Evergreen Queens Dynasty, Chapter 8

It must be winter because the Death Flowers are growing again.

Mondays always bring the projects. This time Calla works on it with Clement. And this time it is excellent.

Apple is trying to make friends with the rabbit but they just aren’t getting along at all.

I am at that stage where the action slows down as Apple has done her part in establishing the dynasty and we are waiting for the second generation to become a young adult so she can begin with the process of bringing in the third generation. Just a waiting game. Also, there is a rumor that the new infants life stage might be released next week (I am playing several weeks before posting so by the time this post is published we will probably know for sure about infants).

Ahh, the bombardier beetles are back.

Apple is having more time to check on the chickens. She tries to get out to them twice a day.

Ozzie needs a makeover because someone forgot to tell him it is winter. I can’t figure out how to do that on a non-household member so he will have to wait until he moves in.

Random glitch on the community plants. They can only be eaten, not harvested or collected.

Clement is childish and playing with the dolls helps to settle his bad moods.

It is Winterfest today so everyone is home. That will give Calla an entire day to fish. She reaches level 9 before the day is over.

The first crop of death flowers for this season is ready to harvest. They should get three more harvests before winter is over.

Apple decides to add a third chicken to the coop. So far, so good.

Cecilia comes by with a present for Apple. No idea why.

Father Winter II stops by to leave some presents for the household.

Then he slobbily eats popcorn. Dude!

Checking in on the family after taking a few days off from playing. Calla needs to master fishing so she spends her free time at the pond.

Apple putters around the house and goes to work while she waits for her elder birthday so she can eat her first ambrosia.

Clement. Clement is going to be a problem. I didn’t realize he won’t die. I have been reading online about him since his age bar isn’t moving. Apparently he doesn’t die and he can’t be killed.

And, that is the end of this attempt. Because Clement possesses the hidden trait of Holiday Tradition Father Winter he is immune to death in any form. Since the challenge disallows moving any sim out of the household, this challenge has reached a failure point. Tune in next time for Evergreens 2.


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