Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 6

Apple is slowly losing her insects as three of the farms are now empty. She still has both swarms of bees although she totally wouldn’t miss them either.

Clement decides it is time to water the magic beans.

The tree is so pretty.

Clement heads inside to explore the tree and brings home a forbidden fruit of the plantsim. That gets stashed in the chest for now.

With Apple and Calla off to work and school, Clement heads to a new fishing spot and his first fish caught is a new type, completing that portion of his aspiration. Now he only has to master the skill.

Back home from school, Calla has her A and marks that off of the list.

She completes her homework and then works on her creativity skill.

Clement decides on popcorn for dinner, which actually sounds pretty good.

With her membership in Scouts now, Calla can begin earning scout badges. Her first one completed is the scholar one.

Friday is Love Day and Clement and Apple are able to successfully complete the traditions. Nothing worked for Calla so she had a crappy day.

Calla tried by giving a gift to Clement, but no one gave her a gift and that is probably why her day sucked.

Apple receives a promotion to level 8 and completes the Master Chef aspiration. Two more promotions and she will be just about done with her requirements. I believe she still needs one more gold level party.

Even with the sucky holiday, Calla still completed her childhood aspiration. She already has an A in school so now she just needs to complete the scouting requirement.

She gets some fishing in before bedtime and with the arts and crafts badge and the scholar badge, she is now a Unicorn scout.

Apple came so close to her next promotion. She was actually in with the checkmark and at the last minute it dipped down. So she will try again on her next shift.

Another missed birthday – Clement is now an elder.

He calls and negotiates a bonus with his boss.

And then he calls back and retires.

Calla has completed more badges and is now a Pegasus scout.

With all the time on his hands, Clement heads out to master fishing. He isn’t coming home until he has done it.

Apple receives her promotion to level 9. One more to go.

While Apple practices baking, Calla works on the two social badges. Once she completes both, she leaves Apple to her baking.

One more badge and it is the fitness one. I am trying to remember how a child gets that badge. Teens can work out but not children.

Clement has mastered fishing and completed the Angling Ace aspiration.

He leaves the pond with the promise that he is never fishing again.

Since Apple is just about done with her requirements and still has several weeks to go, she is mostly just baking and trying to get her performance up at work. Clement just wanders around doing whatever he wants.

Damn. The hair is back.

While Apple goes to work, Clement is now taking care of the garden and the bees. The insects are all dead and they haven’t replaced them yet.

The household is down to less than §1,000 after paying the bills this week, so Apple sucks it up and heads back to the jungle. She is not happy to be here.

She sold all of her jungle supplies so she is going in without much of anything. She was able to pick up two machetes but without the funds to pay for anything, she is hoping this goes well.

So, of course, she gets cursed and marked for death. She has three days to dispel the curse or she will die.

She makes the run a fast one, no side quests. And it pays off. She picks up three pererecas and two plates. She has one extra perereca at home, so she will be having a yard sale to build their household funds back up.

Before leaving, she stops by the statue at the marketplace and is able to have the curse dispelled.

Now, she is ready to head home. And her 24 hour vacation is not even over yet.

Apple takes a nap and then she sets up for the yard sale. Each piece will sell for §30-40k with the 300% markup.

As she sells the pieces, their household funds reach just over §200,000. Not bad for one day of adventuring.

I also finally realized why their bills are so high. There are nine bathrooms that all have a toilet, tub, shower, and sink. It is time to get Clement back to upgrading everything.

Calla completes her last badge. She has become a Llamacorn Scout and has completed everything she can do as a child. The only remaining item is to get an A as a teen. As a note, generally none of them will complete the University and Degree requirements. I also haven’t played a teen since High School was released, so I have no idea what that will be like yet.

Apple keeps leaving to go to work but it is not her scheduled work shift. Turns out she picked up the Workaholic lifestyle, so she is sent off to Lifestyle Coaching to remove it.

Clement is missing being outside so he and Apple take their pie outside to eat.

This was not my doing. I sent Clement to the park to spend some time outside and he decided to fish for a few minutes.

Apple reaches a point where she can’t make anything so she orders a grocery delivery. I was wondering what was taking so long and then I found him like this. He walked too close to pissed off bees.

Apple is waiting for her last shift and she is expecting to be promoted. This is the last thing she needs to complete to qualify for ambrosia when she becomes an elder.

And it is done. Apple has finished all of her requirements, and will maintain her friendships while she waits for her birthday and her first meal of ambrosia. The focus moves to Calla who will become a teen in a day or three.

  • 1 Career: Culinary, Chef
  • 2 Aspirations: Jungle Explorer and Master Chef
  • 3 Skills Maxed: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Gardening
  • 4 Rewards Bought: Frugal, Free Services, Stoves and Grill Master, and Inspired Explorer
  • 5 Gold Medal Parties: Dinner Party, House Party, Black and White Bash, Incognito Party, and Date
  • 6 Good Friends: Agatha Crumblebottom, Sara Pineda, Cecilia Kang, Akito Yamashiro, Jesminder Bheeda, and BFF Hilary Laurent
  • 7 Wants: Cloudgaze with Sara, Enthuse about the Outdoors, Be Friendly with Clement, Become Focused, Talk to Plant, Look at the Bright Side, and Watch Cooking Show
  • 8 Museum Items: Sevadoradian treasures §75,622


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