Drifting Along, House 016.1

Stella stands in the rain looking at her empty lot. Today is Winterfest and even though she had a good holiday with her parents, she has to do it all over again alone on her empty, wet lot. At least it isn’t freezing here. She thought about going back home to open presents again but then realized she has no money and can’t leave the general area unless she has §1,000 in her pocket.

Stella roams the neighborhood collecting things to sell and then takes a lot of pictures to sell. Once she has more than §1,000 she heads to her parents for Winterfest.

She opens a single present and that is enough to complete the holiday once again. She heads home and ends the holiday early. Now it is time to get busy on her house and requirements.

She sells the TV her parents gave her and has just enough to begin her house and buy a woodworking table.

Stella is out of money again and after eating lunch, she works on completing her knitting project. Then she will get started on woodworking and handiness. For House 016, Stella’s requirements are to catch a bat fish, master handiness, and craft a lot of woodworking items. And then I reread the rules and her heir will be crafting the woodworking items, not Stella.

After running through the different careers for the low level rewards, Stella eventually settles on Freelance Crafter. She joins the SIMply Crafted agency and is ready to get started. She will be working on Fabrication, Candle-Making, and Knitting. She should probably change clothes. I ended up playing this part several times until I was happy. She lost her entire house and started over and still I am not happy, but it is better than the first three times. And then it isn’t better. Even with a ceiling and a roof, the computer thinks it is outside in the rain.

This is her 3rd or 4th house now. Hopefully it works. Well fuckity fuck fuck. The PC she got as a work reward is glitched to always think it is raining, so she sells it for way too little and then buys the other word processor that was unlocked as a career reward.

The inside of the house feels better to me. The last attempt reminded me too much of the house for Hayes and Nadine before I knocked it all down and rebuilt it. This is feeling me better.

Stella runs through and makes a bunch of statues. She then recycles them for bits and pieces and takes a gig crafting a rug for a client. She is trying to decide what she wants to do for a spouse and heir and it turns out the only non-family she knows Hates Children.

Oswaldo is a possibility and Stella begins to get to know him.

But then he just gets up and leaves. So fine.

Stella spends time with the fabricator making items for the house. It is a little tricky getting it going but eventually she has made a bookcase, side table, lamp, and living room chair.

Bruno walks by and Stella checks him out. He has decent traits so she begins to get to know him. He isn’t employed so after becoming friends she suggests he get a job. He is thinking about it.

In the meantime, Alan wanders by and he is a Scientist. Level 5! Stella goes through the process for getting to know him and having deep conversations. His traits a little more work but still decent, and he has a JOB!.

They do some flirting and before he leaves they have decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Woo!

Stella moves out and Harper immediately gets pregnant. Go figure.

And the next day she is not pregnant, which means there is a new baby at home. A little girl named Gracelyn.

Alan comes over to visit and during their time together their relationship completely resets back to zero. Stella begins to work on building it back up again. But I am pretty irritated.

Then, I notice the glow around Alan. Dammit, he is an alien and he removed her memory of him.

Then he rejects her romantic conversation and she sends him home.

OMG. She invited Oswaldo over and works on him a bit but they have Bad Compatibility so she sends him home. Then she tries Bruno once more time but he decides to head home since it is late so tomorrow she will start again. Apparently her first round of potentials sucks.

Stella is struggling and so am I. She should already be married with a baby and here she is making candles in the dark. I also realized that the vampires are taking over the world. It is time to do some culling I do believe.

For Love Day, Stella invites Bruno over and they have a very nice day.

Very, very nice. Bruno invites himself to move in and Stella agrees to let him. That takes care of who the baby daddy is going to be.

There is woohoo and then there is a pregnancy. Stella thinks that they should go ahead and get married because the only way Bruno is leaving now is when he dies.

After tracking down strawberries, Stella proposes to Bruno.

A quick elopement and a baby on the way. Now she is making progress. She almost has all of her requirements done but there are several things that the heir will be wanting to completed before moving to a new house. Bruno and Stella Harjo. Bruno is a son of Ava Harjo, a premade sim included with High School Years.

Stella continues working through her requirements and realizes that the Freelancer career does not have any levels so she technically can’t complete that career. Instead she is going to count it completed once she has mastered all skills available to the SIMply Crafted agency – Fabrication and Juice Fizzing. She will also complete both Master Maker and Lady of the Knits – mastering knitting also. Handiness has been mastered so that would then leave the new nectar making as a skill to work on while the heir grows up.


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