Firemane Heroes, Chapter 3

Sofia gets started working on her hero prep requirements – she is reading seven non-skill books instead of completing emotional whims, for the variety. She has also completed the scouting badges, collected seven fish, and reached level 7 in Rocket Science. She has to complete two more volunteer activities and complete her seven collectibles.

Sofia spent a portion of the household funds purchasing the rocket kit.

Then she invited several sims walking by to help her build the rocket. She has always been good at asking for help.

While Sofia works on her hero prep, Aurelia is working on completing her second project – which means she is making friends with strays.

The rocket is done.

Sofia takes it for one mission, but then she is exhausted so she heads inside.

Before she can go to sleep, she has to complete her homework. She needs an A before she grows up because I insist.

Timing is great although I wish this came with money or something tangible. My sims really don’t general care about fame and Aurelia already has all the reputation. But she was ready to quit her job and this gave her a reason.

And then, OMG, really Lola Belle? How mean.

More strays to befriend.

There is a thunderstorm, and I can’t remember what Aurelia was doing, maybe taking out the trash. Death is not allowed, so she is sent to bed to recover.

Timewise, I have it set so that each season is 2 weeks long and Aurelia started in the spring. Today is mid-autumn so it has been five weeks since she started. Not bad because Sofia should be ready for the third hero to join the household within the next day or two. Aurelia is struggling today because she picked up the Workaholic lifestyle and she is currently unemployed. She has completed her second project, and while I am not a fan of completing careers, she will begin working on project #3, which will include a career. She didn’t complete the Animals aspiration, which is fine as it is not a required component of the Animals project. She switches to Bodybuilder and takes a job in Athletics.

Sofia is still sleeping so Aurelia heads down to the local gym to check the first task. Then back home where she sets up her own personal gym.

I am working hard to not increase their official house beyond the 64 square tiny house, so they are getting lots of outdoor setups.

Maya looking all inspired. Seriously, her picture is inspired so no clue… ohh… Aurelia is also inspired from living in a perfectly clean house. It looks like the pets also receive the inspired mood when the house is clean.

Sofia completes her last volunteer activity. Her empathy is maxed out so she is working on Responsibility now and then Manners.

But also she is working on collecting space items – she will be collecting Space Aliens as her seven items.

She has also mastered rocket science but is not going to upgrade the rocket until she begins working on her project.

I just noticed that Sofia has her A in school so she is just working on her last two hero prep items and then getting her character traits in place.

Aurelia just become an Adult. I am going to let them all become Adults and then they will remain at this age.

And Aurelia just completed Mix Master (mix 100 drinks)

I keep getting the feeling that I need to rush through and finish this as soon as possible. But in the end, it is not a race. So, Sofia has time to finish her hero prep and become good friends with Maya. I checked the rules and didn’t find anything where they couldn’t become good friends with family members, so Maya and Aurelia count for two of Sofia’s good friends.

She is also still trying to collect her space items. Initially I was going to go with whatever collection she reached seven items in first, and then decided to combine collections as long as she collected them during a space mission.

Sofia has finished all of her hero prep and just needs her character traits to be ready to age up. She collected seven fish, three aliens, and four space rocks. She made seven good friends, earned seven scouting badges, completed seven volunteer activities, and reached level 7 Rocket Science (mastered actually).

She is so glad to be back on the ground. She just needs a little more responsibility and she will be ready for some birthday cake. She is going to have to go to school one more day so that her homework will be renewed and she can work on that for responsibility.

Sofia is building her fitness skill in the meantime. They had to change the house traits and she still had to use incense to get energized to come to the top. Apparently, having a clean house is an overriding inspirational emotion.

And it is time for Sofia to blow out some candles and adopt the next hero.

Sofia blows out her candles, choosing to become a Genius, Cat Lover, and Good. Then she is off to adopt her little hero.

Sofia brings home Dalia, which wasn’t actually the toddler she meant to click on. But Dalia the Silly joins the household and is loved.

Dalia gets one of the new hairs which is pretty cute.

Sofia gets Dalia straight to potty training while Maya joins her in solidarity.

Once her potty training is mastered, Dalia begins working on the other skills while Sofia and Aurelia go to bed. Someone has to sleep in this household.

Aurelia goes jogging in about the same way I would jog. With food in hand.

Sofia begins upgrading the rocket. She is installing the wormhole generator so that she can visit Sixam and meet aliens.

Dalia gets some food in her belly and then she works on more skills.

Someone is getting cranky so Aurelia puts her to bed with a story. She has master potty, movement, and communication. Thinking and imagination are next.

Sofia joins the Astronaut career and makes sure she has the skills needed before heading back to the rocket to continue with the upgrades. Aurelia is also working on her career skills and then back to her aspiration tasks.

Sofia finally finishes upgrading the rocket with the wormhole generator but she is too close to time for her shift to begin.

Dalia masters all of her skills and becomes a top-notch toddler, and still has many days remaining.

She slept too hard and too long and when she wakes up it is too late to make it to the potty.

Sofia makes her trip to Sixam and meets five Sixamite aliens. She just needs two more but the game doesn’t want to provide.

Surprisingly, Dalia is a well behaved toddler. She has many days to be a toddler and she has only made one mess. Then I find her like this with Maya.

Aurelia masters fitness and completes the Bodybuilder aspiration. Of course, she is still a long ways off from completing the third project. And this particular outfit makes her look really broad across the shoulders.

Soon after, Sofia masters logic and is getting close to completing Nerd Brain. She still needs two more aliens and then reaching the top of her career.

Aurelia gets a lucky promotion bringing her up to level 7 Champion Bodybuilder.

It is still not time for Dalia to have her birthday, Aurelia and Sofia are still waiting on promotions, with only Sofia still working on an aspiration. Yet, I still want to bring in future heroes as toddlers for the boost in skill building over their lifetime.

Aurelia spends some time with Dalia trying to teach her some manners and conflict resolution and I remember that it is useless to teach them as toddlers. She is going to try again once Dalia is a child.

It is time for Dalia to blow out her candles and become a child.

Dalia takes the Motor aspiration and picks up the Loves Outdoors trait. She joins the scouts and begins working on her scouting badges. After completing her homework, she heads off to sleep in the tent, since there is only the one bed.


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