Evergreen d’la Reine, Chapter 5

It really didn’t take long before the cowplant garden became a cowplant cemetery.

It has been a quiet weekend with everyone working on skills for their next promotion or aspirations. Clover finally reaches level 8 in logic. She will still need to master it for her final promotion. Cricket is working on her creativity aspiration.

Trying to keep Miguel away from Cricket has been a chore. He baked himself a birthday cake and then blew out his candles.

Cricket is almost there.

Miguel was sent fishing since he didn’t have any skills to work on at the moment. He hates fishing so he didn’t stay gone long.

He also didn’t get home in time before he had an accident. Of course, he bypassed the bathroom and went for a glass of water first, so there is that.

Cricket cleans up the mess that Miguel left.

She also completes the creativity aspiration. Now to work on her last scouting badge and her A in school.

Just a pretty picture as Clover continues to work on mastering gardening. She is almost there.

Clover has finally mastered gardening. Two skills mastered, one (Logic) to go.

She immediately purchases a total of 20 packs of rare seeds.

She gets one death flower in the first set of 10 and a second death in the second set of 10. She plants them and they should be growing this winter.

Someone is just a little wild with those knives.

Cricket’s wounded sentiment has lost all color so I think it is close to going away.

I have no idea why I took this picture. Maybe because she just got promoted to level 9. Definitely not because she has mastered logic, which she is still at level 8.

Cricket comes home with an A today.

And she completes her last badge in scouts.

Teaching is a hard, hard job. Miguel is way too old to still be teaching. He really needs to die now.

Oh yay. Cricket wakes up in a furry mood. She insists on wearing a bear costume everywhere.

Finally, finally. Cricket has gotten over her resentment towards Miguel for whatever he did to her as a toddler.

Clover is working on logic. It is just about all she does at the moment.

Dude. Grown man. Find the toilet already.

Miguel decides to wear a bear costume also to show support for Cricket’s furry infactuation.

Logic mastered! That is her third skill and the last thing she needs for her last promotion.

Miguel randomly checks out the microscope and picks up a print Clover didn’t have already.

This is how Clover celebrates her final promotion.

As she is going through her inventory, it is time to put the magic beans into play.

It really does make a pretty tree. Portal, I know. But it is a tree. Clover will probably plant the plantsim seed she brought home, but that is for another day.

With three days off from work, it is time to work on the gold medal events. She already has a gold medal date, so today she is going to have a house party. Of course, she planned absolutely nothing in advance, so there is an emergency pizza order.

Surprisingly, at the lamest party possible, she gets a gold medal. They literally bought a wedding cake for the task to eat cake. Thankfully she didn’t have to bake one. But gold is gold, and that is 2/5 gold medal events. This is also why she hasn’t counted her friends yet. They are all old and will probably die before she becomes an elder. Besides friends are easy to make even if they are pains to keep happy.

So, a quick rundown of where we are in the dynasty. Clover has completed everything except for three more gold medal parties and identifying her six good friends. She has 17 days remaining until her Elder birthday.

Cricket has completed everything she can as a child and is two days from her teen birthday. As a teen she will work on her A in school and begin learning to cook. She will be the official Ambrosia maker of the dynasty.

Miguel is an Elder and he is aging normally. I have been watching after the mess Clement made. Miguel is currently 106 days old and he will be allowed to retire today. He made it to level 6 as a Professor and the stress of writing reports and trying to improve Research & Debate is killing me. I can’t just let him suck at work so he will retire and enjoy however many days he has left.

With not much to do, Clover begins to clear out the backlog of artifacts that need to be authenticated. A lot of them are assignments but some are hers.

Miguel officially retires and this makes him very happy. I will now completely ignore him and he is 99% hands-off. Whatever he does, he does on his own.

Clover is still working on cleaning out her inventory. She “sold” the duplicates and put one of each on the shelves. They are literally worth nothing, but they look cool.

Despite the intention for Cricket to be the cook, Clover already has level 8 in cooking. She slipped right on in there.

It is time for a Dinner party and this time she is planning ahead. She hires a caterer to come and stock the fridge before the party starts.

Dinner parties are actually a fast gold medal. Boom, party ended early. This is why she hasn’t counted her friends yet. These are literally the only sims she knows. After the parties she will make friends.

This is the end of the Kava party and I have no idea where her kava bowl went. It was right there on the end of the island. She also knows known of these people. But the Kava party made gold by the skin of someone’s teeth. It was close. One more party to go.

Even though they have a NAP about doing their own repairs, Clover has the Free Services trait so it costs her nothing to hire someone to repair the broken crapper.

Little Ms Responsible. No clue where she found the trash but she is cleaning it up.

Miguel vacuums and vacuums and the house never reaches pristine clean.

It is time for Cricket to blow out some candles. Oh not yet. She has the cake ready but she is waiting on her sparkles.

Dude, seriously?!? Again?!?

There is a fire. But where is the fire?

Oh, interesting.

Yes the attic dormers are on fire and there is literally no way to get up there.

Yes, this is going to be interesting.

Cricket is able to call the fire department. And the fire fighters come.

You would think they would have a ladder or something. The fire is spreading enough to be seen outside of the house. Inside, no one knows there is anything wrong. Since it is in the attic, no one seems to care.


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