Evergreen d’la Reine, Chapter 6

It is finally time for Cricket to blow out her candles. Since no one else is worried about the fire that continues to burn, neither will I worry.

Clover is still working on clearing her bags. There are a lot of artifacts to be authenticated. And, she receives them in the mail and those bring in §4,000 each.

Fire is spreading and dying down finally… Maybe?

Cricket as a teen and she will receive her makeover as soon as we get past the fire.

Fire. It literally takes two sims day before it finally gives up.

Once it is out, a ladder is installed to the dormer, arches are placed into each dormer, and Miguel heads up to check things out. He cleans up the burns and finally the house is pristine. This is a learning point – Commodious Residence and Bust the Dust results in fire in bad, bad places.

Cricket is working on cooking and she is leveling up fast.

I believe she is already level 6 here. She will be able to make ambrosia long before Clover becomes an adult. Now they just need the death flowers to grow and bloom.

Cricket is always so energized. She needs to be inspired instead. She walks around admiring everything possible to no avail.

She will be attempting to complete both Master Chef and Master Mixologist aspirations. While I had plans she would go the Chef route on her career, she will probably end up going Mixologist because of how the aspirations are structured.

There is a line of vampires. Caleb is at the door and the Count is at the street. The family doesn’t even care. Yes, two vampires makes a line.

Clover has made a lot of progress on cleaning out her inventory. She finally finished authenticating the artifacts that needed to be returned and now she is working on her own collection.

Cricket brings home a B. She is not impressed since she started with a B.

It is getting late and they need to stop talking and concentrate on their assignments.

Miguel is 111 days now and should be coming to the end of his time soon. Just waiting on the notification.

I kept trying to send Clover to the garden and I was wondering where the third gnome was. He has her trapped.

Once I moved the gnome she was able to move again. Obviously, it is Harvestfest.

Cricket is sent to do the cooking, although they all reach gold just by being thankful and sharing the spirit.

Cricket masters Cooking and will begin working on Gourmet Cooking next.

Since the meal was made, they all sit down and have a family breakfast.

It is time to end the holiday and remove the gnomes.

Cricket spent all day and mastered Gourmet Cooking before bedtime.

They gather in the living room for some socialization and television.

I believe it is the middle of the night. Miguel hates having a dusty house.

So, my computer shut off and I lost 24 hours of game play. We are now back to Harvestfest morning and Cricket making breakfast. Again.

They are working on gold and then the holiday is ended. I have no interest in doing this twice, and I am already pissed off at having to replay the day. They lost both of Cricket’s mastered skills and Clover was just about done with the artifacts. Miguel also had received his notification to prepare for death.

Okay, cooking mastered. Again. She also remastered gourmet cooking before calling it a night.

Somehow, Clover just completed the Gardening aspiration. She just need two more plants to evolve to excellent which they did but it didn’t update until she went back into the house.

About 3am Friday morning, Cricket remembers that Fridays are exam days and she needs to study.

Clover and Miguel spend one of their last days together. He piddles around the house, sometimes literally, while she is almost done with her backlog of artifacts.

Cricket comes home on Friday with an A, excellent exam grades, and a serious mood swing.

Cricket is invited to a pre-prom gathering, and I sure wish I could have sent her alone. But no, here we are.

Then there is the prom, which is a medal event, although not one that can be scheduled. It is every Saturday night, I believe.

She tried hard to reach gold on the event.

She even found a cute looking guy to drool over.

By the time they were able to slow dance, the party was over. She reached Silver.

Then they headed to the after party. This is not an event, but was kind of weird. When I sent her home, they all left.

Miguel is going to die with a vacuum in his hand.

Cricket is giving me Katie vibes, which means nothing to you and everything to me.

She has the want to eat and learn an experimental meal. For the most part I ignore their wants, but for each immortal starting as a teen I will let them have their seven wants, and then it is back to ignoring them.

Abso-fucking-lutely Not! Geez, leave the parents home alone for a few hours and they start getting stupid ideas.

Stranger came by and weeded the garden and then left.

Cricket is going to be either a mixologist or a chef. So this is not going to work for her.

It is time to tell Miguel “bye”. He was a good first spouse and, most importantly, he understood his assignment in the end – to die.

Of course, Cricket is the one that finds him Sunday morning.

Or maybe that was Monday morning, because she is heading to school now.

Everything broke so Clover hired the handyman. He stood here for hours before he finally realized his assignment. To fix the broken crap.

Back home from school with a friend, and it is project time, then homework time.

Clover is almost done with her backlog. I am so tired of this, so the sooner the better.


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