Firemane Heroes, Chapter 2

Aurelia begins training Sofia and I really do love the Tiny House boosts. Sofia is wild so she rejects everything Aurelia suggests. But since she is a toddler, she still has to do what she is told.

The good thing about Tiny House is how fast they improve their skills. Sofia quickly masters the potty, movement, and communication. She hasn’t even been on the lot long enough to get hungry or sleepy.

The day is winding down and everyone is getting tired. Aurelia makes the (7) excellent meals from the cooking skill while Sofia reaches level 4 in thinking. Then they both eat and head to bed.

  • Fish and Chips
  • Clam Chowder
  • Onigiri
  • Spaghetti
  • Butter Chicken
  • Palak Paneer
  • Crown Roast

Aurelia’s first project is to Max Chef or Mixology aspiration and prepare 7 excellent meals, 7 excellent gourmet meals, and 7 excellent drinks. Baked dishes and fizzy drinks may also count. She will actually work on maxing both aspirations as it is possible and the best part is that she only has to reach level 8 in the career to do it.

Sofia continues to work on her skills, improving very quickly. Aurelia sets off for her first day at work and has to hire a nanny to keep an eye on Sofia while she is gone.

The nanny makes it possible for Sofia to master thinking and then they work on imagination for the rest of the evening.

As Aurelia comes home is a bad mood, she takes some time to read to improve her mood, while the nanny reads Sofia to sleep. Sofia is now a top-notch toddler and still has five days before she will become a child. After reading, Aurelia finishes making her seven gourmet meals, mastering the skill in the process. She has now mastered both cooking and gourmet cooking and it is time to buy a bar so she can work on mixology.

Aurelia begins working on mixology. She is constantly out of fun and I can’t figure out how to make her happy.

Clean Toddler with Vacuum. Hmmm.

Sofia loves it when Aurelia cleans her with the vaccum.

Aurelia has completed her seven excellent drinks. Now she just has to complete one of the aspirations and her first project will be done.

She is exhausted and having no fun. Hopefully she gets a day off from work soon.

Sofia is good about playing by herself. But she has way too many free days remaining until her birthday.

And she is done playing by herself. I am trying to figure out their next steps. I like the skill gains from the tiny house traits, but they will probably get a real house. With actual bedrooms and fun things to do.

Aurelia needs to have a Silver Dinner Party, so she schedules the party to take place in someone else’s house.

It quickly reaches Gold so she shuts it down early and heads home.

While Aurelia is working through the mixology aspiration to get it caught up with the chef aspiration, Sofia runs around in just her diaper and slippers. She is wild and she does this a lot. I also have the bug where toddlers never run anymore, they just continue to walk like they are sad or mad and toddle along. Aurelia is on the fourth tier of the chef aspiration and the third tier of the mixology aspiration. She needs to have another party, this time to cook 3 gourmet dishes and then mix 3 drinks.

Well that has never happened before. We have done lots of parties at someone else’s house, but now they won’t let her cook. She has been kicked out of the house.

She tries one more time and gets kicked out again.

So, she has the party at her house. She is able to make the three gourmet meals and mix three drinks, effectively progressing both aspirations. To complete the aspirations, she needs to join the Mixology branch, reach level 8 in the Culinary career, achieve level 10 in the mixology skill, and make five more excellent drinks. And Sofia is still a toddler.

It is finally Sofia’s birthday. She is getting a last meal while Aurelia bakes her a cake.

Sofia blows out the candles and makes a wish.

She is a Good child with the Whiz Kid aspiration. Her first project will be to become an Interplanetary Ambassador — Max the Astronaut career, visit Sixam, and have 7 Sixamite friends.

They considered trying to replace the house but in the end, they decided to stay with what they have. Aurelia adds a wall to the back corner and sets up her fish and metals. The rest of the heroes will continue to add to the wall, as needed.

There is a little bit of time before Aurelia heads back to work so she reads to Sofia for her aspiration.

Then they play two games of chess and Aurelia has to leave. Sofia invites Yuki over to play another game of chess to complete that task and at the same time she completes two more scouting badges.

Seriously? Aurelia gets to go to bed while Sofia is off fishing. She completed the fishing badge and then started working on collecting the fish for her prep requirements.

Sunday evening is a good time for Aurelia as she completes her first project by becoming Master Mixologist. She will be moving on to the vet and pets next.

Sofia has mastered the mental skill and is now building her fishing skill. Her prep skill is supposed to be rocket science, which she will begin learning as a teen.

Omg, so cute. This is what one of the Dust Bunnies found for them. I do have dust effects on for the moment, but most just to get some funds in the bank. I think it will end up being like fame and all the others where I turn the effects off most of the time.

Sofia brings home a project on Monday and immediately asks for everyone walking by to come help her finish. They do, and it is excellent.

Sofia comes home with an A and completes the Whiz Kid aspiration. She switches to Artistic Prodigy since she already has Creativity at level 9.

Aurelia receives a promotion and completes Master Chef. It wasn’t required since she already completed her project, but since she was that close and she will be using the points on Potions of Youth. She switches to Friend of the Animals but I am not sure she will complete the aspiration, but she will earn some points in the process.

It doesn’t take long before Sofia completes Artistic Prodigy. She is a few days from her birthday and while she could complete one or both of the remaining aspirations, she is going to be given a reprieve. For the time being.

Aurelia has her veterinarian skill up to level 8 so it is time to adopt a pet. A cat, of course.

I don’t understand this. No one can pick up the trash can so she has to sell it and buy a new one. Every damn time.

Aurelia adopts Maya and I hope this works out for her. Maya is adorable by the way.

She sets the lot traits to attract all the strays and this is literally her life now. I just need to figure out how to cure strays because none of these guys are showing up sick.

Aurelia headed to Brindleton Bay to look for sick strays and didn’t find any. She came home to this mess outside. Uhh, nope. OMG, I am such a dork. Read the requirements – cure 7 pets, not 7 strays. Looks like Aurelia will be buying a vet clinic tomorrow. Or whenever she has §80,000 to spare.

Okay, I have to admit. I decided to play until Sofia becomes a teen and then end the update at that point. At the same time, I realized how to cure pets and decided to go ahead and do the vet clinic. So I started off with this mess.

Apparently, Aurelia picked up the Workaholic lifestyle and is her running off to work on her day off. And it cannot be canceled.

The good thing is that it kicked me back to the main house, where Aurelia was standing by the mailbox, so back we came to the clinic. She was able to treat one patient, but it is pouring. Of course.

So she builds an actual clinic. Plain and simple.

She treats patients as they come in.

She cleans when she has time. Her goal is to get all seven pets cured in one sitting.

She is so close. This is #6.

She did not build a bathroom so she suffers this indignity while trying to work on the last patient.

She has cured her seven pets and is on the way home. She will get there eventually.

Back at the house, it is also storming. This is Sofia’s option. Both are put to bed, and since it is Sofia’s birthday, there will be cake when they wake up.

The cake is made and it is time to blow out the candles.

Sofia adds Cat Lover to her traits and takes the Nerd Brain aspiration. And that is all for this update. I would to have more this week, but it will depend on how school goes. But I expect to have another update by Monday next week at the latest.


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