Drifting Along, House 014.2

Logging in for the first time in awhile and “items removed. 3 build mode items have been removed because the account logged in does not own them.” Bitch I own all the items. Seriously?!? But I couldn’t figure out what was removed because they didn’t have much and it is all still there.

It has been so long since I played them that I am trying to remember what is going on. Nadine is obviously pregnant. She is also uncontrollable. Surprisingly, she came with a part time job as a Lifeguard. She is level 2 and needs to improve her fitness for the next promotion. They have no money in the bank so they can’t afford the equipment yet. She has the Master Maker aspiration, which is never going to happen. Oh yeah, she has that stupid recycling trait and their furniture keeps disappearing. Maybe that has been fixed by EA. (yes, supposedly in patch 1.68 back in November). Better be fixed or someone is having an accident after the heir is born.

They really need some money. There is just over §100 in their account so they can’t go anywhere yet. Today is free food day (Night on the Town) and there are no food stalls in the neighborhood, so unless Hayes can come up with a way to bank some funds, this is one holiday (among many) that will suck for both.

Hayes stops and takes a bunch of pictures to sell. He is able to get together enough so that they can leave the lot and takes Nadine to a food stall in Willow Creek.

Hayes was able to get something to eat but Nadine just stood there and watched. Fine, they can go home now. Sucks to be Nadine.

I decided to allow myself to give uncontrolled sims one like or dislike. But only one in CAS. She can always earn them around the house on her own. The instant she got Fitness as a liked activity she began to use the machine.

She is off for what is probably her last day working until she gives birth.

And then she comes home and stands outside in a blizzard in her swimsuit.

Musical Hayes comes home with a promotion. Then he heads inside to get Nadine to go to bed.

Oh, but it is New Year’s eve, so they have to toast. He is trying to help her have a good holiday.

She is still boycotting the bed.

Hayes gets his first pop-up activity and accepts Mixology as a Like.

She still hasn’t gone to bed.

Hayes has a gold holiday so when it is time to go to work, he heads off. He could have stayed home for the night, but getting out of the house might be a good thing.

Nadine is still avoiding the bed.

She drank two cups of coffee, or maybe three since the coffee pot is empty now.

Finally, she went to bed. And got up immediately to pee. Then she went back to bed. After a few hours of sleep she got up to puke. Now she is up and only half awake. The babies will be coming in about 24 hours.

WTF? The neighbor came by to drop off a present for Nadine. Uncommon seeds, which happen to be a Trash Plant times two.

Nadine doesn’t seem to mind, and this has to be from her recycle disciple trait.

It is time for the babies – yes there are three of them. Harper is the first born and the heiress. Henry and Hogan are her brothers. And Nadine is still loving on her trash bag while the babies scream for food.

Thankfully, Hayes comes home soon after and he takes care of Harper and Hogan while Nadine somehow figures out how to feed Henry.

The bills came on Monday and they wiped out the account. Hayes is getting tired of living hand to mouth and needs to re-evalute his plan going forward.

The house is built but empty. Most days they don’t even have enough to afford to cook. Which makes it a good thing that Hayes spent a lot of time on building his cooking skill and the fridge is stocked.

He raids the dumpster behind the house periodically, finding little crappy items that can be sold. Nadine also hits the dumpster sometimes, but that is all on her.

La-ei drops by a few times and helps Nadine with the babies. But neither one seems to understand that a bad smell means change the diaper.

And why would anyone be embarrassed with something they said to an infant.

The triplets have their birthday and become toddlers: Harper is Angelic.

Henry is Independent.

Hogan is a Charmer.

The triplets were not tired so they were up from their nap quickly. They are all trapped upstairs until they improve their movement skill.

Hayes starts off with Henry and he gets him to level 2. He starts on Hogan next but hurts his back. Hogan has to get movement to level 2 on his own. Harper did all of hers with the blocks.

Since the boys can manage the stairs now, they head down to get dinner. Harper missed out on dinner so she will have to get hers when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Hayes decides he is going to switch to painting as a hobby. He will probably still continue to work until his painting can support the family. I normally stay away from painting because I think it makes the money too easy, but I really want to get this house done this weekend, and today is already almost over. They don’t have much to break, but they keep breaking anyways.

As I was looking through the rules for this house, Hayes made some decisions. First, he is changing his career to Salaryperson after his next Mixologist promotion. He is going to wait since he should come home with the promotion and we don’t want the work to go to waste.

And then the world crumbled and imploded in a trio of stinky, cranky toddlers.

Hayes was able to get Harper onto the potty to begin her training. She made it to level 2 so should be able to go by herself, if she chooses. Henry is independent so he took himself to the potty once. Hogan only got some of this potty training done since Hayes was literally out of steam.

Food was put out downstairs and the toddlers realized it at the same time, making a train down the stairs.

Hayes took the moment to get something to eat also. You might ask where Nadine was during this time? Sleeping.

I sent Hayes to work because he wanted to make the career change and needed that promotion. Harper is not happy about life in general at the moment.

She tried to put herself to bed twice. She never made it.

Hayes earns the promotion to level 8 Mixologist and changed to Salaryman. Then he heads upstairs to try to get the toddlers to bed with Nadine getting involved, resulting in everyone getting to bed around 7am the next morning. At least he has the long weekend to try to tame the madness.

Too many toddlers. I am going to do something I generally don’t and that is ignore the toddlers for the moment and focus on getting Hayes where he needs to be.

I am having a hard time focusing on Hayes and keep going back to the toddlers. They are seriously struggling. No one is potty trained so there are dirty diapers all the time. They can’t stay in bed and are always hungry.

Nadine is no help at all, other than she brings home several hundred simoleons after each shift.

THe glitches are beginning. First Harper keeps disappearing and the locator shows she is in the middle of the pond on the other side of the world. Now the nanny is invisible.

The nanny makes an appearance.

Hayes has his skills for a promotion and now is working on painting. This is the closest I have come so far of deciding to start the challenge over.

Except that this is 14/24 so I am on the downward side. The glitches are increasing and I have been struggling anyways so this is going to go on hiatus now. Most likely when I pick the challenge back up, I will be starting over. As I am typing this I already have a new idea for the challenge and a theme popped into my head.


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