Faust Townie Dynasty, Founder


Your goal is to produce a Sim who is the descendant of 10 different families living in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and other Sim towns.

You’ll start with a childless premade YA townie (or teen immediately aged up to YA). Your founder will have 10 days in which to marry and move in with an unmarried childless townie and produce an heir.  Before moving your Sim out, he or she must put together a 10-item unique collection and paint or photograph each of the Sims in the household.

Each YA heir thereafter will also have 10 days in which to marry and move in with an unmarried childless townie and produce an heir, after amassing a 10-item unique collection and painting or photographing every member of the household.

To recap: within 10 days after becoming a YA and becoming the controlled Sim, the founder or heir must:

  1. Either photograph or paint the portrait of every household member and place them in the family museum.
  2. Amass a unique 10-item collection and place it in the family museum. Collection items must be made or found by the heir. A list is here.
  3. Marry and move in with a childless, unmarried Sim living in one of the towns.
  4. Produce the next heir, either through childbirth, alien abduction, or adoption.

Once the founder or heir moves in with the spouse, points begin to accumulate.  50 points must be accumulated before the player can begin controlling the next heir.


Create an Elder Sim and move him or her into Crick Cabana.  

  • Yvette Denney has been created to get this dynasty started.

The following options should be chosen: Autonomy — Full; Aging — Normal; Fill Empty Houses — Checked.

You MUST set up a Museum for your family. This will be where your Sims place their collections and portraits. This Museum must meet the lot requirements for a museum. You may also set up a cemetery on this lot. You can build your own or use the Willow Museum of Fine Arts or any other museum in My Library on the Gallery.

You MAY NOT bulldoze the Willow Creek Archives or the large parks in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and San Myshuno. You may bulldoze other community lots provided that at least one of each type remains, i.e, you’ll have to keep one gym, one nightclub, one bar, etc. You may place any Maxis-made venues (spa, restaurant, retail store, etc.), and you may place up to 5 houses. These may come from #carlsguiderdc or EAaccountID MaxisCreator_01 on the Gallery. You may not bulldoze any houses.

You may place the following on any community lot: rocket ship kit, telescope, microscope, cupcake machine, wedding arch with seating, movie screen with seating, wishing well, horseshoe court, garden planters, buffet table, drinks fountain, popcorn machine and counter, hot tub, puppet theater, battle station(s), water slide, basketball court, busker station, bowling alley, climbing wall, and photography studio.

You may give lot traits to the community lots but not to any residential lots that you add.

Once you’ve set up your town, you may alter only your family museum and retail stores and restaurants owned by your Sims. You may add new venues and objects that come with new packs.

Getting Started

Start with a childless premade YA townie. Your founder will have 10 days in which to marry and move in with an unmarried childless townie and produce an heir.  Before moving your Sim out, she must put together a 10-item unique collection and paint or photograph each of the Sims in the household.

  • Yvette has been marked unplayed and control has been switched over to Ulrike Faust.

Ulrike Faust is Creative, Art Lover, and a Perfectionist.  She aspires to become a Painter Extraordinaire.  She has until 8am Wednesday of the second week to deliver her first baby.

After several misfires, we finally got things humming.  We had a plan.  Ulrike quickly took 10 photographs plus the two photos of herself and her roommate, Maaike Haas.

She then headed over to introduce herself to Caleb Vatore.  I really wanted to start in their house.

Points 1-10

As soon as they are married and she has moved in, she begins studying vampire lore, her initial designated skill.  The initial plan is to quickly get to level 15 so that Caleb can be de-vamped before bringing the heir on board.  Ulrike reaches level 10 – which gives her the first free day.  Caleb and Lilith use this day to join their careers and start skilling.

Points 11-20

When the day ends, Ulrike is back to studying vampire lore.  She reaches 15, mastering the skill, which earns her a total of 7 points.  She heads to the park to make a wish (+1), Lilith comes home with a promotion (+1), and Ulrike earns a promotion (+1).  With the 10 points needed for the second free day, she quickly makes two potions and Caleb and Lilith are turned back into normal sims again.

Points 21-30

Carly Faust is born on Monday morning at 3:45am.  I am earning points too fast, but I have not figured it out yet.  Points earned for making a wish (+1), gained 2,000 aspirations points (+2), five promotions (+5), increased the new designated skill of painting by two levels (+2), became good friends with Carly (+1), and lost a point for bladder failure during her pregnancy.

Points 31-40

I still haven’t figured out I need to slow down on points.  I am used to trying to accumulate as many points as possible as quickly as possible.  I didn’t truly understand the impact this was going to have.  Although, this set of 10 points did take a week to earn.  It includes three promotions (+3), two levels in painting earned (+2), painting mastered (+2), potty training mastered (+2), 2,000 aspiration points earned (+2).  This gave her 11 points, which one was allowed to carry over as she was at 9 when she earned +2.

Points 41-50

At this point, I realize that I am going way too fast and that we will reach 50 points way too soon.  But the play is already in motion and it is too late to call a time out. The last 10 points are earned with three promotions (+3), a school promotion (+1), a wish at the wishing well (+1), mastered imagination (+2), an increase in household funds (+2), and the carryover point from the last set of points.

Carly becomes a child and rolls Genius, Insider, and Gloomy.

Once the 50 points were reached, control switched to Carly.  As she was only halfway through her childhood, there were some struggles.

Ulrike had become pregnant right before the switchover, so Keith joined the family.

Keith taking a nap on the street and then going upstairs to pass out on the floor, next to his bed.

Keith needs a bath.

Keith finally gets a bath.

The power is cut off the day before Carly grows up.  Since she was the controlled sim, and a child, no one could make her a birthday cake or throw her a birthday party.  She had to wait on the game to decide it was time.  The first thing she does as a teen, is to pay the bills and then to potty train Keith.  Keith rolled Independent but would never use the potty on his own.

This is where Keith likes to hang out and have conversations.

He also likes to play in the toilet.  None of the adults will discipline him and Carly hasn’t caught him yet.

With the end of her teenage years looming, Carly puts together her collection of fish for the museum.  She adds photos of Ulrike, Caleb, Lilith, Keith, and herself.  She also paints a portrait of Ulrike.

And at 0 days remaining, she bakes herself a cake.


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