Drifting Along, House 014.6

You know, it might be time for the boys to have separate beds. I tend to prefer children to be in the double beds to avoid the monsters. Now that they are teens they should have their own bed.

Nadine is actually cleaning the house. She was a pain in the ass in the beginning but she is settling into this uncontrollable spouse aspect of her life.

The teens need to have a skill at level 3 in order to earn an A in high school. Hayes takes them all fishing to see if he can keep them focused long enough to level the skill. Harper is the only one that showed up the first time. The boys are hiding somewhere away from the dock.

Hayes continues to call the boys to join and finally they do. Hogan is about to pass out and he is the one that will not reach level 3 in fishing by the time they leave.

This is much better. They now have their own bed.

It is New Year’s Eve and Hayes is happy to make a resolution. It is going to be a challenge to have another good gold holiday, but Hayes is going to try to make sure the teens have a good day.

Harper is lazy and sleeps literally everywhere. She is always sleeping but refuses to go to bed.

It turned out the bunk beds were glitched somehow, but eventually I get it fixed and both boys can now use their new beds.

New Year’s Eve – everyone is called to the living room with the hope that they will notice it is New Year’s Eve and begin watching the countdown.

Yes! They are all watching the countdown and I believe they all end up with a gold holiday, although it takes Hogan a moment after it is all over to register.

Hayes is in bed but the teens are still refusing to go to sleep. It is a good thing tomorrow is Sunday because they are definitely off their sleep schedules.

Finally, both boys are in their beds. And I believe Harper is in her bed. It is early in the morning so Hayes and Nadine should be getting up soon. The teens have three weeks until their birthday, which should be around Harvestfest in the Fall. Hayes just needs one more promotion to level 5 as a Tech Guru to complete his second aspiration, and since the house is above the target value, he is that close to being done with his requirements.

Hayes masters Baking so while he only need to be at level 8 for 6 skills, he has mastered six skills instead. The bunk beds glitched again, so now they are side by side. There are 16 days remaining for this house. I am hoping the next house doesn’t glitch as much as this one has.

Oh I was wrong. In addition to needing one more promotion, Hayes also still needs to spend 12 more hours on the computer.

Henry and Harper have their A’s while Hogan is still at a B. Of course he still needs to raise a skill to level 3 so Hayes is going to take him fishing again.

Hayes has eaten and Hogan has showered so it is time to go fishing.

I am such a dumbass. I took them all over the world looking for a place to fish together (last time) and this time I realized there is a fishing spot literally next to their house.

Family fishing. Harper said nope. By the time Hogan has level 3 in fishing he has also developed a dislike for the activity.

Forgot about Nadine’s birthday. She aged up while she was fishing and then she was done and went back into the house.

Henry might actually like it. He was the last one to stop fishing and almost was late to school. They are going to be so tired by the time school is out today.

Hogan earns the A, now it is just a waiting game for these three.

In the end, they end up with side by side single beds, and they are actually using them, for the moment.

Hayes completes his second aspiration so he is also in the waiting game now as the last requirement is to raise Harper to Young Adult. 14 more days.

Henry regularly makes food on the grill. The siblings all get along really well.

This is the pain of living with one Recycle Disciple, and we have three in the house – Nadine, Henry, and Hogan. The missing furniture this time can be attributed to Henry and Hogan.

Replacing the furniture so there is somewhere to sit until someone feels the need to recycle.

Also added outside is a dumpster, recycler, and woodworking table. Maybe someone will use it without destroying our furniture.

Nadine found the treadmill again and spent an entire 30 minutes on it.

Love Day (Friday). I had changed the traditions to remove Date and add Watch Romance. So the teens are watching the Romance channel with their dad.

Saturday is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Hayes tries but he is the only one with a gold holiday.

Sunday they just all hang out and do some chats. I turned off Acne at this point because of the glitch that generally happens where they age up with acne and have it for the rest of their lives.

Well fucking crap. For Love Day Hayes and Nadine got a little frisky and risky kicked in with a late in life pregnancy. They are so close to the triplets being young adults and this happens. Oh no, wait. It wasn’t Love Day woohoo, it was Pirate Day woohoo.

Hysterical. I considered letting him go but then I would have no control of anyone until Harper grew up. So he calmed down and will hang around.

A random neighbor came by to use the recycler. He asked and Hayes said yes, go ahead. No one else is ever going to use it.

I love Hogan. He is rocking out and the picture just doesn’t do justice. He is playing air guitar and was just having a blast.

Nadine actually found the recycler and used it on her own. I don’t think she took anything from the house, at least I haven’t found anything missing yet.

It is baby time – and it is Wednesday. One more week until the triplets become young adults.

Harvey Huntington joins the family. Lucky boy.

Hayes is preparing for the day (tomorrow) when Harvey will be moving from the bassinet to the crib.

I realized Harper was trapped, but not before she stood there for several hours.

Nadine has decided she wants to be more Active. I thought she might be glitched in the activity but she did stop on her own so she still lives.


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