Evergreen d’la Reine, Chapter 1

Here we go again, our second attempt. The last attempt failed due to the lack of death potential for Clement. As Father Winter, he is immune to death even after he retires and marries and is no longer Father Winter. So the dynasty is starting over. The founder this time will be Clover Evergreen. She is going to follow a similar path as Apple – starting with Jungle Explorer. But she is going to do the gardening and fishing instead of the cooking. She will be mastering Gardening, Fishing, and Archaeology. Her aspirations will be Jungle Explorer and then Angling Ace.

This time, instead of moving to Henford-on-Bagley, she will be starting off in Tartosa. She kicks out the existing family and bulldozes the lot. This will be my first time playing in Tartosa but it is a pretty place. My son helped me with some of the choices, including the name of the challenge. I believe it means The Queen’s Evergreen in French.

Clover checks out her new property, reduces her funds to §10,000, and then heads off to Selvadorada. Last time, I got a little panicky with the deadlines and then Apple finished up several weeks early. This time Clover is going to take her time. She will get into a rush once she becomes an Adult.

That means she is going to spend the first day hanging out in the market square buying everything that is for sale. She is also going to master Selvadoradian Culture. She won’t even head into the jungle until she has her supplies. Miguel is rocking that beard.

Clement shows up once again in the jungle. He is the reason the dynasty had to be restarted. Just wave from a distance and slowly back away.

While Clover is waiting for new items to show up on the table, she heads down to do a little fishing.

She masters the Selvadoradian Culture and gains access to the secret supplies and menus. She is almost ready to head into the jungle, but not quite.

The list of jungle supplies available for my reference:

  • Grilled Cheese ready to eat
  • Waterfall in a Bottle
  • Liquid Rush
  • Jungle Machete
  • Ancient Bone Dust
  • Faraday Fizz
  • Plasma Bat Bait
  • Dr Parker’s Spider Repellent
  • Drake’s Fire Quencher
  • Lightning Insulation Powder
  • Fire Foam
  • Guzmania Pollenis Flower

Since Clover is still missing several jungle supplies, she gets some fishing done and then heads for bed. For her first unique reward trait, she purchases Waterproof Sim. She also has the Geek, Cheerful, and Loves Outdoors traits, along with the Collector trait from her aspiration.

Clover finally heads into the jungle. She has everything except the flower.

Of course, of the six clearings, she needed the flower for three of them.

She also stops to excavate as she goes. She is not going to rush through. This is a reminder to myself.

I read that the pool here gives an energetic feeling, and it did. But, it didn’t really last long.

Final chest in the temple, and Clover is finished with her first run.

With just a few hours remaining of her vacation, Clover spends time improving her needs. She eats, showers, pees, and socializes.

She even uncovers an artifact for the Archaeology Scholar aspiration which she is not including in her two unique aspirations.

The vacation finally ended – three days long. Of course it was not a high value trip as she only picks up one perereca. Returning home resets the temple faster than hanging around for 24-48 hours. So she will be returning immediately to Selvadorada.

Another list for my reference … relics

  • Bala-Chaos (Blessing of New Relationships)
  • Bala-Watcher (Blessing of Wealth)
  • Bala-Death (Blessing of Skeletal Transmogrification)
  • Zaza-Chaos (Curse of Greedy Needs)
  • Zaza-Death (Marked for Death)
  • Zaza-Watcher (Curse of the Personal Raincloud)
  • Tote-Watcher (Curse of the Ancients)
  • Tote-Chaos (Curse of the Food Mirage)
  • Tote-Death (Blessing of the Skeleton Assistant)

Before heading back to the jungle, Clover plants a single emotions tree. She has to start somewhere, and it was a want to fulfill. No matter which emotion berry you plant, the tree will produce them all.

And she is back in the jungle.

Always spiders. It is always spiders. Well not always, there are also bees and poison darts. And bats.

Clover runs into a different Miguel and they are feeling very flirty. He is even still feeling things out so he is open to a relationship with Clover.

Clover is feeling frisky. Miguel is appreciative of the view.

Miguel, come back!

During this run to the temple, Clover receives the Blessing of Bones, or whatever it is called. She has a few hours (8, 12?) before her needs kick back in.

A little fishing for some reason. She might have wanted to catch a fish. She is working on getting her wants fulfilled for the requirements early so I can ignore them until the next generation comes along.

Miguel catches up with Clover at the temple. She is finished and is heading out. He is feeling chatty.

She has also been poisoned, but Miguel has a handy antidote in his pocket. She carries ancient bone dust around with her just for cases like this.

Lots more flirting.

There is a first kiss.

And Clover is home. She doesn’t want to sleep in a tent, so she buys an air mattress.

Miguel shows up at the same time as the mail delivery. This is the only time she ever sees the mail delivery sim.

They get down to business. Today is Love Day and she is going to have a good day. By the way, Miguel initiated this kiss.

They have a date, which will be Clover’s first event.

And it is gold. They are dating now and he will be the first spouse.

So, when I realized I had to start over, I spent several days trying to get the dynasty going. Finally, this is the one that is working for me. I am having fun, Clover is doing the things. And we both like Miguel, although his traits will be fun – Music Lover, Lactose Intolerant, and Maker. But he won’t be moving in until Clover is done with the jungle.

Clover completes a relic. She is going to only use rare refined crystals, especially on the gold relics.

Back to the jungle. She never has dressed appropriately, but she is cute.

I forget what this was about – obviously she came through one of the clearings but I don’t remember why I took the picture.

Another temple completed.

She has a lot of items but almost none of the flowers, and she needs the flowers. So, she cleans off the table trying to trigger new items. It really doesn’t work, but she keeps trying. Eventually she will sell the crap in her inventory.

More woohoo to build that social and fun need.

Miguel is heading home.

Clover is working on both Jungle Explorer and Archaeology Scholar.

And, Angling Ace and Freelance Botanist. She is a busy girl.

Sorry, that is not an angelfish. But it matches her pajamas.

This is a Cowplant Berry.

And, there is the first Angelfish of the dynasty.

The picture was just sitting there and Clover was able to pick it up. She might hang it up once she has walls, or she might just sell it for the money.

Clover sent off two rare crystals and she still hasn’t received them back. She waits at home for two days and never receives any mail.

She finally made another trip to the jungle and took zero pictures. Now she is home and her archaeology skill is high enough that she can refine her own damn crystals.

This is her second golden relic and this one will kill. Which is an excellent place to stop for now.


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