Drifting Along, House 014.1

Hayes moves out to his new empty lot and since it is Willow Creek, it is definitely snowing. You can tell he grew up in Oasis Springs because this is his winter outfit.

He checks on Nadine, and it will be a few days before she can join. That should be about the time winter is ending, so that will work out okay.

A quick re-introduction to Hayes: he is a Lazy Slob that Loves Cats. Additionally he also has Top Notch Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, Good Manners, Compassionate, Mentally and Creatively Gifted, and Collector from starting with a Nature aspiration. He has a wide variety of skills, most of which are all at level 2.

He now switches his aspiration to Renaissance Sim, and is ready to begin. The sad part is that today is Winterfest and he has to start over on the traditions, which means this holiday is going to suck. And apparently he is still sick.

Hayes checks out the available jobs but doesn’t take one just yet. First, he spends his aspiration points on a couple of traits – Steel Bladder and Free Services. I also expect that the goals for this house will be completed quickly, so he will be moving Nadine in as soon as possible and they will not be waiting to get pregnant.

The mixology certification will allow him to start at level 6 Mixologist, so he is going to save that for his final career. Since he is all about the renaissance sim to start, he will be doing the career bounce for his starting household items and spending money.

He is still sick, but that is just too bad. He will survive. And yes, I am glad that they don’t die from being sick in Sims 4.

He invites Nadine to come over so that he has someone to share the holiday spirit with – he isn’t going to have a great holiday, but at least maybe he can mitigate the badness a little. While he is waiting for Nadine he realizes that he can check the mailbox for a present. La’ei sends him a book which he decides to read later.

Hunter begins the career bounce, since he is still waiting on Nadine. Each career he takes is at level 3 due to his good grades in school. He keeps some of the items and sells the rest. Secret Agent provides the desk and chair. Writer provides the word processor. He also has a sketchpad and camera from Style Influencer.

The career rewards from the Detective career provide a toilet, mirror, and a bed. He also bounced through the rest of the careers for things to sell, but these are the only items he kept.

I had considered letting him go to university but starting Mixologist at level 6 is good enough for me. So he switches to Mixologist. This is the only career that provides the cash bonus (§1,247) plus the beginning of his kitchen. As a word of warning, if you have the mixology certificate and plan on going into Mixology as a career, do not take the Culinary option. If you do, your sim will no longer be able to jump into Mixology at the higher level.

While Hayes is still bouncing, Nadine finally shows up. She is pissed about something.

Hayes has no clue who pissed in her cheerios. I know she isn’t hot-headed, so maybe she is not happy about the fact that she has basically agreed to move to this empty lot in a couple of days.

Hayes calms her down a little and then he moves away from her to give her some space. Maybe she needs to go home and come back later.

Oh joy. It is now a blizzard and Hayes has this overwhelming urge to run for cover. If only there was some cover.

The final tally of items from household inventory. Hayes adds the desk from the Education career for Nadine and he keeps the lamp from Scientist and sets out the coffee pot from Culinary/Mixology. This doesn’t count the items still in inventory that require a wall.

He spends some of his newly “earned” savings to buy some presents for Winterfest. I have no idea what Nadine got – hopefully something she can bring with her when she moves in. Hayes gets a spice rack. Sad.

Then he gifts the book from La’ei to Nadine and she actually likes the present. She is in a much better mood now.

Since there is a blizzard, she heads home and Hayes crawls into the “comfort” of the single bed to sleep through the storm.

While Hayes sleeps, a house is built up around him. He never wakes up during the entire process.

It is a simple house, but it is shelter from the blizzard. For the challenge, the house only needs to have a value of §40,000 with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. That works for Hayes, and soon enough he will work on it. While we are talking about the challenge goals, Hayes is just beginning to work on Renaissance Sim – he needs some books to read, but he is out of the money to buy any. He also needs to complete a second aspiration of his choice. He is still considering which one it will be. Oh and for a bonus – no points just bragging rights – he needs to collect the complete MySims Trophy collection.

At some point, I decided that I didn’t want to wait for Nadine to have her birthday naturally. Since Hayes couldn’t afford a cooker, I had the brilliant idea of sending them to San Myshuno to use the cooker in the park. But he didn’t even have enough to pay for the cake.

Then I remembered that I have MCCC installed and teens can be romanced and married. So Hayes pops the question and Nadine says yes.

Since they are already at the park, they head over to the wedding arch and have quickie wedding. And no, she isn’t pregnant yet.

Once she is part of the family, I check her inventory. I am dying. 34 future cubes. After getting married they head back to the house so that she can open presents. And she gets another future cube. Those 35 future cubes are worth §11,375, and that money is fair game.

They spent every penny Nadine received for the future cubes and their balance is back to §8, which is not enough to make a birthday cake for Nadine. It also left them short enclosing the upstairs so that they could put the roof back on. So there are their next priorities.

I forgot Nadine was uncontrollable, so I exited without saving and will replay from the time they got home. Instead of Nadine cooking, Hayes collects some cash and makes a grand feast for the holiday and then a birthday cake for Nadine.

Nadine blows out her candles and her traits are now Loner, Recycle Disciple, and Clumsy. Her aspiration is Master Maker, which will never be completed as an uncontrolled spouse.

Getting right down to business, Hayes takes Nadine into the shower for some baby-making. I peeked, she is pregnant, and my game hates me.

Hayes has some time before work so he is trying to read three books for the Renaissance Sim aspiration. While they are reading, there is a popup call for someone named “Vinnie”. For kicks and giggles, I click on “yes?”. The unknown caller gives them §5,000 to hide from the authorities.

Damn straight that money is spent. On the house. So it really has been along time since I played and I just realized he shouldn’t have invited Nadine to the park to begin with, because he didn’t have the cash on hand. I am not replaying or starting over, so they will be assessed a penalty in penance. For now, they have a roof. Windows will be coming eventually.

Nadine heads off to work and I realize that she is one of the few spouses to join the household with a job already assigned. She is a Lifeguard, level 2 Wave Watcher. For any more promotions (the last one) she will need to improve her fitness, so we’ll just have to see if that happens. Meanwhile Hayes is working on skills now – level 4 in 4 skills to complete the next milestone.

Who tF are you? Stomping through the house like you own the place. Apparently Geoffrey is a neighbor and he is pissed that the house is not eco-friendly.

Dude!?! Seriously?

Hunter is not impressed with Geoffrey as he deliberately broke the computer while he was using.

Nadine is sad because a grandparent has died.

At least she repaired the computer.

Then she sold and recycled the f*cking couch. She is going to struggle to stay alive, I can already see the writing on the wall.

When Hayes comes home from work, she tells him the good news – the next generation is on the way. She neglects to tell him about the couch.





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