Drifting Along, House 013.7

Hayes has 10 days remaining until he becomes a young adult, so this house will be wrapped up in this update. All house goals have been completed, so the focus remains on Hayes to get as much done as he can so that he has a good foundation to start. Unfortunately, he will be starting his house in the winter, but been there, done that. He will survive.

Public Service Advisory – don’t leave the keyboard outside. It won’t do well when it rains.

It is fall and probably the first time I have used trees that actually drop their leaves. La’ei and Hunter spent most of the day raking.

Back home from school, and the recycle disciple trait is causing Hilton to be tense. He wants to rummage around and find things, so he is sent off to explore some trash cans. As best as I can tell, he didn’t find anything, but the tension went away. He also improved his grade to a B. Hayes finally earned his A.

Hayes is taking classes after school for random skills. While he is gone, Nadine hangs out and possibly helps Hayes with his project.

Hayes grabs a little bit of fun before heading to bed. 8 more days.

I don’t know why they choose to stand in front of the fridge to eat. It is like this every meal, unless one sim sits down, then they will all sit down.

It isn’t even like the table is that far away.

Hayes was the last one up and he is asking them the same question. Why?!?

Then Hayes tries to call in sick, but school didn’t buy his excuse so he had to go. He still has three days of vacation to use, but there are five days remaining of school before his birthday. Actually, four days of school and two holidays.

The eco inspector showed up today, and he determined that they were in compliance with all of the NAPs. Woo!

Repair makes their daily visit. She is cute, but she is too old for Hayes.

Lovely day at school. Hilton earned his A but he is wanting to rummage again. Hayes still has an A along with a mood swing.

As I am not sure yet what Hayes will be doing, he goes ahead and begins applying for scholarships. There were five that he is eligible for although I am sure that will change when he actually gets to the point of making a decision.

Angry Flaming Spaghetti. That and a cold shower and Hayes was finally over his mood swing.

The piles of leaves are starting to stink so La’ei collects them all and throws them away. Now to keep anyone from raking them again, and we should get through this season.

Hayes took the day off from school and spent it in skills classes at the university. His goal is to get to level 2 in the ones that are helpful – cooking, handiness, etc. Nadine came over to visit while he was gone, so she is getting to know La’ei and Hilton. Hunter was probably at work, or maybe he was gaming. I don’t remember.

Six days remaining and today is Harvestfest. I am taking advantage of and enjoying the fact that the entire family can actually complete traditions.

What? For one thing, Hayes is not a Klepto, and for another, I couldn’t find anything that had been swiped in inventory (his or the family) and nothing is missing from the house.

This is literally how they spend their days without direction.

Hayes is still taking a lot of skills classes but he does stop to check the mail for his scholarships. Out of the five he applied for, he was awarded three.

Bumping his fitness up a level.

Seriously? What did he do to trigger this?

This is basically Hilton’s default expression. He is always tense because he doesn’t get to rummage as much as he would like.

Hayes takes another day and spends it in more skills classes. He is at level 2 or greater in all of the skills he knows. He hasn’t taken every skills class though.

Hunter received notification today that Tiana passed. He is waiting on Hayes so that he can hug away the sadness.

The sadness is nowhere in sight now. At first I was reluctant to let them mess around, but when I looked at the option, her household is full so there won’t be any early accidental babies.

Speaking of accidental babies. Apparently Hunter has a souvenir from his abduction. The baby should be born before Hayes moves out – Four more days for Hayes.

I didn’t make a note on what day Hunter was abducted, so I am not really sure when the baby will be born. I keep watching his belly, so maybe he is second trimester now.

Hayes takes a break from skills classes and spends the day volunteering. The two character traits I like the best are Responsible and Good Manners, but we will also take Empathetic.

Hilton finally gets back to working on his aspiration. I will be really surprised if he finishes it since I keep forgetting to tell him to do something.

More Hunter-Baby-Watch.

Hilton has reached the point where he has to practice music for five hours. Five long hours. But this is also the last tier of the aspiration.

Hunter and La’ei find some time for a little adult fun. And it is possible that I got a little bored here.

La’ei lets Hunter know that there have been consequences from their adult fun. And he really doesn’t look impressed. He looks like that is the third trimester.

But it isn’t. Hah!

Hayes is off on his last volunteer assignment, and then he will be working on manners. Despite Nadine being over at the house every day, they all finally meet her officially.

Hayes comes home from volunteering and he really needs a quick boost to his fun. It is a good thing Nadine is still there.

No privacy, and Hilton doesn’t even seem to notice that Hayes and Nadine just got out of the shower.

Hayes is greeting sims, and setting the table, alternately, in order to build up his manners. He is almost there.

Okay, really weird kid. And since I believe Nadine has the same trait, we will be seeing a lot of this in the next house.

I finally found out why my sims will randomly get this Mixology Certificate. Apparently, it is a bug (?) and it awarded once a sim takes eleven of the skills classes. It can be any skill, they just have to attend eleven classes.

Still on baby watch but at least he is finally in the last trimester. That looks so uncomfortable.

Hayes was trying to get that last sliver of manners before going to bed, but he will have to finish it tomorrow.

Hmm, Hunter must be in labor.

Here comes the alien baby.

That look. He named the baby Hyatt.

Hayes is finishing up manners by making friendly greetings to sims walking by. This one took the greeting as an invitation to come inside and hung out for awhile, until she was noticed and sent home.

Hayes is ready for his birthday, and if it wasn’t for the incoming baby, he would blow out his candles and go.

Instead, the house is on speed 3 and everyone is having their own kind of fun.

Eco-man is back and they still are in compliance for the NAPs.

Hayes has decided that he is sick. He is literally about 24 hours away from moving out. In the middle of winter. Without any funds to build a shelter. Timing is everything.

Hunter is right there when Hyatt begins to cry. I don’t think anyone else has had a chance to hold him, or feed him, or change him, yet.

Winterfest comes on Wednesday as usual, and today is going to be a busy, busy day.

First up, Hyatt is becoming a toddler – and he is silly.

Hunter helps him find his balance so that he can begin walking.

Then as Hyatt exits the bassinet, La’ei is giving birth to the newest baby. Hunter is running around panicking now.

While La’ei is busy giving birth, Hilton comes in to ask her a question.

He is there when Hannah is born.

Hunter and Hyatt are outside watching also.

Hayes skips the birth and heads for the birthday cake. It is time to blow out some candles and find his own path.

I figured the game would troll me with a third “bad” trait. Cat Lover is not bad, but I guess that means he will be getting a cat in his new place.

House 13 is complete.


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