Drifting Along, House 013.5

This house is really close to being completed and I am enjoying controlling Hayes and everyone else. That said, it is time to get the last of the goals completed. Hunter needs to earn one last promotion; they need to complete the game room; and Hayes needs to grow up.

Hayes is a prodigy as he brings home an A on his second day of elementary school. Two school days to go from a C to an A. He is also really filthy so we won’t ask exactly how he earned that A.

La’ei goes for a jog of three when she gets home from work. The neighborhood has a NAP about fitness, but apparently this house isn’t really that worried. Although as much as Hunter swims, that might count for something.

Hunter is at work, working hard to get the last promotion. It is also the last day for his resolution to be completed. So there is a lot of pressure on him to earn this promotion today. That leave La’ei and Hayes home for the evening. Hayes is going to start working hard on his scouting badges, and Child’s Play had to be removed since he lives in a Playful mood and his aspiration is looking for Inspired.

Every single thing they touch these days, breaks.

The repair service has just about started to live here. Thankfully it is free.

And he did it. At the last freaking minute, because the green check never showed up on his career panel. But he earned the promotion, completed the career and the resolution, and finished building out the game room and house (§112,000). The only thing remaining now is for Hayes to grow up, but since he is controllable, he is going to finish the badges and at least one child aspiration before he becomes a teen. Whatever his house will be, he is going to be prepared.

Another day, another broken appliance, another trip from the repairs services.

A rare family meal with subtle romantic undertones between Hunter and La’ei. At least you have to hope that Hayes isn’t picking them up.

Apparently it is Saturday, and I hate that this neighborhood does not have anywhere to fish. Hayes heads off to collect the one frog he can, and he also looks for discarded toys while he is there.

He is still looking for discarded toys, and has two packs of voidcritter booster packs by the time he leaves for his scouting meeting.

The awesome career reward that Hunter received for his last promotion is the centerpiece of the game room. That and the two career computers he also received. The paintings on the wall were from La’ei’s career rewards.

Who? and Why?

It is time for Hilton to begin walking, and talking, and being generally fussy. Ahh, the toddler years.

He is really not impressed with the current activity. But at least he gets to go to bed after he is done.

Or not. He was supposed to go to bed but Hunter left for work and La’ei was playing a game. Since Hayes was home from scouting, they worked on Hayes’ social badges.

La’ei is ready to put Hilton to bed, and Hilton is ready to go to bed, but Hayes isn’t finished yet.

I had to send La’ei off for a jog so that she would stop trying to put Hilton to bed. Hayes is trying to calm him down, but Hilton is no-fuckin-way.

However, Hilton can’t resist it when Hayes brightens his day.

Uh oh, La’ei is back and she is on a mission. The boys watch her come.

Despite La’ei’s single minded purpose, Hayes is able to get the last social he needed to complete both badges. Then La’ei swoops Hilton up and puts him to bed. Hayes is off to collect his badges.

As Saturday winds down, Hayes is 6/9 on his badges. The art badge is the last one he completes before finally falling into bed around midnight.

I don’t really care if Hilton becomes a top-notch toddler or not. (remind me I said that later). So he is controlling his own destiny as much as a toddler can.

After a few hours, I realize that Hunter is trapped. Despite having him lay down on the recliner, he continues to get out on the inside instead of the outside. So the recliners are rearranged.

Once he is out, it is time for Hilton to have a bath and go to sleep.

Hilton is waiting for his story because there has to be a story before falling asleep.

Hunter’s temper doesn’t show much, but when it does he stomps around the house for several hours.

Hayes discovers that swimming laps counts towards his fitness badge. He is down to fitness and outdoors. He is also on the last tier of the creative aspiration.

La’ei is also pretty much doing whatever, which is a lot of game playing.

I found myself playing but not taking pictures. Not much is really happening at the moment. Hilton is not being pressed to master his skills, but communication is so easy that it seems a shame to not at least master that and the potty.

While I was working with Hayes on his badges, I noticed movement and saw this. His movement skill is still pretty low, so this is a good thing.

