Drifting Along, House 013.4

Hunter and La’ei are both at level 9 in their careers, so there is just one last promotion to be had. They still need to finish the house, but they need the simoleons to pay for it. And, Hayes needs to grow up. Since he is controllable, he will be going for Top-Notch Toddler. And for the record, I really like this house. It was built without a plan, and ended up talking to me.

Hayes has a busy day planned – he needs to eat and poop and play and poop and read and poop. La’ei gets him ready for the day with a clean diaper.

Hunter is in a snit today. No reason why, he just feels snitty. So, he takes his food into Hayes’ room and eats at Hayes’ desk.

Hayes is working on his potty skill today. He makes a lot of progress with it also.

The sadness is because he peed on the floor. And he is beginning to stink again, but just a normal stink and not a poopy stink.

Today is all about Hayes’ skills. And it will be worth it because at the end of the day he will be level 3 in communication, imagination, and potty, level 2 in movement, and level 1 in thinking. Go figure.

The sadness passes for Hayes and the snit passes for Hunter, so they all have a family conversation that afternoon. It has been a good day.

Hayes is reaching, or rather, has reached the end of his participation for the day.

Too bad – he is sent back to the potty to finish mastering it, and he does. Now for food and then bed.

He still needs to eat, so once he wakes up he will continue his dinner.

Tomorrow, he will get a bath. Hunter considered giving him one before bed, but Hayes is too close to passing out again.

About this time – 11:56pm – I realize it is New Year’s Eve. Well, shit.

The first thing on Hayes’ agenda when he wakes up the next day is getting that bath. He asks both Hunter and La’ei several times before Hunter is able to get him in the water without a distraction of some kind.

I might need to check the settings for MCCC as this is the third time today that they have autonomously gone to woohoo.

I also remember that they still need to get married, so might as well get it done in the kitchen. Most drifters get married in the outdoors before they even have a house, so this is basically luxury.

Hayes comes to watch even if he doesn’t understand what is happening.

I missed the confetti but it is done. They are finally married. Hayes approves.

This is the first time Hunter has used the diving platform.

This doesn’t look good, and it makes me wonder about mermaid’s abilities.

Apparently they are not natural divers. At least not from platforms.

Ouch, this is going to hurt. And it gives me an idea for another type of death. Or at least a way to drown – bad dives could result in unconsciousness and drowning. Although maybe that is a little too dark even for Sims.

Hayes comes out to watch Hunter and he sees the tail for the first time. Hunter tells him that he will also get a tail when he gets a lot older.

It has been a long day for Hayes. He is one of the rare toddlers I have that is actually on a normal day/night schedule. At this point, Hayes has reached level 4 in communication and thinking (!), level 3 in imagination and potty, and level 2 and 99.99% in movement. Literally, his bar says level 2 at 100%, which technically is level 3, except that it isn’t showing level 3. [sigh]

Despite the flirting, this time they do not slip off to the bedroom. Although they had plenty of time before Hayes wakes up.

And, he is awake. He updated movement to level 3 as he was getting out of bed – and I consider that valid exercise. It sometimes takes effort for me to get out of bed.

Hayes went and grabbed a plate of food, then Hunter checked on him, so he put the plate down. Then he grabbed a second plate of food, and La’ei checked on him. So he put that plate down. Giving up on the eating, he went to the potty. And then he had the plates of food stuck in his queue so he had to be reset. Finally, he gets some food and everyone gathers in the living room. It is Monday and La’ei will be going to work today. Hunter and La’ei only need one promotion each to complete their career goals. Just one promotion.

Hayes masters communication, and then spends the day working on imagination.

He stays glued to Hunter for most of the day, asking to play and asking for stories.

He has also started to ask why. A lot.

Hunter needs to slip away to the bathroom, so he turns on the television for Hayes. Those cartoons are so funny.

Umm, well that was not unexpected, as many times as they went to woohoo. It was autonomous and risky, and now Hayes will be sharing his bedroom because I am not adding another room to this house.

