Drifting Along, House 015.5

There are 18 days remaining in this house. Harper has completed everything except for reaching the top of her career although she is at level 7. She also is still waiting on the promotion that she made a resolution to get, which she will fail her resolution as her week runs out in 3 hours. Stella is an A student so the only thing she can do is get through the next 18 days. Harper and Simon will continue to influence her skills but there is only so much she can do now.

Simon is looking for a way to open up Handiness for Stella. He can’t influence her to work on the skill until it shows in her skill list. Volunteering is not the answer.

But, there is a school project that provides Handiness to teens. Even though it is the weekend, Stella is going to work on the project.

She actually listens long enough to setup the project, and then she wanders off for a shower, a meal, really anything else.

But she is able to begin working on the woodworking table now.


I took a short break from playing, went on vacation, and now Horse Ranch has been released. But I am back.

17 Days Remaining…

Simon and Harper take turns influencing Stella with her skills. She works on handiness and then logic. Neither for long at a time, but she is level 3 in both skills.

Stella regularly pokes around on her project although never for long. Simon or Harper is always the one to finish it.

Harper receives another promotion, which is so difficult for her. She is at level 8 and will do well until she is almost to a promotion and then will get hung up for days. It is a good thing she doesn’t have to complete her career, but she still has time.

Dancing is mastered. I am letting them do their own thing, and just trying to get to Stella’s birthday.

The new custom ceilings are here and this is what they go with. The covering for the ceiling is the same as the floor – here and in Build/Buy. But good enough.

13 days remaining. Stella is working on handiness and logic periodically. She never does anything for very long though.

After some research, I realize that to receive the offer to graduate early, she has to have an A and she has to be level 4 in two different skills. She had the A and one skill at level 4. She practices mischief on the computer until she reaches level 4 so she should receive the offer tomorrow.

Apparently Simon is erratic now. He will spend the next day completely naked. I doubt he will get dressed until he goes to work on Friday night.

When Stella gets home from school on Friday, she receives the special call.

I am tired of having to influence her to do homework so she accepts the offer and graduates early. 12 more days. She will be wandering around the house doing whatever so it will be interesting to see which skills she improves on her own.

He is still naked but it is almost time for work. Stella really wants him to put on clothes and get out of the kitchen.

Finally, Simon puts on clothes.

Updated game settings to turn off Wants & Fears and Lifestyles. Harper is still scared of thunderstorms and but at least her crippling fear of a dead-end job has gone away.

The door to the museum is locked. Not sure how Stella got into the room but now she can’t get out.

Harper unlocks the door and calls Stella over and then relocks the door. Hopefully that won’t happen again. It would horrible if someone was locked in there accidentally and died from starvation.

Time moves so slowly… Stella moves out in 11 days, on Winterfest. Simon has reached the top of his career but has 19 days until he can retire. Harper is still at level 8 in her career – that Lazy trait is causing her to take forever to earn a promotion. Finally figured that was probably her problem.

Another problem that is causing Harper trouble with her promotions is how fast she burns out. She has to take a day off every other week to combat the 24 hour burnout state.

The house is completed, now to get through the last week until Stella has her birthday and moves out.

With Stella not having school, Harper decides to sign her up to volunteer. She has maxed out Manners and Responsibility so now they are going to try to get her Empathy into the zone.

She moves from in the red to solidly in the green. But she will need another day of back to back to back volunteering activities to get in the zone.

At some point I realized that Simon and Stella hate each other. No clue what happened and when but he does like to walk around naked, is erratic, and loves mischief. So, he is working to get their relationship back on a good footing before she moves out. He tries giving gifts and nothing becomes of it.

He tries apologizing and make pleasant conversation that then gets derailed with mischievous jokes and sometimes downright mean comments. She gives as good as she gets and they rile each other up.

This is not helping at all. But it is Harvestfest so dinner was a must.

Simon kept trying to ask her to cloudgaze but it was pouring and she wasn’t into that. So he takes her to the park in Oasis Springs where it is not raining and they are finally able to make amends. By the time the leave the park they are friends. That is something.

During the time when Simon was trying to become friends with Stella, Harper actually earned another promotion. She is level 9 now, with only one more promotion to go. And Stella has 4 days until her birthday. The good thing is the promotion is not required – it is an optional goal.

Harper put in a wishing well and even that sucks for her. It takes 6 attempts, and yes I was reloading. She finally got a full green bar but never did get the actual promotion.

Then she almost blew it during her shift by choosing the wrong option and losing performance. Thankfully, she pulled it out in the end and reached the top of the career.

Shortly after, Simon mastered Mischief. I don’t even care any more about their relationship. Just get to move out day.

The mailman comes by to fix a toilet and then hangs out with Stella. Not married and about 2 weeks older than Stella, the question is whether he is still available once she moves out and if they are compatible.

The family plays a game and then kicks Vicente out. They are so close to Stella’s birthday.

And this house is done. Stella blows out her candles, picks up Kleptomaniac, Good Manners, Compassionate, and Responsible. And then she moves out.


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