Evergreen d’la Reine, Chapter 2

Clover received a Blessing of the Sun on her last run through the jungle.

She invites Miguel over and pops the question. He is excited to accept.

This is the missing mail carrier. He walked right by her place without even stopping.

Back to the jungle, Clover is surveying for an archaeological dig.

She finds one in the back and sets it up for excavation.

Then she sets up several more to move the aspiration along.

Bats this time, but she mostly has bees, which use up all the flowers she had in her inventory.

Another excavation.

Then there is fire. This is the third time she sets herself on fire this run.

She was poisoned towards the end. She is trying to find someone with an antidote, but she is also exhausted and starving.

Not sure what he did but Nina is pissed off. I think that was Nina, didn’t check.

Brytani Cho is in town and she is distracting everyone. It takes forever to get the merchants back to the table so Clover can buy their wares.

Where the F are you going?!? She is literally following Brytani without anything in her queue.

She tries to show respect but that doesn’t cure her poisoning. I thought it would but can’t find confirmation.

She heads back to the cabin to get some sleep and have a shower. The poisoning progresses so she wasn’t able to fight it off. That means she has to get some antidote.

Finally. And that is a Nina lookalike.

Back home, it is Spring Eggstravaganza, so the Flower Bunny makes an appearance. Clover collects some eggs, which she will be selling to fund her new house.

Her social is completely tanked so she chats with a stranger for a little while.

Then it is time to work on one of her aspirations. She is at a stopping point on the Jungle Explorer, only needing to use the relic five times. So she is going to work on Archaeology Scholar for a level, then back to one of the others. I just realized it is the end of week 2, her birthday is in 10 days, and she needs to get busy. The hard part will be the career promotions as everything else is just about done.

Of course, it wasn’t very long before Clover was back in the jungle. She invited Miguel to come along, although they spent no time together.


Clover received Blessing of something. I really should take notes, but she is so close to being done.

I take it back. Miguel tracked her down at one point but he didn’t stay very long.

Clover finishes exploring the temple and heads home. She left Miguel in the jungle.

When she immediately returned, she had to choose a different house to stay in because Miguel was still in the little house and it wouldn’t let her join him.

This is a nice house. And, it is not much more expensive than the little one.

Last time. I mean it this time.

Back home and it is time to begin selling the items in her inventory.

As night falls, she invites Miguel over for a quiet celebration.

They exchange their vows in the moonlight.

Miguel moves in and now it is time to build a house.

Miguel is heading to bed while Clover heads to pee.

The dynasty lot before the house is built.

They have the beginnings of a house. I suck at building so the house will suck, but it is a start.

The flag is up. She has finally received mail.

And it was the rare refined crystals she had ordered. It only took a week to be delivered.

Miguel better like pink because there is a lot of pink in this room. He takes a job in the Education career and begins working in preparation of his first day.

Clover takes her position in the Gardening career. She is a week from her Adult birthday and it is time to focus on the ambrosia. She has the tasks of collecting the angel fish and the death flower. Her daughter, which still needs to be conceived, will be responsible for the homestyle and gourmet cooking. So someone needs to get busy.

Clover decides to spend quite a lot on her bed, but it is a good bed, a pretty bed.

Then she spends the day trying to sell her items in a yard sale. It takes all day but she finally sells the two duplicate pererecas. Plus a lot of the dolls. She still has one calendar plate to sell plus a bunch of other items. Tomorrow she starts her new job.

Another house picture as the nursery has been added. No, they aren’t pregnant. Yet.

Dinner in the bedroom when there is a perfectly good kitchen table available.

Close, not quite, but close.

Clover still needs to use the relics five times to complete the Jungle Explorer aspiration.

She remembers the crickets, which they have to keep since there is a NAP in place. That NAP might just get rescinded next week.

She loves working remote. She completes her work task and then goes fishing.

She uses the Blessing of Wealth on Miguel, the Blessing of New Friends on a random stranger, and then the Blessing of Wealth on herself. Two more times and the first aspiration will be completed.

A second angelfish has joined the tank. Of course she is far away from the death flower and she needs to bring the next generation in so they can do the cooking before she dies.

Miguel comes home from work and works the table a little while.

Then it is time to grade homework before bed. And there are now four angelfish in the tank.

Now, she is pregnant.

She gives Miguel the good news and he is “thrilled”.

She needs strawberries so that the baby will be a girl, so she finds out that you can BUY strawberries at the food stand in San Myshuno. She stocks up.

Back home it is Harvestfest. Well, it was Harvestfest in the city, but now she is back home. They appease the gnomes, decorate the house, and call it a holiday. She doesn’t end it early because she wants the seed packs from the gnomes.

Her line of strawberries to eat. I have no idea how many she has to eat, but here we go.

After eating her strawberries, she plants one, and one only, of each item she picked up at the food stand and from the gnomes.

Miguel heads to bed while Clover refines her rare crystals. She fuses her relics and adds the crystals, and she has a lot of the Zaza-Death totems. Way more than she will ever need.


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