Drifting Along, House 015.4

Stella heads to bed and Simon reads her to sleep. She may be a Happy Toddler already but they are going to try to get her to Top Notch.

As usual, Stella does not stay in bed. But tonight she only gets up once. She is better than some other toddlers who have to be put back to bed two and three times, Stella only needs to be put back to bed once, on a normal night.

Her movement skill is close to mastery so Simon plays with her until it is mastered.

There are breaks throughout the process for Stella to eat and take care of other needs, but it gets urgent when we all realize it is her birthday.

Thinking is the hardest when the toddler cannot be controlled.

Stella is really tired but they are up against the deadline. So Simon and Harper take turns working on her flashcards and teaching her to talk.

Just a cute picture. Stella is the only one awake and she is headed to play in the diaper pail trash.

Harper helps her master communication.

They are really trying on her thinking skill. She is taking breaks now to pass out, but her bar is bubbling so time is running out.

If she isn’t passing out she is throwing temper tantrums. Just let a girl sleep.

Finally, Stella has mastered all her skills. She is a Top Notch Toddler.

And they could not have cut that much closer. She literally just fell asleep when she wakes up with two urges.

First she is going to wake up Simon.

Then she is going to have her birthday.

Stella is Lactose Intolerant, along with Top Notch Infant and Top Notch Toddler. She is also level 2 + 94% in all four childhood skills. Her childhood aspiration is Mind and Body which will be a challenge without direct control. But they will try.

Simon puts her to bed in her new room and they are all asleep by 9:30pm.

Stella has a rainbow of moodlets: Scared, Hungry, Sad, Happy, and Angry – purple, orange, blue, green, and red.

Both Harper and Simon need to work on their tasks for their careers, and Stella stops whatever she was doing to watch him tell jokes.

Simon missed his birthday and aged up to Adult while checking the mail.

They influence Stella to work on her mental skill and of course she gets stuck on the science table. Then Harper offers to teach her to ride a bike and as soon as Stella begins trying, Harper goes to bed. Simon gets up and put Stella to bed. Tomorrow is a school day, her first, and she needs to get some sleep before it is too late.

Harper tries to continue teaching Stella to ride a bike after school but Stella refuses to ride in the rain. So, they bring the bike inside.

The rain eventually stops, everyone has had some sleep, and Stella is outside learning to ride a bicycle.

The bicycle has been mastered now she has to work on her mental skill. Harper calls her over for a game of chess but they only play one game rather than over and over.

But, she has completed all her requirements and her aspiration is done. I don’t remember what she will be doing for her house but she is going to be setup in good shape, trait-wise. She is also Headstrong now, which just means she will be Confident and Focused longer.

As a toddler she never even noticed the unicorn; as a child she is always chatting or teasing him.

I know Harper is working on her hacking so Stella is just hanging out keeping her company.

Another night, time is passing by although not that quickly. Stella still has 8 days remaining until her birthday.

Another birthday missed, not even trying now. Harper becomes an Adult.

Stella brings home a B and struts up the walk.

Simon meets her at the door and influences her to do her homework. She never even makes it into the house first.

After homework, she sets up the school project. Simon will be the one to complete it before she heads to school on Tuesday.

Today is Winterfest so Harper is making a grand feast while Simon and Stella hover waiting for the food to be ready.

Simon is trying to help Stella have a good holiday. She has opened presents but what she really wants is to see Father Winter and to do holiday things. Simon just asked her if she was good or bad. Now she is worried she won’t get any presents.

She never spoke with Father Winter but eventually she decided she had enough holiday spirit and it was a good day.


After taking a bath, Father Winter continued to hang around the house. Everyone else has gone to bed.

My game crashed, actually my entire PC froze and then crashed with the Blue Screen of Death. This didn’t happen the second time through but it was close.

Stella has an A in school. Apparent

Five days later

Apparently I didn’t take any pictures between Thursday after Winterfest and Monday of the following week.

Stella has a project to finish for the week and Simon and Harper are working on it. Although since Stella has an A, who really cares about the project. Stella’s birthday is on Wednesday so two more days as a child.

I need to remember that Stella is Lactose-Intolerant and will begin stocking accordingly. She chose this herself and thankfully it is lactose free.

The only birthday cake in the game that is lactose free is the special cheesecake. Simon had to learn gourmet cooking to level 5 in order to make it for her.

Teenage Stella is also Neat and has High Self-Esteem. She chooses an aspiration, Lady of the Knits, which she will be working on once she moves to the next house. So no aspiration for her teen years.

School sucks and Stella takes out her bad mood on the dollhouse. Then Harper cried over the dollhouse. Eventually Harper repaired the dollhouse. I was hoping Stella would on her own so she could start handiness, but she didn’t.

Simon helps Stella with her homework and she is ready to go to high school. Oh, but she needs to improve a skill to level 3 so Simon plays chess with her.

About halfway through the day everyone realizes that today is Love Day. With control over both Harper and Simon they quickly have a great holiday. And without getting pregnant.

Unfortunately, Stella has an awful day because every tradition requires her to do something. Being on the receiving end does nothing for her.


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