And don’t be smiling – La’ei did not get her last promotion. She is close enough that she should get it tomorrow, and then after that she has two days off from work.

La’ei heads off to work, with the expectation that she will come home with a promotion this time. That leaves Hunter and Hayes at home together again. Hunter is getting in some playing time while Hayes watches. He can’t wait until he is older and can play on the computer too.

Hayes watches for awhile and then Hunter stops to play with the little man. During their playing, Hunter masters movement.

And then, he masters thinking, which was the last of the skills he needed. Hayes is now a Top-Notch Toddler.

Yes! La’ei earned her last promotion, completing the Start Up Entrepreneur career. She puts the big-ass television in the living room and spends the rest of their savings on solar panels for the roof.

Hunter has left for work, as they are still swapping child care responsibilities. And Hayes is headed out to greet La’ei.

She waits for him to get to the street, because why meet him half way when he can run faster than she can waddle.

Just some spam, because this is cute.

He looks so proud of himself for mastering his skills and of La’ei for getting her last promotion. Now is Hunter can bring home his last promotion…

Then they just stood outside for about an hour.

Finally back in the house, La’ei is working on Hayes’ birthday cake. Hayes is ready to be big so he can play games also.

La’ei is pretty proud of this cake. Hopefully, they can keep it around for the spate of birthdays about to take place.

First up is Hayes.

If you watch them carefully, I am pretty sure the toddlers spit on the cake. A very good reason to not eat the cake.

Hayes takes a lazy nap in his desk chair because La’ei spent all their money on solar panels so he has to wait for Hunter to get home with more money so they can afford to get him a big bed.

Hunter did not earn his last promotion because he was dehydrated when he left for work. I am not confident he will get it on his next work shift, in two days. But most likely by the shift after that, in three days. And I am so over the mermaid thing.

Hunter brings home just enough to make some changes to the second bedroom. Deciding I do not want to deal with monsters under the bed, I work the room like a jigsaw puzzle. There is enough room to get the double bed squeezed in while keeping everything else. Once the next (last?!?) baby becomes a child, the toddler items will be sold.

Hayes gets to do something very few drifter children get to do – he joins the scouts.

Then he does his homework.

While he is doing that, Hunter is blowing out his candles. It is also La’ei’s birthday but she will be waiting until the baby is born.

At this point I realize Hayes is trapped by the thing on the wall. After several attempts to move it, it is finally deleted and Hayes is freed from his prison to pee, eat, and go to school.

When he gets home, there will be a makeover taking place.

And he is home. Nothing happened much while he was at school, apparently, since I didn’t take any pictures of Hunter or La’ei.

The makeover was kept simple and stayed close to Hayes’ chose style. Now he really needs a bath and something fun before tackling his homework.

Hunter finally finishes the mobile app that he started ages ago. Neither one is going to be starting any more apps or side jobs. And if Hunter will earn his last promotion, their lives should be fairly easy.

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this was building motor skill. I had it in my mind that it was mental. Either way, Hayes won’t be able to earn cash for gaming skill until he masters the child skill. His first priority is to reach level 4.

I forgot to mention that Hayes brought home a B on his first day of school.

Tiana and Trent come over to visit and their timing is just perfect.

It is time for La’ei to give birth and she heads to the bassinet to get the job done. Apparently I didn’t take a picture of the new baby, but it is a boy, named Hilton.

Hunter tells his parents the good news and then everyone hangs out around the house while La’ei and Hilton sleep.

Hunter heads off for work, and I am really wanting him to earn the promotion tonight, so this chapter can literally end with the goals being met. He doesn’t though. And the house is just short meeting the goals, but that will be remedied when he gets the promotion, since his reward is a motion gaming mat. The current value of the house is §99,071, so it won’t take much

Before leaving, Trent helps Hayes with his homework. Then he leaves – Tiana had already left. I checked to see if this was perhaps his last visit and death would be coming for him soon.

Uh, no. Trent is going to be around a very long time. Wait – three kids? Not sure if I knew that – was Tiana pregnant when Hunter moved out? Anyways, Hunter has a younger sister, Liliana. Cool.


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