Drifting Along, House 014.5

Harper and Hogan have an A in school while Henry has a B and is close to an A. So, they are all just running wild. Hayes is working on his skills and preparing for his new job as a Tech Guru. I am more relaxed as he moves away from the Salaryperson career and I believe Hayes is going to be much happier. The children have 6 days remaining until they become teens. They have all mastered creativity just by playing with the dollhouse.

I truly have no idea. I played and took these pictures yesterday and now I am trying to remember why. Hayes is working on his Baking skill. It is faster than the others he has remaining.

Oh no, he was making a Grand Feast for Harvestfest. The family almost all made it to the table for the meal.

Nadine just doesn’t care any more. Henry is a mess maker and a pain in the ass.

Harper and Hogan don’t get into as much trouble but they have their share of messes.

Hayes is done. Harper is the one he catches and she is sent to time out.

Hogan had a rough day but he came home with a rainbow while the other two just came home.

Nadine and Hogan both autonomously did something physical. They also quit almost immediately after I took the picture.

Now, Hayes is working on Baking. That will end up being one of his skills for his aspiration (6 skills at level 8).

This is how the kids spend time together. Despite the faces they all have good relationships.

No clue, but enjoy the family spending time together.

Hayes is pushing himself to the limit. It sucks to be the only controllable sim in a house.

Again, no clue.

Let’s see… the fridge is broken and leaking water on the floor, there is a pile of whatever from where he repaired the sink, the counter is dirty, and neither Nadine nor Henry is going to do anything productive.

Hayes must have mastered Baking and is now working on his 6th skill, or he has changed to Computer Whiz and is working on Programming.

Hogan is sick and thankfully he is allowed to take medicine. Hayes just wants them to find somewhere else to hangout for awhile.

Nadine is not pregnant. Just saying. Hayes is repairing the sink one more time.

This time I know he is working on Programming. I believe he is on the 3rd tier of the Computer Whiz aspiration.

So today is Monday morning and Wednesday is going to be a really big day. Not only is it going to be Winterfest but it is also Hayes’ birthday and it is the triplets birthdays. So four birthdays and Winterfest. Hayes is going to make four birthday cakes just because he can. He won’t make them until Tuesday evening though.

I really wish Nadine could get a different job and at least she has a job. Most times the spouse never works in these challenges.

The triplets are home from school. Everyone is still maintaining their A’s and there is only one more day in elementary school.

Hayes earns a promotion and he is so much happier with this job than he was as a Salaryman.

Video Gaming has been mastered. He will only need to reach level 8 in Programming to reach the top of his career (eSport Gamer). He doesn’t have to master anything for his (second) aspiration so he just needs to reach level 5 in his career.

Henry is in time for making another mess. I am losing patience with these kids and as a result Hayes is putting them into timeout each time he catches them.

The cakes are made for the birthday tomorrow. Hayes will have a zombie cake while the triplets are having strawberry, coconut, and blue.

Hayes added the chemistry table to the front porch and we are all surprised to find someone actually using it.

Nadine is just weird. Can’t say anything else about this.

The family celebreates Winterfest and Hayes is trying his best to give the kids a great holiday.

While they wait for the pile of presents to replenish, it is time to blow out some candles. The cakes are set out and each child has been instructed to blow out their candles, so it will be a mass aging up event.

Three teens + two parents + one maid. Happy Birthday to the trips.

Once the kids have finished aging up it is time for Hayes to blow out his own candles. Then there are going to be some makeovers.

Harper as the oldest and the heiress goes first. She is Lazy and takes the Kleptomaniac (which is required for the next house. She rolls the Eco Innovator aspiration which she will only have while she is living here. She will have different goals and aspirations once she moves out.

Henry is next. He looks so much like Nadine that from the back I was getting them confused. He is going to keep his short hair style. He is a Loner and a Recycle Disciple. Like Nadine. Literally, both traits he has so far are the same as Nadine. He also picks up the Eco Innovator aspiration, which is nothing since he will never do anything for it.

Hogan is the youngest. They roll Recycle Disciple and the teen aspiration to Live Fast. One thing about the random traits mod is that it weights the traits the parents have and they have a higher chance to have traits similar to their parents. For the triplets this means they mostly take after Nadine. Not the best but it is what we get.

Hayes calls everyone back for more presents and still the teens are not going to get Gold. But they might at least have an Okay holiday. Oh I take it back. Only Harper is still not in Gold. The rest of the household is Gold.

The family enjoys a quiet Winterfest hanging out with each other. Hayes is apparently telling a story to the boys while Harper works on her homework.

Father Winter shows up and this is not Clement. That makes sense I guess since this is the 14th generation, but I don’t remember who was Father Winter two years ago.

The family made out good for Winterfest and have added some nice items to the house. The house is officially over §50,000 which is definitely more than the required amount of §40,000.

The teens come home from school where they are all solid B students. Maybe they will get an A tomorrow, but it might be a long shot since tomorrow is Friday which means exams, and they have done no studying.

The first day in high school is rough.


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