Evergreen d’la Reine, Chapter 3

Clover sets up her display of Selvadordian Treasures. She hasn’t built the museum yet, so this will suffice for now. Her value is §74,491.

She is already huge and she has the day off. So, she heads out to work on the growing garden – one of each plant she has collected so far. She also takes care of the crickets.

Inside, she uses the relic for the fifth time. It shatters but she completes her first aspiration. Jungle Explorer – done.

Since she has the day off, she begins to work in earnest on Angling Ace. She is only level 6, so she has to master the skill. She also begins the day with 12/20 unique types of fish.

She ends the day with 18/20 types of fish and heads home.

Miguel was promoted today so that is good. They wind down their day and head to bed.

Clover is still trying to sell everything she collected during her travels.

She finally pulls everything from the table and puts out the two remaining treasures.

Once those are sold, then she begins to slowly add other items to the table. They have a good nest egg so things should be decent for them financially for awhile.

Back to fishing. Clover is bouncing around different places for the variety in scenery.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet are the Maxis-made buildings that were added to the worlds. Chez Llama was added to Magnolia Promenade while Perfect Balance Spa and Lost Gardens of Healing were added to Newcrest. The Lost Gardens can be seen in the background of this picture.

Hmm, piles of sand and now Clover has a collection of bottles.

It is baby time…

And it is a girl – named Cricket. But the green skin is already lost.

Back to fishing, Clover finally catches her 20 unique types of fish. Now she just has to master the skill. She is currently at level 7.

Back home, Miguel is taking care of Cricket so Clover can focus on her skills and garden.

And archaeology. She is almost to level 10 so this will probably be her first skill mastered.

The garden is looking good. She is up to level 5 but will need level 10 in order to buy and plant the death flower. Since it is currently winter, she has 4 weeks since the death flower will only grow in the winter.

Clover masters Archaeology so that is her first skill.

A late night dinner as they share their day before bedtime.

It is time for Cricket to become a toddler. Red hair? Hmm…

Cricket gets her first trip to the potty, and then a second one, so now she can go by herself.

Clover reads her a story and then puts her to bed.

She doesn’t stay long though because she is hungry.

A thunderstorm rolled in and I was worried about lightning striking one of her treasures, so they were moved into the house for now. She still has to decide how and where to put the museum. It might end up being in the basement, or maybe it will be on the top floor of the house. She is still thinking about her options.

Winterfest ends early because they have things to do. Miguel is still working the yard sale.

Cricket is working on communications.

Clover is trying to complete the Archaeology aspiration. It looks like that will be her second aspiration rather than fishing or gardening.

Cricket gets some time on the slide in the thunderstorm. She ran back into the house between every slide.

Miguel needs to end the yard sale and get back into the house before he is struck by lightning.

That’s better.

Cricket has mastered communication. One down, four to go.

Clover just needs a successful lecture and a good skill book.

Miguel is responsible for getting Cricket to bed because Clover is writing her book.

It is a POOR book so she will have to write another one.

Someone came over to visit and baked them a cake then left. Perfect timing since today is Clover’s birthday.

Miguel is having a rough morning and two-handed drinking – milk and orange juice. He is a teacher so that is as strong as he can drink in the morning.

Grouchy baby wakes up.

Cricket might be grouchy but she just mastered the potty.

Then she masters movement.

Clover is trying to write a good archaeology book one more time.

While Cricket is outside making messes. This is really a fast way to level imagination in toddlers.

It is done. The book is Excellent and Clover has completed her second aspiration. She needs to reach the top of her career, master two more skills, have four gold parties, and six good friends. Of course Cricket has to become a teen or older and master homestyle and gourmet cooking so she can make the ambrosia before Clover dies.

Imagination is coming along nicely but someone is exhausted and wants to sleep.

Being read to is also a good way to level imagination and when they have a story before bedtime they are less prone to nightmares.

Clover finally begins to bubble and it is time to blow out the candles. She has 33 days as an Adult, so there should be plenty of time for Cricket to learn how to make ambrosia.

Every single plumbing item in the house broke at the same time. Miguel hates repairing anything. They tried to hire a repairman but he just stood at the door and said everything looked good to him.

Clover is trying to find some plants to take cuttings and she brings Miguel and Cricket along. Unfortunately, it is winter.

They go from Brindleton Bay to Sulani.

Cricket and Miguel build sandcastles.

Also a good way to level imagination.

Clover fishes up another level. Level 8 I believe.

Back home they catch up, eat, and head to bed.

Cricket had to put herself to bed because Miguel was being a pain. Of course, she has a nightmare.

She was a hair from mastering imagination so she plays with her doll to get that done. Only thinking remaining.

Today is New Year’s Eve so Cricket plays with the tablet while Clover and Miguel watch the celebration on television. Is this only the end of the first year? Feels like it has been a lot longer.

Oh looky, Count has stopped by to wish them a Happy New Year.


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