Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 5

Thankfully, removing body hair is in the same place as the tattoos so Apple permanently removes her body hair. If only it were that easy for the rest of us. As we start the fifth week of play, Apple tallies up her current progress. She is at level 6 in her career, she has completed 1/2 of her aspirations, 3/5 gold parties, 4/6 good friends.

It is time to focus on fishing as she has the death flowers and potions of youth already. To make this easier, they build a pond out front. Once Clement discovers the angelfish, he will stock the pond with them for the future generations to fish.

Building the pond was probably as hard for me as building the house. But it is done, doesn’t look too awful, and it has swans.

An overhead look at the current dynasty lot. They are definitely living above their income and hopefully they can make enough to pay the bills this week.

Clement realizes the insects need attention and he heads out to take care of them. Thankfully even when they catch on fire, it goes out by itself.

This is the activity I was trying to remember. Making messes builds imagination quickly.

With the insects and the bees taken care of, it is time for some fishing.

I wasn’t going to have Apple come along since she has to work soon, but they all come for the moment. And that turns out to be a really good thing.

Just as Apple is quitting fishing to head to work, she catches an angelfish. This is basically her first time fishing and she catches the fish. Clement is working on getting fishing to level 8 and he still hasn’t caught the angelfish. But the pond can be stocked with angelfish now.

Back home, Calla is miserable but she talks with Clement while he makes her a salad for supper and then everyone goes to bed.

Clement went out to test out the new fishing pond and ended up having to remove some of the bushes from the front edge before it would allow him to fish. Since the fish only has angelfish at the moment, he was able to catch two before leaving for work. This is the first fish pond I have ever built so I am happy enough that it works. While it doesn’t matter about his aspiration, he only needs four types of fish and to master the skill to complete the aspiration.

It is Calla’s birthday but unfortunately, they don’t have the ingredients to make a birthday cake and Apple is heading out for work. Calla spends the morning playing on her tablet.

Forgetting about the birthday cake, Clement heads out to try to catch several new types of fishes.

He tries a second location and manages to get to 19/20. But he has to go home before he can get the last new fish.

Back at the house, Calla is very sad. She had a nightmare and she still hasn’t had her birthday cake.

Apple is making the cake in the kitchen…

…but it is too late. Calla ages up in the hallway on her way to the kitchen.

Calla mastered all five toddler skills but does not earn the Top Notch Toddler trait. Apparently there is a bug. She is Creative and also is Father Winter’s Baby and she takes the Creative aspiration. That works out wonderfully since the replacement Father Winter gave her an art table for Winterfest. Calla will become the family painter and will replace her father as the fishersim of the family. With permission, Top Notch Toddler has also been added to Calla. She gets a quick makeover and takes her very sad self to find Apple.

The best part is that Calla can now take full responsibility for feeding herself.

She finishes eating and then completes her homework. School starts tomorrow.

I accidentally changed my settings to fullscreen so the print screen function only took pictures of a white screen. There are four pictures I will never get back. Apple throws her fourth gold medal party, and Incognito Party this time.

Clement realizes that even though he lost weight by eating ice cream, it has not counted for his New Year’s resolution. So, he goes jogging.

That was really a waste of time as it still hasn’t counted. On top of that, he didn’t make it back to the house in time and had a little accident. He already smelled badly so no one notices.

One of the presents Apple received for Winterfest as a yoga mat, which she spends about 15 minutes doing a sun salutation.

Then it is out to the garden where she plants some more strawberry bushes, two more death flower plants, and two quill plants along with the two dragon fruits.

Calla is heading off to her first day of school. Hopefully she brings home a B.

Despite appearances, Clement isn’t dying, although he might prefer it. While he has reached the top of his career – level 3 Deep Sea Fishing Master, he still needs to master fishing and find one more new fish. He completed Fabulously Wealthy when he moved in so this is his second aspiration. Also, I need some research and apparently Lose Weight is broken for the resolutions. So he is going to be sad in four days since it won’t complete.

Apple needs to make meals for her career performance so she takes up Baking and begins working her way to mastery.

Calla comes home with a B – maybe she will have an A by the end of the week.

Realizing that she needs good friends and a best friend that do not live in the house, Apple becomes BFF with Hilary. That gives her five good friends and one BFF.

They stock the inside fish tank with angelfish. I am so glad this version of the game does not require the fish to be fed to keep them alive. Skittles is struggling because they keep forgetting to feed it.

Calla has made it to the last tier of her aspiration. And I remember that she never joined the scouts. So she will begin working on that tomorrow. Originally I was trying to post one week per update but as the household grows this is going to be harder to do and keep the posts under 1,500 words. So, this update ends here.


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