Firemane Heroes, Chapter 4

I realized as I was loading up the game just now that while I talk about the increased skilling gains that is received when the toddlers and kids complete certain things but neither Aurelia nor Sofia actually completed all of the badges in scouting. They both completed the required seven and Sofia completed an eighth, but neither one got the last badge and did not get the skills increase.

Aurelia mentors Sofia on the treadmill for her first client. Then she creates some more paintings since they still need to improve their financial standing somewhat.

Sofia realizes that she forgot to go to the bars for alien night Tuesday, which it is now Thursday so she is going to have to make a trip back to Sixam to see if there are any aliens to make friends. She and Aurelia are both sitting on Fabulously Wealthy until they pick up their next project.

Sofia has a few hours until her next shift starts so she heads back to Sixam and meets a new alien. That gives her six out of seven alien friends. She just needs one more but no one new shows up before it is time to head to work.

Aurelia heads down to the gym to get her seven mentoring sessions done. If only Sofia could find her last alien this easily.

Okay, not sure why the toilet is on fire. Sofia did all of the upgrades so it must be one of those.

OMFG! That toilet is about to be replaced.

Dalia continues to complete her badges, finishing up the eighth. She still has plenty of time as a child to get that last badge – fitness.

Sofia needs to master fitness so Aurelia mentors her to make it go quicker.

Sofia remembers to go to the bar for alien night and the only aliens that show up are the three she already knows.

Sofia heads back to Sixam and apparently it has been invaded by normal Winterfest sims.

I forget it is actually Winterfest and Father Winter shows up on Sixam. That doesn’t help Dalia any, which I realize with Sofia goes home.

Dalia completes her second aspiration and she completed her last badge. And she still has a few days before aging up so she switches over to the social aspiration.

Maya becomes an elder so Aurelia heads down to the pet clinic to pick up a treat to restore her to her youth.

Maya is once again an adult cat and with lots of time remaining in her life.

Aurelia reaches the top of the Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer career, completing her third project. She switches over to Business and making donations for her next project. She also has to go to Lifestyle Coaching to drop the workaholic lifestyle since changing jobs made her tense for days.

Sofia finally tracks down a seventh alien and quickly makes him her friend. Now she just needs to reach the top of the astronaut career.

Everyone gets a break for New Year’s Eve and they spend several hours just watching television. I realized that Aurelia may never complete her fourth project since it requires making charitable donations of §70,000 with a daily limit of §1,000. That is 70 days, if she doesn’t miss a day.

Dalia masters all four of the child level skills although she only completes two of the child aspirations. Good enough.

It is New Skill Day so everyone takes advantage to master one skill that was close. For Sofia, that is fishing.

The family heads out to the park for Dalia to work on fishing, with the hope of having different species each hero. While they are there, Aurelia and Sofia both wish for promotions. They are fortunate and while they don’t receive automatic promotions, they do improve their performance so the promotions will come on their next day of work.

Dalia takes a few minutes and meets a bunch of kids, although she will never work on the social aspiration again.

She begins fishing at the pond, but only picks up fish that Aurelia or Sofia have already caught.

She moves to the back for awhile but has to bring Maya home. This is the second time she passed out on her way to her bed.

After getting some sleep, she is back at the park. She is able to catch six new fish and is just lacking the seventh, but she is exhausted again, and it is her birthday.

Heading home for cake and sleep. And a pee and a shower.

Aurelia makes her a nice cake.

Dalia picks up Childish to go with Loves Outdoors and takes the Freelance Botanist aspiration. She will be working on seven perfect fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Her collectible will be flowers. She picks up an A on her first day in high school which means she will be taking some vacation days to work on her hero prep.

Dalia is going to be collecting plants for both her collectibles (7 types of Emotional Berries) and for the separate plants task (seven unique). Because I don’t want to build her a greenhouse, she is only going to be working with plants that grow in all seasons. The perfect garden does not have to be unique so she will have 7 Growfruit, 7 Sage, and 7 Avocado plants.

  • 7 collectibles
    • Emotional Berries, 7 different berries
  • 7 unique plants
    1. Garlic
    2. Cat Nip
    3. Bonsai
    4. Lemon
    5. Growfruit
    6. Sage
    7. Avocado
  • Perfect Garden, 7 of each plant
    1. Growfruit (perfect fruits)
    2. Sage (perfect herbs)
    3. Avocado (perfect vegetables)

Dalia also picks up the seventh fish.

I was so busy with Dalia that Aurelia almost forgot to drink her potion of youth. She was bubbling. She has now reset her life stage to the beginning of Adult. 24 more days until she needs to drink again.

Aurelia has reached a point where she is pretty darn sure she will not be able to complete the Business career + §70,000 in charitable donations. I was hoping to find a loophole, but the game has a hard stop of §1,000 donated per 24 hours, with the time starting at the point of each donation. So far, she has made 4 donations for a total of §4,000. Sofia is just waiting on her last promotion and she will be done with her first project. She doesn’t go back to work for four days and her boss is dead and a new one has not been assigned yet. So all the attention is on Dalia completing her hero prep so she can become a young adult and adopt the next hero and then begin trying to grow a bunch of perfect plants.

No clue other than they are always tense. Apparently they don’t think this challenge is a lot of fun, even though I am enjoying it immensely.

I just realized that Sofia and Dalia have the same hot weather outfit. I will fix that shortly. It is also time for Sofia to become an Adult. She will complete her first project tomorrow when she earns her last promotion.

With nothing to do for the weekend, Aurelia and Sofia gravitate to the bar. Dalia is off completing odd jobs and improving her gardening skill so that she can complete her hero prep and have her birthday cake.

Sofia has completed her project. Since her next project is knitting, she will need to get rid of the workaholic trait.

But for some reason, it takes their money but she never leaves.

Seriously is pissing me off. Going to reload the game and try again tomorrow.

Dalia has blown out her candles, picked up Creative, and is heading off to adopt the next hero.

Ophelia joins the family and will be getting a makeover shortly.

She is inquisitive and absolutely refuses Dalia’s suggestion that she learn to use the potty. Toddlers are always so much fun.


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