Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 1

An Immortal Matrilineal Dynasty Begins…

This is the original Sims 4 Immortal Dynasty located at Carl’s Sims Forums. There are many more versions of the Dynasty, all of which are fun to play, none of which I have completed. 🙂

The basic goals are to have an immortal family of eight bloodline sims at the end of the dynasty. There are rules, there are always rules, but today we are going to jump into the story and try to get our founder out of the first day and even the first week.

Founding this dynasty is Apple Evergreen. This is significant as the original Sims 3 dynasty was also an Immortal Dynasty, which I did complete with the Evergreen family. When working out who was going to found the dynasty, I decided to have the Evergreens continue the line. I was looking back at the previous Evergreen Dynasty and realized I completed that one in about two weeks – mid-January to early February 2011. I didn’t tell a story so much as recap the specifics at the end of each generation. This time I am more into the details, so there will be about one update per game week.

I loaded up the game, which had been waiting for me for quite awhile. And then I realized Apple was very unhappy, and she also had skills. So, I must have tested with her at some point.

So, Apple has been remade – she is happy and skill-less and ready to go.

Apple will be starting off as a Jungle Explorer. She is a Cheerful Geek that Loves the Outdoors. After completing the Jungle Explorer she will switch to Master Chef and take a position in the Culinary career. But first things first, she needs to move to her permanent lot.

The Evergreen Queens will be living on Olde Mill Hill in Henford-on-Bagley. She evicts the previous residents and moves into the bulldozed lot. The lot traits are set as Good Schools, Homey, and Natural Well. She changes the lot challenge from Wild Foxes to Simple Living.

With the dynasty lot setup, well established, whatever, it is time for Apple to head off into the jungle. She rents the smallest and cheapest house in Selvadorada and heads off to the market.

She has a couple of things to do before she can actually start exploring. She has to eat a meal, max Selvadoradian Culture (which does not count as one of her maxed skills since it is only five levels), and view the Statue of Madre Cosecha. She also buys out all of the items on the tables and then purchases more machetes from the secret menu.

Damn, it is hot here. Apple needs to change clothes.

Much, much better. Statue viewed, it is finally time to start exploring.

Apple has to clear her first opening and she loses her first machete.

However, she finds her first Gold Perereca for her collection. She will be collecting the Omiscan Treaures for the museum, but she will also be selling the extras, so she has a lot of treasure hunting to do.

It has been so long that I have forgotten the tricks. But, Apple and I are working together to learn them, or at least to remember them after the fact.

The plan isn’t for Apple to become an archaeologist, but treasure is treasure.

She has lost a machete on every clearing. It is a good thing she had eleven when she started her exploration.

It has been a long day and there is a bush that needs to be watered.

There is also an Apple that needs to be revived.

Apple struggled her way through the tomb, but she finally reached the end, picking up another gold perereca. She is exhausted, hungry, and stinky. It is time to return to the house.

She keeps checking for a signal, the geek comes out even in the jungle.

She has a quick shower and heads to bed. Her vacation ends in a few hours and she wants to get some sleep before returning to the empty lot.

Bats in the bathroom. Fitting.

She assembles her first relic and almost completes the third tier of her aspiration. One more natural danger and she will be on the last tier.

She has just enough time to return to the market for food to celebrate surviving the poison dart.

And poof, she is back on the empty lot.

Somewhere along the way, she became friends with Agatha Crumblebottom. She wasn’t planning on moving anyone else in, but Agatha needs a place to stay and she comes with §20,000 so that was an easy decision. Especially as Apple didn’t have to go out of her way to make a friend. And, especially as Agatha is an elder and won’t be around too long. Or not. Agatha rejects her request twice. So, read up on that and she is a special NPC and cannot be made playable without cloning up the game with more Agathas.

Apple invites Sara over and they become best friends. Then Apple heads back off to Selvadorada for round two.

This adventure is not as rough as the previous one, but she does get attacked by bees after she has used up whatever it is that defends against bees.

No sleep – finish tomb. **zzzz**

Twice she goes down.

There is a fire, but no poison.

Finally, she is allowed some naps to give her the strength to finish this tomb.

The treasure is hers. She needs to not only complete the collection, but to pick up duplicates to sell.

Back on her empty lot. Apple is very lonely. And tired. And hungry.

She heads over to her neighbors house, hoping for a meal and some sleep.

She is able to get a shower and a nap, but Cecilia will not let her eat. She needs to find a man.

Apple heads back home and considers her options – try to find a single man or head back to the jungle where she can rent a house with a bed and shower, and a kitchen.

Yep. It was an easy choice.

Back in “her” rented cabin, she has a shower, some food, and a great night of sleep.

She hangs out in the marketplace chatting with the various men, all of whom are married. And then she sees this dude. He sure looks familiar.

She chats him up – it is Love Day so she is working on the holiday traditions.

They get along so well that they are soon kissing in public. Who cares, right?!?

There are roses exchanged.

There are hugs and decisions to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

They even head back to Del Sol Valley for a drink. Although why they didn’t have a drink at the pub right behind them, who knows.

Apple makes a decision and proposes to Clement. Clement Frost if that isn’t obvious enough. Thankfully he accepts and then poofs away.

Apple heads back to Selvadorada where Clement joins her for some festivities.

It is time to head back to the jungle for her third time. She is still feeling pretty loved up and is looking forward to a calm trip.

Chop, chop, chop

More spiders, always the spiders, but she has the spray.

Another tomb completed. She has to run at least one more for the aspiration and still needs to collect a lot of treasures, so she will begin running them fast without a lot of pictures.

After all, she already has her baby daddy on the hook.


Apple was cursed at some point with the Curse of the Food Mirage. She sees food everywhere but can’t eat anything. It appears to be curable if she eats Selvadoradian food, which she will do before heading back into the jungle. And apparently I need to do a better job fulfilling her wants, because now she is angry and tense due to unfilled dreams.

It takes a couple of Selvadoradian meals before the curse is lifted but that is done and now Apple can continue to explore the jungle.

Apple’s fears for her unfulfilled dreams are preventing her from doing anything.

So, she invites Sara to join her so that they can cloud gaze and suddenly Apple is feeling fine again.

After completing her romp through the jungle, she heads home to reset. She invites Clement over and they elope standing on a hillside in shorts and winter wear.

The wedding is complete and the marriage begins. Clement is not an Elder, although he should be. That being said, he was chosen for a reason – lots of simoleons and no wife at home.

It is time to build their house. Apple still needs to head back to the jungle, but week one comes to a close with a spouse and a house. (It is actually Monday evening of week 2, so this update ran a little longer than expected.)


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