Evergreen d’la Reine, Chapter 4

Clover is making a fruitcake to leave out for Cricket. It will jazz her up, but she is Wild to begin with, so what is a little more energy. Cricket is watching since that is her last skill to master.

And Cricket is a Top-Notch Toddler. All of her skills are mastered and she just has to wait out the days until her birthday.

Toddler-life. Cricket asked for a hug but then got angry when Miguel hugged her.

Miguel is working the yard sale again and Cricket is angry that she has to sit out here with him. She is still angry about the hug earlier.

But then she is over it. She put herself to bed for a late afternoon nap and when she woke up to pee Miguel was there with the flash cards. She isn’t gaining skill but he is gaining Parenting.

Yes she did. Clover is on the last tier of the gardening aspiration and she had three cowplant seeds, so she planted all three of them.

Cranky toddler eating spicy food for breakfast.

Crying toddler is still hurt by the hug Miguel tried to give her. This is a long lasting hurt, apparently, because it doesn’t look like it is going away.

Clover is working the garden while Cricket watches. Today is Monday which means Miguel is at work.

Clover’s task today is to analyze a plant sample, which means she needs a microscope. She builds an underground room, puts a fence around it, and moves the cowplants to act as guards.

Miguel got a promotion. That completes his New Year’s resolution.

Cricket needed a bath and Miguel is the giving it to her. She is still hurt. It is almost her birthday and I still haven’t figured out how to repair the hurt.

Miguel does what he can to improve the sentiments between them. He adores her, she is still hurt.

Clover is working on logic for her next promotion, even though she really needs to master gardening so she can begin growing death flowers.

Cricket is running wild with no direct supervision.

Cricket finds Clover’s secret workroom but she isn’t impressed and doesn’t stay long.

Chatting while Clover eats.

The stupid NAP inspector is back. The crickets are still alive, so they are good for another week.

It is time for Cricket to blow out her candles.

She rolls Creative and takes the Creativity aspiration. She is going to be the cook so creative is a good choice.

As Cricket heads to the sofa to sleep, I realize it is time to add another bedroom on to the house. And then it is time for makeovers.

The makeover was minor, mostly just hair, and Cricket heads to bed.

Cricket’s new room. She is going with the blues since Clover has the pinks.

Clover needed to be eaten by a cowplant for work. When she got the assignment, the cowplants were still just sprouts. I had no confidence that they would grow up and get hungry before she had to check in with her boss. She just made it with an hour to spare.

Cricket completes her first badge for scouting.

She has to work on her aspiration, her grades, and her scouting. She will be busy.

She even begins to get over her hurt feelings with Miguel. Okay, that was a lie. Apparently she will never get over her hurt feelings unless she spends a lot of time away from him until the sentiment fades.

Miguel decides to eat some cake. This was not my idea.

So, they have Essence of Happiness and Essence of Energy. The next day, Clover has to drink cowplant essence, so she chooses to drink her Happiness. That is such a weird sentence to write.

Cowplant #3 has joined the herd. Be prepared because they will die soon. I don’t have time to keep them alive and keep everyone away.

Instead of doing her homework, Cricket heads out to work on her outdoor badge. This is probably the only time she will be fishing, although as a child she gains mental while she fishes.

I just realized that Gardener/Botanist requires maxed out logic. So now Clover has to master Logic and Gardening. Fishing might drop from her list. She has already collected six angelfish and catches them quickly so she doesn’t actually need to master fishing.

They add on a playroom to the side of the house because there are too many things being added to the house.

Love Day so everyone has to be loving. Surprisingly they all reach gold fairly quickly and I can end the holiday early.

This was before I realized Clover doesn’t need to master fishing.

She acts happy around him but the hurt feelings are growing and she needs to get passed it or I will have to kill him off. No, I won’t since it is against the rules, but I will want to very much.

I gave up on the house. Since Maxis lots are allowed to be downloaded, Clover packed everything up and they bought the Commodious Residence. Some renovations inside, a basement built under the house out back, and the garden replanted. There are only four bedrooms so they will be enjoying that as the household grows. In the end, every bedroom will be shared between two immortals. And yes the Winterfest tree is on the balcony above the door. It is not a true balcony in that no one can access it, so the tree will live there forever and won’t be in anyone’s way in the house.

After spending many hours tweaking the house, it is ready to play.

I love the round chess table. Clover is getting pretty darned tired of working on logic.

She is going back and forth between these two activities.

She is allowed a quick break to tend to the garden and the crickets. Then she is sent back to the chess table before she finally is allowed to go to bed.

Cricket is pissing me off with this resentment she has against Miguel. Of course, he continues to seek her out and doesn’t allow the sentiment to fade. She is also working on her last badge – fitness. The one I really hate for children, but wait, she needs the monkey bars. That should work better than dancing. Maybe.


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