Evergreen d’la Reine, Chapter 7

Clover and Cricket are struggling through the days after Miguel dies. So much sadness.

Good news though. The death flowers are blooming. There is about a week remaining until Clover becomes an elder, she has one more gold medal party, and she has to make her friends.

Clover waters the death flowers with her tears.

Not yet, but maybe next week. I want Clover done and then I will let Cricket graduate early.

The crickets have finally died off. They still got credit on the NAP inspection so maybe they won’t have to replace them, just have the house on the lot.

Despite appearances, Cricket is not upset. This is the first day the sadness has been gone for both of them. Clover is just about caught up and will only be authenticating the artifacts that come in the mail going forward. She will continue those since that is about §4,000 each time.

It is Winterfest so they are working on achieving a gold level day.

Gold level achieved, inventory is clear. Clover and Cricket spend the afternoon on the couches taking naps.

After they go to bed, Miguel comes out to float around sadly.

The only reason Clover would be on the computer is to write proposals for work. I am ready for her to retire so she can putter around the house for the rest of the dynasty. Of course, she also likes to play video games but I generally don’t let her do so.

Another evening in front of the television.

Clover has been working on finishing up Angling Ace. Might as well since she has an eternity. She caught more angelfish so they added a second tank. Each one will hold six fish, and she is at either eight or ten now.

It is a long walk from the dynasty lot to the only fishing spot in their neighborhood.

She reaches level 9 fishing so there is one more level to go. Once she earns her ambrosia, she will be left to her own control with minimal interference from me. I believe she is only four days from her birthday. She will spend her last weekend having her final gold medal party and making her six good friends.

I routinely get up at 3:30 am and have leftovers for breakfast.

This is where Clover stands with her friendships. She doesn’t even actually know Dylan so she can’t invite him to the party. So, before she can have her last party, she needs to make some friends.

While Clover is going through this thought process, Cricket masters mixology. That means Cricket already has her three skills mastered.

Friends made and the last party is beginning. I realized looking back through the pictures that I took none of the actual friends.

The part was a success, and yes Clover and Cricket has lost a lot of weight. Because we all can lose weight while eating ice cream.

The black and white party was on New Year’s Eve, so once the party ended and everyone left, Clover and Cricket watch the celebration on television. No comment on the fact that Clover and Cricket are actually wearing the same party dress.

That is the end of year 2, I believe. And literally, at 12:01am on the first day of spring, the death flower plants went into hibernation. Clover has also completely completed all of her requirements and will be ready to eat her ambrosia as soon as she is an Elder.

Miguel comes out for the holiday and he and Clover have a celebration of their own. At least with him being a ghost there is no danger of accidentally clicking Try for Baby.

The end of the year and the beginning of the new year. Now to decide how Clover and Cricket are going to spend the last week before Cricket becomes a young adult.


Hogwarts Legacy was released and I was sucked in. I started playing February 7 during early access and I finished playing about six hours ago. I have one last quest to complete on my first character for 100% completion and then there are three other characters (one in each house) that were played through to a certain point for the Steam achievement. I know I am not finished playing but I believe I am through the obsession.

I am also looking forward to the release of Infants and then Growing Together and have decided to end this dynasty attempt. Once Infants are out, I will begin another challenge. Maybe a dynasty, or a legacy, and something else. I haven’t decided. Yet.

Thanks for reading and for continuing to come back each time I begin something new.


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