Firemane Heroes, Chapter 5

This dynasty is going fairly quickly. Ophelia is the fourth hero out of seven total, so she is the midpoint. Once she begins working on her hero prep it will feel like we have reached the top of the mountain and are gathering speed heading down. Of course, Dalia getting all the perfect plants is not going to be the quickest thing we have done. And I still believe Aurelia will not be able to complete her current project. But we are heroes, so we will continue to do our best. Sofia will begin knitting as soon as she can get her workaholic lifestyle removed. The negative moodlet for not have a job is painful – 48 hours – so she is not quitting until then.

As fast as it is going, they are in week 10 now. I am hoping to complete this within 20 weeks, which would be about 140 days. To this point, I have been adopting toddlers, but it is possible the later heroes might be adopted as children. I haven’t decided yet. If only there was an early birthday for completing tasks in the younger years. But it is what it is and today it is time to train Ophelia.

As for Sofia, she has tried to see the lifestyle coach five times, and paid §200 each time she tried. Even with reloading the game, she was never able to get it to work. She is just going to be miserable, although she won’t quit her job just yet. Instead of knitting, it makes more sense for Sofia to take the upgrades project, since she has already mastered handiness. So she will be upgrading 70 plumbing and electrical items on community lots.

Ophelia is actually getting more free time instead of pushing to master her skills as quickly as possible. She will still become a top notch toddler before she grows up, but she is getting to choose her own activities for the moment.

She is the first one to have temper tantrums, and this is her second one.

She was trying to eat and kept having the glitch where she would hold a plate but not actually eat anything. Eventually she gave up and passed out.

Finally, she has eaten and Dalia has a few minutes to read her to sleep.

Time passes and guess who is up. Aurelia is making her once a day donation, Sofia is making garden pots for Dalia, and Dalia is tending her plants. