Firemane Heroes, Chapter 1

The newest Dynasty over at Carl’s is the Seven Heroes Dynasty. 2020 as a year has left a lasting mark on just about everything. This dynasty is a tribute to the heroes of 2020 – first responders and essential workers, ordinary sims doing everyday things, trying to make the world a better place.

Seven Heroes Dynasty

Each hero will need to complete seven requirements before adding the next hero to the family. Then the hero will need to complete at least one project. There will be no spouses in this household, all additions to the family will be by birth or adoption. The challenge ends when all seven household members have completed their project. Each hero can complete more than one project, but they all must complete at least one project, and they must do all of the work themselves.

Starting off this dynasty will be Aurelia Firemane. Aurelia is a teen, and she is Cheerful and Good. She has the aspiration to become a Master Chef. She has to complete seven of the requirements listed below – any seven, it is her choice. The items in bold are the ones she will be working on – and she has to have three positive characters traits by the time she becomes a young adult.

  • Earn 7 scouting badges
  • Complete 7 volunteer activities
  • Find 7 collectibles
  • Catch 7 fish of different species
  • Complete 7 emotional whims
  • Make 7 good friends
  • Reach level 7 of an adult skill

Aurelia moves into the empty lot called Arid Ridge. She is a teen for 13 days and I would like for her to complete her seven requirements before her birthday, the sooner the better. Of course, she will also need to earn three positive character traits when she ages up. With seven requirements completed and three character traits earned, she will be able to have her birthday early. So, goals.

The first thing Aurelia does is to join the scouts.

Then she completes her homework. She won’t spend any money on her lot until she runs out of energy tonight.

After finishing her homework, she is able to collect her first badge.

Then she is off to do some fishing. This is two for one – she will get the outdoor badge first and then she will catch seven different species of fish.

Of course, that means she missed the welcome party, so she is not getting off to a good start with her new neighbors. She will make it up to them later.

Aurelia fishes until she has a need for a bathroom. Then she heads over to make up with Nina and Katrina.

She really needs the toilet, please.

Then she introduces herself nicely to sims walking by, working on badges and developing a wide range of acquantances.

She heads back out for some more fishing, and then she invites herself into a random house and steals the bowl of salad sitting out on the counter. No one complained.

The fishing is done – seven species mounted. She is still not ready to build a house, but that is coming shortly.

School is over on Monday, she has voted for a the Neighbor Action Plan (cooking) and please, for the love of all things holy, can she have a house now?

The house is built and I think it looks so cute.

She is going for reds and yellows for her decor.

This week is a struggle. She doesn’t finish her homework and she doesn’t finish her project before she has to leave for school on Tuesday.

But she does get a laptop and a kitchen table, so there is that.

Her fun meter is redder than her hair, so she is trying to play a game or something.

Wednesday goes much better and she improves her grades to a B.

She is invited to join the Paragons, so she accepts and then starts a gathering so that she can meet her club mates.

She is having so much fun that she becomes hysterical. While I know they won’t die from mood swings, this is not a mood swing. So she is rushed home to calm down.

Thursday and Friday are more struggles. She takes Thursday off from school to run seven volunteering events back to back. She pays for the choice, but she completes the seven and she maxes out her Empathy. She also has 7/9 of the scouting badges.

Aurelia spends Saturday morning making friends. She has seven good friends completed by lunch time. That makes four of the requirements complete:

  • 7 Scouting Badges
  • 7 Volunteer Activities
  • 7 Fish, different species
  • 7 Good Friends

Now for the emotional whims. She is always “Happy” and most of her emotional whims are to meet someone new, call someone, or text someone.

The future cook, in all her glory.

Aurelia finishes up her emotional whims with one last phone call. Her last two requirements will be getting one skill up to level 7 and collecting 7 collectibles. Well, and improving two more character traits – Empathy is already in place, she just needs Responsible and Good Manners.

Aurelia puts up the fish and metals on display as part of her seven requirements.

All that she has remaining is the bump up her character traits and reach level 7 in a skill.

It makes sense that she should work on her cooking skill.

She also makes lots of friendly and respectful greetings to improve her manners.

She is also trying to get that elusive A in school and Morgan just invited herself into the house.

Last project…

She realizes that she can ask for help so she tags sims she knows as they walk by to get help on the project.

Last bit of manners and that is in the zone.

She earned that A and responsibility is in the zone. That is her third character trait.

She is lonely so she invites Sofia over to visit while she improves her cooking.

She is this close to blowing out her candles. She has completed all seven requirements and she is in the zone on three character traits. All she needs now is a shower and someone to clean up the mess.

She has to keep taking breaks because her fun is non existent, and she seems to get hungry so fast.

But it is finally done. Now to make the cake.

She blows out the candles and picks up Foodie as her third trait.

And she is off to adopt the next hero.

She comes home with one toddler. The other two toddlers and the child are not hers.

I just realized that she named her daughter, Sofia. Just like her best friend. There is one toddler looking on jealously.

And of course, it is time to train the toddler.


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