work.

Dude – you better get that promotion today. Just saying…

Yeah, it was cute the first time, but I am over this now. And yes, Hunter finally got the promotion to level 9, APM King.

He heads to bed and when La’ei gets up, she hires a caterer to stock the fridge. Apparently there are too many decorations on the counters and only one counter is available. So I have to pop each meal into the fridge as soon as she sets it down so that she will make another one. I will look at fixing that in their next remodel.


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