Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 4

Welcome back and today is Calla’s birthday. Yay, toddlers. To start things off, Calla gets an actual room. You might not have noticed but as an infant Calla was sleeping in the hallway. While deciding where to put her as a toddler, I realized that the hallway was perfect to make into a room, so here is the baby/toddler room. As a child, each generation will move into their permanent room. Please don’t let there ever be any twins, or surprise babies.

Apple helps Calla with her birthday and isn’t she a cutie.

An ornery, obstinate cutie.

She is getting her first taste of potty training and she isn’t liking it any. But, she reaches level 2 and now can be directed to go without an adult.

Then it is time to eat. Pizza for her first solid meal. Solid plan.

She spends a couple of hours with the stuffed animal learning to communicate.

Communication mastered.

Exhausted and ready for bed, we encounter the problem with two adults in the house. They are both queueing up actions to check on her and to read her to sleep. Apple was supposed to do it but Clement stomped on her queue and took over.

Unfortunately, Apple still had to read her to sleep also. Waking her up in order to read her to sleep. Calla is so over this and please just go away.

It has been a few weeks since I have played thanks to the holidays and a respiratory virus. I am feeling better although still wiped out quickly. Thankfully I don’t have to get up early in the morning to go fishing.

Calla helps herself to apple pie for breakfast. Apple is still sleeping.

After finishing her breakfast, Calla begins working on her skills again. She mastered Communication yesterday so today she is working on her Movement skill.

Apple plans her first party – a dinner party. She needs silver for her aspiration and gold for the challenge. Calla dresses up and she definitely dressed herself today.

The dinner party reaches gold quickly so Apple ends it early and sends everyone home.

They are quickly spending all of the simoleons that Clement brought into the household. If it continues, Apple will need to make another trip to the jungle for some quick cash. But the kitchen is looking much better now.

Calla finally gets something to eat between parties.

So, I am really not liking this. I believe there is a CAS option to stop the hair growth, but not sure if I can get to it without cheating. Research is needed.

Calla finishes up her movement skill while Apple watches.

She still needs some wardrobe planning, but maybe later. There is so much to do at the moment.

Apple made some Taste of Diet ice cream and I really wish it were that easy.

With another party required for her aspiration, Apple plans a House Party. She has to cook three gourmet meals and they reach gold by the time she is done. The party is ended early and it is time for bed.

Except I didn’t look at the clock and sent Calla to the potty to try to master it tonight. She does so that only leaves Imagination and Thinking.

For some reason, Clement can’t take her to bed and he can’t read to her. So she passes out on the floor and he waddles off to pee and go to bed. Calla ends up putting herself to bed once she wakes up.

Because they aren’t running out of money fast enough, Apple spends §50,000 on rare seed packets. She completes the beans collection and will water the tree later.

She also rebuilds the garden area. Apparently the neighborhood plan includes Green Gardening and they are out of compliance since they moved the plants inside. Instead of going for the plants though, she adds two bee houses, four insect houses, the scarecrow, and three plots for the death flower, strawberries, and whatever else she decides to grow. Currently it is the dragon fruit but she will probably swap it out for something that grows year round.

She adds each of the insects and crosses her fingers she receives her discount soon. This house is expensive.

It is also Winterfest time. They spend more simoleons adding a tree for the holiday. Those that know me, know that this tree will remain up year round.

The toy chest and stuffed animal move to the hallway.

And two new Winterfest presents are added. Clement is getting a fish tank and Calla is getting a hamster. Or something. The new garden area is Apple’s Winterfest present.

Now to get through the day, Clement puts on his Santa robes and waits to see who was chosen as his replacement. It is mid afternoon and Apple and Calla are sleeping. They will get up shortly to open presents and wait for Father Winter.

Oh, apparently the hamster cage comes with a hamster. They rename it Skittles.

Clement stocks the fish take with the standard fish. Maybe one day he will stock it with his own? Is that a thing? It should be.

It is time for presents, so they each make their own way over to open them.

They refused to come as a family, so whatever.

I love toddlers. Sims toddlers. I really, really hope they are going to add a stage between the bassinet and the toddler.

Calla is still working on her last two skills.

The new Father Winter has arrived and I think he misunderstood part of the uniform.

Calla gets out of bed to ask for a present.

It takes her several tries before I remember they have to greet Father Winter first, then ask for the present.

Clement and Apple both also receive special presents.

I think it is morning. Calla is starving and stinky but she is enthusiastic about it.

Death flowers are blooming and they are harvesting four per day. I will be sad when the season ends, but they will have a good stash started. If only Clement would catch some angelfish. Knowing he will die, I am trying to decide if Apple is going to master fishing also or if Calla will be the fishersim.

Calla is watching and watching and watching. Thinking is improving quickly.

Oops. Bombardier Beetles. Dangerous.

Calla never even slows down. She is going to bed and don’t get in her way.

Apple survives and collects the meal and flour from the insect farms.

Clement is off fishing again. He finally reaches level 7 at some point. He is a slow learner, I guess.

Apple throws another gold level party – this time it is the Black and White Party.

Once she reaches Gold, she ends the party early and sends everyone home.

Calla really needs to potty and she is trying to decide if she can get to the potty on time or if she should just lay here and use the diaper she is still wearing. She chose the potty and actually made it on time. Potty-trained toddlers are actually pretty good about that. Most of the time.

Imagination is taking so long. I need to remember what the trick was.

Clement comes home from work and Calla stalks outside to say Hi! It is much cuter when they run, but she stalked.

Then she stalks Clement around the house as she watches him for her Thinking.

More books – reading to the toddler is faster than them reading by themselves.

Apple comes home early with a promotion and a birthday. That one snuck up on me. She has four weeks until she becomes an elder. I am just a little anxious.

Calla asks Clement for food and the high chair gets used for the first time.

While Apple catches some sleep, Clement harvests more death flowers and Calla watches.

Akito is a stalker. He calls everyday asking to be Apple’s Best Friend Forever. She says No, and he comes to the house and stands in her bedroom. Dude might have to die.

Clement checks out the scarecrow and receives a scare.

Calla has mastered thinking. Only imagination remains.

Another book.

Finally, Imagination is mastered. That is all Five toddler skills for Calla.

It is New Year’s Eve and Apple comes home with another promotion just in time to watch the ball drop.

Clement and Apple end one year and begin a new one. Hopefully by the end of the next year Apple will be ready to eat Ambrosia as an Elder. Well, close anyways. She has 32 days until she becomes an Elder.


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