Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 3

This week is starting off a little slow as I remember how to play for a challenge. Clement is kept busy around the house but his wants are about making money so he sells a couple of things to delay the inevitable, but eventually he takes a parttime job as a fisherman. If he is going to work, maybe he can do something useful, like bring home fish to eat.

Apple is working on improving her gardening skill. She gets it up to level 7 and unlocks the uncommon seed packs. This should give her access to the strawberry plants. Those she doesn’t have to grow on her own – she can eat the seeds from the pack – if she ever gets pregnant.

They try daily for the pregnancy but nothing has happened yet. This weekend they will spend the day in bed until it happens.

Just a picture to show the colorful living area of the house. My mother would puke, my husband would divorce me, but I love it.

The last use of the relic to complete Jungle Explorer. Apple can now begin working on Master Chef, her second aspiration. She has also purchased her four unique rewards: Frugal, Free Services, Stoves and Grill Master, and Inspired Explorer. She has 3/6 Good Friends and has completed 5/7 Unique Wants. She will also be working on parties this weekend as she needs a Silver Dinner party for her aspiration.

Who tF are you?

What tF is this? Seriously?!? I checked it out and it is from High School. Just what my sims need – body hair that keeps coming back. I might have to rename this dynasty the Evergreen Hairy Dynasty.

Apple does the thing and heads to the shower to shave her arms and legs.

Finally there is a positive pregnancy test. I was beginning to wonder.

She lets Clement know that he has done his duty and provided the heir for the next generation. Now, I really wish he was an Elder, but at least he is an Adult, so one lifestage older than Apple.

Apple heads outside to tend the garden, and wow, a pregnant sim is spraying poison on the bugs. Great decision there.

Apple finally has some strawberries to eat. Hopefully it is enough to guarantee a baby girl.

Seriously, it has been a long time since I have played. Clement went off to be a fisherman with absolutely zero skill in fishing. And I was wondering why he wasn’t getting promoted.

So, Clement spends the day fishing. He finishes at almost level 4 so his next promotion should be good now.

Apple comes home from work and has been sick since she found out she was pregnant. She pukes all the time.

Literally, she puked three times in this toilet alone while waiting on Clement to come home and repair and clean it. She tried to clean it and puked again. Reality right there.

Today is Harvestfest and I realize that the carpet is going to have to go – because I can’t see the seed packs they are dropping. >.<

I could have sworn that I changed his clothes. All of the outfits. Whatever, he can wander around in the bathrobe for the rest of his sim life.

With their traditions completed, Clement heads out to the pond to do some more fishing. He is going to have to leave the area for the aspiration as he changed to Angling Ace but not until this weekend. He spent way too much time at the pond and misjudged how long it would take to get home. A quick shower and bedtime and the holiday is over.

Clement traded off all of the farm animals and is making friends with the rabbit instead. Much less work.

Maybe he will add a rabbit stump to the garden this weekend.

With an evening shift, Apple and Clement head off to find some different fishing spots. Apple doesn’t fish for long because she has to go to work. She forgot to take family leave until it was too late.

With Apple gone, Clement locates a third fishing spot before heading home for some sleep. He is going to need it.

It is baby time and crossing the fingers that it is the girl the strawberries promised.

It is a girl. Calla Evergreen is the second generation of the dynasty. I haven’t yet decided for sure what her path will be, but it will be decided early.

Clement can finally use his level 10 parenting skill. He will be the primary caregiver although Apple makes sure that she also gets to spend time with Calla.

Okay. He brought a present for Clement. It is a pizza which is a very good present.

Apple has reached level 10 in gardening so she can purchase the rare plant seeds. She spends §20,000 on seed packs and ends up with two death flower seeds, which she plants.

It finally dawned on me that the plants can come inside. She also brings the strawberry plant inside and removes all of the outdoor plants. Life just got much simpler. She adds two pots for the dragonfruit seeds and sets those up in the other hallway. Now to start collecting angelfish. Hmmm.

One of the other items in the rare seed packs are these plantsim beans. In her first run through the rare packs, she obtained four different beans with two remaining. She sets up the tree stump in preparation of whenever she gets the last two beans.

She also completes her collection of relics, complete with refined crystal s. Weird how it says she doesn’t own the relics any more.

Clement continues to upgrade his way around the house. He has to take many breaks to take care of Calla. This is a shorter update, but it is now Calla’s birthday so the next update will be longer because there are so many things to see when a toddler is in the house.


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