Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 2

During the break, Apple and Clement built the beginnings of their dynasty house. It is a great start and even better, Apple doesn’t have to sell her treasures to pay for it. The museum has begun and while there is still a lot to do, it is looking pretty good for a large sprawled out house and farm.

Ambrosia. This paragraph is for me more than you. Apple will be mastering cooking and gourmet cooking. She will also begin working on gardening. The garden will consists of Pomegranates, Orchid, and Death Flowers. They will also need an Angelfish and a Potion of Youth for each serving. They will also have Strawberries since this is a matrilineal dynasty, so all heirs will need to be female. Of course there is also the change in seasons that I will need to worry about. So, many, things.

Clement Frost is the former Father Winter. He gave up his position when he married Apple, but he brought a lot of simoleons with him. The house took half of it. Clement is a Cheerful, Good, and Childish sim with the aspiration to become a Friend of the World. We will not be working on his aspiration but he is a good addition to the household with level 10 skills in Baking, Charisma, Handiness, Parenting, and Singing.

He had to have a makeover because he cannot continue to live in the Winter robe.

One thing about the lot challenge Simple Living, they have to have ingredients before they can make anything. So, Apple calls for a delivery and stocks up the fridge. They have a spot for either a llama or cow and also for chickens, but they have not added them to the household yet.

Apple still needs one more item for the museum, so she makes a fast trip back to Selvadorada. She picks up two more frogs and an interesting blessing.

Apple has completed her portion of the museum, although I expect at some point there will be a portrait painted.

Time for Apple to begin learning to cook. I haven’t decided what to do with Clement yet. He will probably get to take care of the animals and cleaning the house and taking care of the next generation. But for now, he is just in the way.

This second week was spent mostly getting things going on the requirements for Ambrosia.

Apple is still working on the last requirement for Jungle Explorer so she is refining a rare crystal to insert into the golden relic.

While Apple is doing her thing, Clement is greeting Agatha, who is really thinking he needs to put some clothes on.

Apple uses the relic, which brings “great wealth”. Or §500 with residuals over a few days. She has to use it five times and there is about a 12 hour cooldown, or something like that.

Gimme the money.

Cecilia comes over and becomes Apple’s third good friend.

Clement has found a purpose. He has level 10 handiness so he will spend his time upgrading everything in the house.

Apple has an idea and requests for a gardener to come over and check out the garden. She is thinking a gardener would have level 10 in gardening which would unlock the rare seed packs which have a chance to have death flower seeds in them.

While she is waiting, because he is coming at 9am in the morning, after she leaves for work, she begins cooking and cooking and cooking. She masters homestyle cooking and then switches to gourmet cooking.

Clement remembers that someone bought them a bunch of farm animals. Farm animals that are threatening to run away. Clean the shed, clean the cow, milk the cow, feed the cow. He ends up trading half of the chickens away. Maybe that will help.

Apple takes the day off and is waiting for the gardener. She had the idea to ask him to move in to unlock the seed packs.

But the dude is weird. She changes her mind. She will do this another way.

The week ends with gourmet cooking mastered. Now she can focus on promotions and gardening. She had to attend a lifestyle class to get over her love for frequent traveling, since she is done traveling. And I am really not liking wants and fears as they are way too intrusive.


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