Drifting Along, House 015.2

Harper develops a routine which is to visit another lot, steal something, come home and work on her work performance, go to work, come home and woohoo, sleep. She has increased the value of the house to about §24,000 so a quarter of the way there. And they are woohooing but not trying for a baby. Any other time my sim would be pregnant the first time. But since they are ready, there are no happy accidents. It is currently Friday so they will try on Saturday (tomorrow) which would probably result in a Wednesday delivery.

Simon has mastered comedy and now has to improve his charisma to level 8, so that is keeping him busy for the moment. The house is small so it doesn’t need much cleaning and there is the television for entertainment. Their schedules are really similar as they both work at night, but not quite lined up as they work on different days.

Hogan stops by to visit one of the rare times Harper is home and has time to chat.

The collection is growing and so is the value of the house. I was thinking she would have to spend §100,000 to build the house, but with the items she is stealing, she might hit the required value while still living in the tiny home.

Although they are going to need to make it bigger as there is a baby on the way. And they had to try for baby, none of their risky woohoo resulted in a surprise.

Harper and I have done some thinking and I was thinking that the house would have to be big to meet the value. But with the right 15 stolen items, she could have a modest house + §100,000 in stolen items. So, she is going to return sell any stolen item that is less than §4,000 and will be focusing on the items that are worth more than that. Actually we have a list of the items Harper will be searching for. She is also not going to steal from past Drifter houses.

I really need notes. I have no clue other than they are so cute.

This is a plasmatron and it is about to become the property of Harper.

That makes four high value items. After doing a lot of research, hours and hours, Harper has a good list and will be able to get 13/15 items not only from different houses but also from different worlds. The optional goal is for all 15 items to come from different locations, which can mean either. She has not scoped out the three vacation worlds but will do so when she gets there.

There is a monolith television in this celebrity house. Harper must gain access.

She is able to introduce herself, because the family are not celebrities even though the house is. After making friends with one resident she is able to walk inside.

And there is the monolith, and it is all hers.

The monolith, plasmatron, suit of armor, one painting, and the ghost computer. These five items have added §37,359 in value to the house. They are still living in the 8×8 tiny home and she hasn’t even begun thinking about the new house. She will need at least three bedrooms, and she is going to need one bedroom really soon.

When Harper makes her next steal it is finally time to begin laying out the house. They are waiting until the skills for their jobs are complete before closing in the frame as they will lose the benefits of tiny home at that time.

And there we go. The house is dried in, the household items have been moved over and the stolen items have been setup in the museum. Again, dark pictures because everything happens at night. The house value is §88k so by the time they finish furnishing the house, it will be well over the target value. And, she is just over halfway through her list at 9/15 items stolen and displayed.

They ran out of money before they could get the lights in but that should be remedied as soon as they sell their inventory.

But first, there is a baby.

Stella Stevens will be the heiress and the drifter for the next house. She is also uncontrollable while she is growing up, so I have to remember that.

They spent their satisfaction points on several traits – the important ones of Frugal and Free Services. Harper already had Shameless which lets her steal even if another sim is standing right there. they both bought Entrepreneurial to try to help them climb their careers faster. Harper picked up a couple of bonus traits including Perfectionist and Geek. Simon is an Overachiever. Both sims have all their skills to reach the top of their careers, so their focus is going to be on Stella.

This house is much calmer than the last one, but then Stella is a single baby and not triplets.

Harper is heading off to work for the first time Stella was born. For whatever reason, she wasn’t given the option to hire a nanny so Stella was sent to daycare.

Simon has completed his aspiration. Now they both just need to reach the top of their careers, finish the house, and continue adding items to the museum. The count is currently 10/15 items being displayed.

Harper is ready to get into another celebrity house so she repeats her successful plan from before. She introduces herself to one of the non-celebrities living there and then she is in the house. This time she steals the Queen’s Gossip Chair. It is not as expensive as the others but she is two items short so this will do until she finds something else. She is also trying to steal unique items for the museum rather than having several of the same thing.

Stella has her birthday and becomes a sensitive infant. She cries a lot.

I am so glad she got Simon’s blonde hair. She is adorable despite the constant crying.

She is a fast learner though. She quickly learns to lift her head, reach, and to turn over to her back.

She even frowns in her sleep almost constantly.

But she loves to be held. She is a snuggly sleeper, free-air tinkler, and a happy spitter.

Simon realizes that they will need the mobile even though Stella will never go to sleep easily in her crib on her own.

Still frowning in her sleep, but at least she is asleep.

Harper and Simon have a quiet evening watching the TV premiere of some show.


Harper works with Stella to teach her to sit up on her own. She isn’t quite there yet.

Nice! Simon has just finished each of the tasks I had set out for him. If only Harper would get something like this.


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