Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 7

As a reward for completing her requirements, Apple gets a makeover for her bedroom and bathroom.

While photography doesn’t count as a maxed skill because it is only five levels, Calla went ahead and mastered it since she is going to be the creative one. She will be focusing on painting and fishing.

Skittles the hamster passed on so they are down to the angelfish and the bees.

Clement is slowly, very slowly, working his way through the upgrades. He won’t finish them all but someone will be mastering handiness at some point and will pick up where he left off. He is an Elder now.

Calla needs someone to talk with – she is ready to quit Scouts but doesn’t have the option. She will hopefully be able to quit as a teen.

Clement heads down to the fishing pond to keep her company.

She masters mental but it doesn’t open up fishing, so she will have to wait until she is a teen for that also. Thankfully, she is just over a day away from her birthday.

Clement is focusing on the items that Apple has in their room – he is even doing the one upgrade where they won’t use electricity any more but I guess that doesn’t work unless he actually picks up a power unit.

Clement is very angry about something. Vacuuming doesn’t help but telling himself to look on the brightside makes him feel much better.

I did not realize children could practice yoga. It improves their motor skill but she doesn’t master motor so I didn’t get a chance to see if wellness is unlocked.

Stranger danger. Dude knocked on the front door and then walked around back and came into the house.

Apple spends Sunday teaching Calla manners and conflict resolution. One went much better than the other.

It is Calla’s birthday but she left for school before she could blow out the candles. Calla will be my first teen since High School came out so I don’t even know what to expect.

Clement has completed all upgrades in the living room and kitchen, Apple’s bedroom and bathroom, and the main bathroom. He is now working on the upgrades in Calla’s bathroom.

Calla is home from school. She has a mixture of emotions: Desperate for Fun, Annoying School Day, Exhausted, and Sparkling Clean Surroundings. Wonderful way to blow out some candles.

Calla picks up Loves Outdoors and takes the Angling Ace aspiration. She should be able to complete the fishing aspiration as a teen. Checking her Character Values and Manners is maxed for the moment. She is close on Responsibility.

The first thing Calla does is to quit scouts.

Then she has a quick makeover and begins her project.

Calla went to bed and Clement finished the project poorly for her. I have never seen a poor project before.

Calla’s sleep schedule is still off a bit so she begins her fishing journey early in the morning before school.

Since Apple is done with her requirements and just waiting on her elder birthday to eat her ambrosia, she and Clement are free to roam the house at will. It gets just a touch boring as she has four days off from work.

Calla brings home an A in high school and marks that off of the list.

Because she is responsible, she does her homework every day without being told.

More fishing.

Off to school.

While Calla is at school, Apple is working on redecorating each of the main rooms. The kitchen is done. The shelf above the sink will hold any and all of the potions of youth that are purchased.

The dining room. There are three groups of four to allow for plenty of space for when the household gets full.

The conversation area with the family portrait. The portrait changes to reflect who is in the household at any given time.

The entertainment side. The TV probably needs to be lowered a touch.

Bookcases and musical instruments will go here.

I typically find Apple and Clement dancing. A lot.

Calla was offered the chance to graduate early but she turned it down for the moment. If it is offered again, she might go ahead and take it, although I read there is a trait for graduating valedictorian. If they graduate early, then they can attend university as a teen. So, there is that trade-off. Calla isn’t interested in attending university so she will stay in high school for now.

Another day of school, more homework.

One of the bee boxes has been struck by lightning. I didn’t know that was a thing. They are down to one bee box and twelve plants.

More redecorating. This is the main bath that is next to the nursery.

The nursery is completed.

And the hallway is completed.

Calla wakes up in full puberty. She has zits.

After cleaning her skin and hiding her zits, she heads out to do some fishing. Today is Harvestfest so she doesn’t have to go to school.

Back home to quickly appease a gnome, she deals with a need or two and then heads back to the pond.

She completes another tier of the aspiration.

Looks familiar.

Time to go home. She has to fish with bait and catch great fish but that can be done tomorrow or this weekend.

Apple has started a nice collection of potions.

She has also stocked the fish tank with angelfish that have been caught. They won’t be fishing for angelfish any more until they are needed since the fish tank will only hold six at a time.

Clement is piddling around the house and fills the bird feeder with food.

He also purchases two hens for the eggs. Hopefully now that Apple has completed her requirements it will be easier to take care of them.

Clement also purchased more insects so they can collect bio fuel. One of the upgrades has been to add fuel cells to help reduce their power usage.

Calla came home from school on Friday very tense because she did poorly on her exams. I was ready for her to graduate early when I saw the Class Schedule option and the Study for Exam option.

So she has exams every Friday. Wonderful.

Calla completes her homework, extra credit, and she is heading over to study for next week’s exam. Then she is going to enjoy her weekend.

With a weekend free, Calla heads off on a solo vacation to Granite Falls. She rents the cheapest cabin and settles in for 24 hours.

Umm, no. Stop thinking about it. Geez.

Initially, Calla can’t fish because it is too cold. As the day progresses it warms up enough she can get 6 great catches and 4/5 fish caught with bait.

Hmm, Prom? She skips the prom and enjoys her vacation.

She does order pizza though.

And she eats marshmallows by the fire since it is once again too cold to fish.

After a well taken photo, she is heading home.

Back home it is not too cold to fish so she catches the last fish with bait. She has already caught 20 different types of fish so all she has left is to master fishing.

Ozzie had called her while she was on vacation, so she heads over to his house to check him out.

Ozzie is awfully pale.

Oh yeah, he was freezing.

She takes him back to her house for some romance.

They decide to begin dating.

Ozzie is not sure what he is getting himself into, but he is game.

I will be glad when Apple becomes an elder and can retire from work. Then she can help take care of the animals also.

Calla and Ozzie sneak to the bathroom to mess around and then he heads home.

While Calla is fishing, I notice a potion on the ground and a pot on the grill. Clement is called over to finish cooking the potion and he forgets to get dressed first. It may not be freezing but it is still cold. He finishes the potion and then immediately drinks it. I sure hope it was a decent potion.

Apple comes over to drink the one on the ground. Both potions were Destressing Potions so hopefully they both feel better now.

Or not. Clement doesn’t make it back to the house before he has an accident. But he survives.


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