Drifting Along, House 015.3

Stella starts the day off with a blowout. Simon arrives home from his job just in time to clean it up. He doesn’t even get a chance to change clothes.

Stella continues to cry and cry and cry. He puts her to bed and she eventually cries herself to sleep. She is one of the more needy infants I have had and that is with both parents available to tend to her every need.

I don’t think I have seen this girl smile yet. She has the milestone for smiling but I have never seen it.

This is close to a smile. She just learned how to roll over to her tummy. They are both spending a lot of time with her.

And then she figured out how to sit up and how to creep.

That is a real smile. It doesn’t last long though. It doesn’t help that there has been an almost constant thunderstorm raging.

Really?!? She literally just had a bath. She also made an effort to push that one out.

There aren’t a lot of pictures because Harper and Simon are enjoying their time with Stella. She has reached a lot of milestones and they help her practice her motor skills. A lot of the pictures are just because Stella is so cute and adorable.

Stella can now crawl.

She is practicing standing and maybe will learn to pull herself up soon.

They buy a high chair and begin letting Stella try different foods. She likes Hummus, loves Oatmeal and Ice Cream (not together), and she is unsure about sweet potato. I have never had an infant try every item but they were able to try four different foods before Stella got too tired to continue.

Let’s just say this is chocolate ice cream, because I am sure that is not hummus or sweet potato, although it could be oatmeal.

Harper heads out to find item #14 leaving Simon and Stella at home. When she gets back they are having a dance party.

Stella was pissed that they made her stop dancing so she could try some new foods. She was so hungry Simon gave her a bottle before giving her papaya (dislikes) and avocado (likes). Then she passed out and couldn’t wake up long enough for anyone to get her out of the high chair and into the crib. So they turned off the stereo and left her to sleep in the high chair.

She finally made it to bed and then when she woke up she was very sad.

Then, she was very angry.

Simon was cuddling Stella then he got up and walked out like he was going to work. I know he disappeared with her for a moment. Then he is back and setting her down on the sidewalk in the thunderstorm.

Now she is freaking out and he can’t get the moment between her freak outs to pick her back up. She is terrified.

There! She crawls across the living room and pulls herself up on the chair. This is later since she has changed clothes. That generally means she has had another bath.

She is still trying new foods and has learned out to pick up and eat finger foods. I believe she liked or loved the bananas.

Stella is a Wild toddler that Hates to Sleep and Loves to be Held. I knew it was her birthday but then I forgot. She needs another diaper change and a bath.

The career reward stereo is a pain in the ass because it call of appeal is really high. That is all anyone wants to do, ever.

Since Stella is uncontrollable, Harper keeps her on the potty until she masters the skill.

Simon only works three days each week and his work task is to practice a comedy routine. It takes several to complete the task.

Stella does not like bedtime. They put her to bed, she gets back up.

Simon puts her to bed a third time and this time she stays in bed for the night, or day. Because of the weather it is always dark outside so I never notice day or night. Additionally, both Simon and Harper work nights.

Stella graduates from finger foods to handhelds.

Stella decides she loves Books. She received the Top Notch Infant trait and started with most of her skills at a high level 1 or low level 2. Hopefully, with only one toddler to care for, Harper and Simon can help Stella master her skills, or at least reach level 3 in all of them.

Exhausted and starving. She barely made it to the potty before passing out. Simon is waiting patiently for her to wake up so he can give her a plate of spaghetti.

That feeling when you almost make it to the potty but then have to stand there looking at it while you fill your diaper. So close.

Stella had her dinner in the high chair but then threw it all on the floor. Harper let her out of the high chair and then scolded her for making a mess.

Then she was scolded later because she wouldn’t stay in bed and kept getting up.

She has had a rough day today.

Harper is trying to find the last item for her museum. She has tasked herself with making sure that she only has one of each item in the museum and that last item is elusive.

She takes the family to the largest house in Granite Falls. No luck.

Ahh, Selvadorada is the winner. She steals the gold calendar plate from the museum.

Her museum is completed. Four paintings, four television, four computers, a suit of armor, an expensive chair, and the calendar plate.

Everything has been completed that is required. She is still working to the top of her career and they still have to raise Stella to yound adult.

They are trying to get Stella on a good schedule. She goes to bed so early that she gets up way too early in the morning.

Stella wanders around the house looking at everything. She doesn’t make a lot of progress on her thinking skill so they are going to have to help her.

Apparently now when they play in the toilet they get filthy. I don’t remember that from before. Simon gets up and gives her a bath.

Stella has improved all her skills to level 3, at least. She will become a Happy Toddler. She has mastered the potty and her movement skill is level 4.

It is time to wake up Simon. But there is no Simon. Where is Simon?

A little family bonding. Harper just got home from work, Simon has dressed Stella but not himself. Good enough.


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