After eating some lunch, Hilton hung out on the couch watching cartoons until I realized that they didn’t have any music.

So a speaker was added to the game room, and Hilton noticed immediately after it was turned on. Bobbing to the music for the rest of the day. Then it was a bath and bedtime story. La’ei and Hunter eventually found their own bed, leaving Hayes as the last up. He made it to bed about midnight.

And on that note, Hilton mastered the potty.

Hayes is working his way through the last tier of creativity. He takes the day off from school because he also wants to go to the park so that he can finish the outdoors badge.

Hilton wants to go to the park too, so he is encouraging Hayes to hurry up.

Hayes still needs to master creativity but that is the last thing he needs for the aspiration. Hilton and Hunter go play dolls while Hayes finds the fishing hole.

There is a cosplay event happening at the park today, apparently.

They literally chose the furthest dollhouse from the entrance of the park.

As most days out with a toddler, Hilton gives up before they are ready to leave. I am actually trying to send him and Hunter home when I notice that it is time for Hunter to go to work. So, Hilton is sent home to La’ei, who is home from work now.

Hunter goes to work from the park. Must be nice to be so casual at work.

Hayes finishes up and droops his way home also.

It took some doing to get Hunter out of the park. He stopped to pet the good boy, “The General” on his way and had to be reminded to get his ass to work.

Back at the house, La’ei gathers Hilton up for a story and bedtime. Hayes is back on the art table trying to master creativity. He doesn’t make it as his bladder and tummy start yelling really loud.

Hayes collects his last badge becoming a Llamacorn scout.

This is the first time Hilton has worked on his thinking skill, and it was his idea.

Hayes is working on the mental aspiration now, so he is playing three games of chess with Hunter. Hilton has tracked down La’ei for some more flash cards. He really liked those.

Hayes figured out the best way to win is to cheat. Hilton is just being cute.

After the flash cards, or rather while they were doing flash cards, I realized that there wasn’t a kiddie pool for the little ones. I fixed that and La’ei let Hilton play in it for awhile.

Then it is bedtime for cranky.

While Hilton was enjoying the pool, Hayes is working on learning how to become focused. Once he is focused he completes his homework and his extra credit with Hunter’s help.

Then it is outside to make three emotional potions. The only thing he has remaining for the mental aspiration is to master the mental skill. Once again he is the last one to bed.

Hayes takes another day of vacation so that he can complete the mental aspiration. And truthfully, he is so over elementary school.

Hilton really loves this food. It is TV Premiere Day so La’ei is watching the premiere. One of the few houses there there really isn’t a reason for not completing the holiday traditions. And yet, they are still only about 50/50.

Now Hilton is sad, because he ended up not loving that food. Seriously, he is sad because the food was lousy. Hunter tells him to get over it because it can’t always be excellent.

Hayes spends his day playing chess to improve his mental skills. It was really a boring day.

Inside Hunter would check on Hilton, and Hilton would ask to play horsey. Four times in a row.

Finally, Hunter gets him to work on flash cards, and Hilton surprises everyone by reaching the status of Happy Toddler.

Mental has been mastered, the aspiration has been completed. That makes two aspirations, plus all nine scouting badges, plus excellent grades in school. Hayes is going to have a really good foundation when he starts his own house.

I forget he is lazy, but he is lazy and always looking for a nap.

Not that La’ei can complain since this is how she spent the afternoon also.

I checked their ages and sure enough it is time for some birthday cake. La’ei goes first and becomes an Adult.

Then she quickly adds more candles to the cake and calls Hayes in to blow them out for his birthday.

O.M.G. So there I was thinking, it would be just like the game to troll me on his traits since he has been getting so much accomplished. Since he already had Lazy, wouldn’t it be funny if he rolled Slob next? No, it really isn’t that funny. But I guess he can’t be perfect, right? He rolls Angling Ace for his aspiration. This is going to be so much fun. Of course he is also a mermaid, so he will be finding out how to un-mermaid himself, and then he will be fishing up all his “cousins”.


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