Drifting Along, House 013.6


I don’t know what happened but this entire update went blank when it posted this morning. That means I had to recreate it because there wasn’t a copy in my revisions or buffer. Sucks balls, but here we go.

Hayes becomes a teen and now he is a Lazy Slob. Oh joy to the world. He also takes the Angling Ace aspiration, so once he de-mermaid-ifies himself, he is going to be fishing up his “cousins”.

The only time you will be able to see his tail, as he will be eating kelp as soon as he can. I am done with mermaids for this challenge. Which probably means they will infiltrate the challenge again in a future house.

Hayes is doing his homework, and he has had his makeover. I am trying to get back in the mindset where I wrote this so it might get better as we go along.

Hayes is working on a skill for his high school grades. I think the teens should have a rollover on their skills like the children do from their toddler days. I don’t like that the teens start out with nothing unless they actually mastered a child skill (which he mastered two) and end up working on an adult skill.

Time for the kelp. Hunter and La’ei each contributed a kelp to him as he is saving his aspiration points for traits when he moves out. it takes two kelp to demermaidify a sim.

Hilton is filthy and I don’t know why. He hasn’t used his diaper, he just gets really filthy. Hayes did the same thing.

Hayes is heading to school and I noticed that this particular outfit does not include shoes. I think about fixing that several times, but never will. I guess his school doesn’t require shirt and shoes.

Hilton is eating. There was probably more, but he is cute, so look at Hilton eat.

La’ei might be hugging away some sadness. Otherwise he is still just being cute.

La’ei has gone to work and Hayes is at school. That leaves Hunter and Hilton at home. Hunter ignores the mess-making, and so do I.

There were lots of stories told this day.

I turned off NPC voting on NAPs so the family gets to actually choose the ones I want.

Hayes really needs to work on his skill. He could have earned an A today if only he had a skill in something.

Hilton runs out to meet La’ei when she gets home from work.

Trent comes over to visit with Hunter and I check his time remaining. It was more than 30 days.

While Trent was there, I tried to get Hilton to interact with him. He couldn’t, not even shyly. But while La’ei was talking to Trent, then Hilton was able to talk to him. But when I checked later, Hilton knows Tiana but not Trent.

Hayes didn’t need to do the project, but he was able to get to rocket science level 2 by completing it. Almost, but not quite level 3.

Apparently it is time for Hilton to become a child. He only made it to Happy Toddler, and that was good enough for me.

I believe he rolled Recycle Disciple, because he will spend a lot of time rummaging in trash cans.

Got to join the scouts. Just in case he actually completes badges.

Hayes is still looking for a skill to get to level 3. He tries video gaming – both for the skill points and the §1,000 for each level he gains.

At first I was excited to see Hilton gaming, then I realized he isn’t earning video gaming since at this age it builds movement (or mental, I can’t remember).

Hilton notices that he has the creativity aspiration, so he makes an attempt to draw two pictures while inspired. He only gets one drawn and it will take several days to remember to draw the second one.

I believe that this is Hayes after he finally reaches level 3 in video gaming, as he takes a bio break.

Oh yeah. Hayes created a club so he could meet some teens. This is after the club was created. I ended up having to close the game and luckily it saved when it closed. Nothing was lost and the club was working when we got back into the game.

Since Hayes now knows several females, he invites them out to the park. Two mermaids, a mermaid-vampire cross, and one “normal” sim. This didn’t work out as well as I hoped.

Hayes spends time getting to know Nadine while the others wander away.

Cosplay girl is also a vampire apparently. There are so many occults in this world that sometimes I think it might be time to start fresh.

Hayes is trying to get to know Nadine. She is also a Recycle Disciple like Hilton, and she is a Loner.

She also seems really cranky.

And then she walks away. Hayes watches her go, and then he goes to fish for some reason. It is his aspiration, but he doesn’t really want to work on it yet.

Hayes should have gone home. Or at least disbanded the group.

And that would be one less vampire in the world.

Just fishing, feeling a little bit sad. He can’t leave now as he has to wait for the drama to wind down.

Grim does his reaping and Nadine doesn’t seem to even notice.

Once Hayes can leave, he takes Nadine home and tries to cheer her up.

It worked for Nadine which is good. Of course, Hayes is still sad.

So many vampires.

Nadine comes in and cleans up while everyone else heads to bed. She might just be a good uncontrolled spouse.

After she cleans everything she can find, she heads home.

Hayes is playing Blicblock. I believe he gets to level 4 in gaming before he moves out, so yay for the simoleons that he will never see.

Hunter is helping Hayes deal with his sadness with lots of hugs.

With his sadness under control, Hayes invites Nadine over.

They improve their relationship to become best friends.

Then there is kissing.

Nadine agrees to be Hayes girlfriend before she leaves.

Hayes went out to start cooking on the grill – he is working on skills now for when he moves out. I wanted him to grill several items to build up that cooking skill. Today is the first thunderstorm for this house.

After four attempts to keep Hayes outside, I finally remember that Hunter is a mermaid and they have powers. Hunter calls for the sunshine, or whatever, and the thunderstorm stops. Hayes cooks to level 5.

I am having to watch where he places the meals since they are ending up scattered around the house.

Hilton spends his day visiting with La’ei. He is wearing his scouts uniform so it must be the weekend.

Hayes is really done with the grilling. He keeps sitting down next to La’ei after each meal, then having to get back up to grill the next one.

Finally, he is done grilling (level 5 is now) and La’ei is judging him for making the decision to sit by the pool instead going inside to pee.


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