Drifting Along, House 014.7

Hayes is embroiled in a workplace dispute so he has been trying to find his rival outside of work. Apparently, if they become friends, their rivalry will end. She finally agrees to come over after he spams her with calls and texts.

Hayes introduces himself which gives a great boost and gets their relationship out of the red. Then a thunderstorm hits so they are not willing to cloudgaze at the moment. He invites her back to try again and they are finally able to cloudgaze until they are friends.

And, yeah, that ended their rivalry and now his path to promotion is clear. Since he already has the skills and the performance for the promotion he heads to work, late. He had taken the day off because he was burned out but that has passed also. He works a few hours and comes home with the promotion. Not. At least he should get the promotion tomorrow. Apparently being late is not a good thing even if it was originally scheduled as a vacation day.

On a better note, it is time for Harvey to become an infant. Since Hayes is home, he can be aged up now.

Oh yay, Harvey is an Intense infant who is also gassy and a feeding tinkler. Isn’t he going to be a joy. There is also a thunderstorm and he is really scared.

Hayes has enough time to give Harvey some tummy time and he learns to lift his head.

Nadine checks on Harvey and makes sure he is fed and changes his diaper. She is a much better mother to Harvey than she was with the triplets. Hmm, wonder why that might be.

Harvey wakes up crying every single time. But he loves Nadine and smiles for her when he sees her.

The thunderstorm had a victim. It will remain like this until Harper is ready to move out.

They add the playmat for Harvey so that he has an option that is not in the crib. Since I can only control Hayes, it is up the Nadine and the teens to get Harvey out of the bedroom.

He is mad about something, maybe because he is hungry and Hayes has not given him a bottle yet.

Harvey can roll over one way but not the other. While Hayes was trying to work on his tummy time, Nadine swooped in and took Harvey away for bed. Harper gravitates to Harvey and will just stand watching him, whatever he is doing. It is now Saturday – the teens grow up on Wednesday.

The joys of the diaper. Harvey has his first blowout and there is so much stick. He is also starving and they have received a warning from social services.

He has been fed and then figures out how to roll over the other way. Now he can roll over both ways.

Hogan takes the very green stinky infant and gives him a bath. That filth is everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

So sweet, although the boys decide to hang out in the same room where Nadine is trying to sleep.

He was reading a book until I scrolled in for the picture.

Nadine has been putting in the time on the treadmill and she has lost a lot of weight. This is all her choice.

Everyone came into the bedroom when they heard Harvey laugh for the first time. They need something to laugh about. Of course, Henry is sleeping so he didn’t come for the milestone.

Intense happy baby. That will last about ten minutes.

Hayes helps Harvey practice sitting in another green cloud. No matter what, he is always in a green cloud within an hour of having his diaper changed.

Harvey was ready and quickly learned to sit up on his own. Everyone in the family clapped and cheered for him as he reached this milestone.

Happy boy, for a moment. He is so intense that he feels the good as intensively as the bad. He literally poops his diaper as soon as I took the picture.

Go Nadine Go. I am really glad I didn’t kill her off after the triplets were born. She has turned into a decent uncontrollable spouse. It is Monday morning. Two more days.

Too funny. Hayes was giving Harvey a bubble bath and even though there are three different bathrooms in the house, Henry shooed them out of the bathroom so he could pee.

Nadine is having a midlife crisis which just sucks for her.

But, she is a good mom to Harvey.

Maybe if they do their homework in the same room Henry is sleeping he will wake up and do his homework also? Nope, didn’t happen.

Not a single clue. I think maybe Hogan used cuss words and woke Hayes up.

Gassy little shit.

It is so much time to move on from this house.

Harvey can crawl! This is not a milestone my infants generally reach so way to go Harvey!

It is time for Harvey to become a toddler. Hayes shows him the cake and the candles.

My dog, Keeva, gives me this look every time I use her certain words – Outside, Bath, Toy. Then Harvey spits on the cake and blows out the candles.

It is toddler time and just about time for the teens to blow out their candles. Harvey is a Charmer. Right now he is sad because La-ei has just died.

He is also a Picky Eater and a Little Singer. He is singing a song to Nadine. I am hoping she is about to put him to bed. Hayes is already asleep so we’ll see.

Hayes gets up because Harvey is not going to bed waiting on Nadine.

But first he hugs away the sadness for Harvey. After Harvey is asleep Hayes hugs away the sadness for the teens. I don’t want Harper heading out with sadness hanging over her head. Hunter is never going to die. For some reason he has 89 days left included 82.44 bonus days. So he is either going to die in 89 days or it will be 172 days. It is their birthday so we are waiting on the notification and for them to come home from school.

The teens are home and the cakes are ready. They head straight for the cakes and will be blowing them out together.

And this house is complete. Harper will get a makeover and then she will be moving out to begin House 015. Henry rolls Gloomy as his third trait. Hogan rolls Green Fiend as his third trait. And Harper picks up Childish. Both boys have Eco Innovator aspiration and Harper is changing to Chief of Mischief.


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