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The past few weeks have been way too full of real life and I am working to get back into playing regularly. Without stress or anxiety or too many expectations.

Stella has completely most of her requirements for the house and is now working on optional requirements while she awaits the birth of the next heir. One requirement remaining is to catch a Batfish. She heads over to the Grotto, which is somewhere my sims go very infrequently. Of course she has never fished before so before she can catch the Batfish, she has to level up her fishing skill. One good thing about the Grotto is the toilet sitting inside the cave. She fishes, pees, fishes, pees, and then finally goes home. Still no Batfish.

The house is expanding and is no longer 64×64. In fact, it has expanded enough that it is now a Regular Residential and not a Tiny Home Residential.

It is time for baby. The last picture was taken before the nursery was added, but here Stella is giving birth in the new nursery and ready to get this baby born.

After the birth of Heidi, she shows her off to Bruno. Newborn daughter meet baby daddy.

Stella is spending a lot of time fabricating furniture for the house and everything she can fabricate finds a spot inside. There are several rooms that can not be fabricated or made on the woodworking table so those are bought through normal channels. Bruno is uncontrollable and he rarely sleeps at the same time as Stella. He has a job at least and even has earned a promotion. I don’t remember what at the moment. Stella spends most of her time fabricating or making candles. She is trying to complete the Master Maker aspiration and needs to make 20 candles and complete 5 gigs. So of course she is taking the candle making gigs and should be done with it in a day or two. Then she will have to master juice fizzing. The Freelancer career is now showing career levels so she is going to assume she has reached the top when all gigs are open and unlocked for her.

It is time for newborn Heidi to become infant Heidi. She is Wiggly so this will be fun.

Heidi is controllable so she is able to get Bruno to help her out, play with her, feed and change her, and even manages some tummy time.

Heidi quickly picks up several traits showing that she is Gassy, Loves Being Held, and is a Self-Soother. Bruno is the more hands-on caregiver as Stella is busy fabricating and juice fizzing and repairing crap.

Stella also builds them a bath tub with the woodworking table and Heidi needs it all the time. She ends up having so many baths.

She is a naturally stinky girl, especially probably because she is so gassy.

Bruno is either working or taking care of his girl.

Heidi learns to crawl and spreads her gassy ways around the house.

Stella has finally completed the Master Maker aspiration. She switches to the Lady of the Knits and begins working on knitting. She has mastered fabrication and juice fizzing so it is time to work on just knitting.

Heidi has a lot of quality tummy time and she learns to pull herself up, although she still gets frustrated and tired so quickly.

And then suddenly she is a Clingy toddler. I missed that, so one moment she was an infant wiggling to the music and then suddenly she is a toddler dancing to the music.

Bruno heads to work so Stella takes a break to put Heidi down for her first night as a toddler, with a bedtime story. I just checked and she received the Top Notch Infant when she aged up and immediately decided she Loves Water. Now, no matter whether she is tired or hungry, she always asks for a bath instead.

While Stella works on her knitting, Heidi works on her toddler skills. She has mastered the potty and communication, level 3 in movement and imagination, and level 1 at thinking.

Stella has almost completed the Lady of the Knits aspiration. She only has to knit 6 more excellent or better knittables. Oh no, that is tier 3. After that she has to donate 5 knitted items to charity and complete 5 legendary knittables. She has already mastered knitting as a skill.

I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures while Stella knits and Heidi masters her skills. But Heidi has mastered all of her skills now – she is a Top Notch Toddler. She is a sad toddler since Simon died.

As for Stella, since she moved out Harper has been adding to the family. Simon died recently leaving an elderly Harper with three young daughters. Gracelyn is a child, Azra is a toddler, and Karissa is an infant.

With her skills mastered, Heidi is allowed to choose her own activities. She spends a lot of time playing in the toilet but she will be growing out of that stage in a few days. In the meantime, she continues to depend on Bruno for her daily caregiving. Stella is finally on her last tier of the Lady of the Knits aspiration. Now she has to knit five legendary items and then she has to teach someone else to knit.

Stella is still working on the legendary knitted items. It is really slow going as she gets one legendary out of every 5-6 items she makes.

It is New Skill Day so they both go to the Grotto for some fishing. Stella gets gold but Bruno doesn’t. Whatever.

Either way, Stella finally catches the Batfish and checks off another requirement. Her only remaining tasks are to complete Lady of the Knits and raise Heidi to Young Adult

Today is the last day Heidi will be a toddler. She has mastered everything and will become a Top Notch Toddler in a few minutes.

She had gone out to play with her dolls when Stella baked the birthday cake. She also wasn’t happy when Stella took her back inside. At least until she saw the cake. Then she was happy.

Stella needs two more legendary items but teaching Heidi to knit is completed. Now the focus really moves to Heidi – she joins the scouts and will be working to complete all the badges, and at least one aspiration.


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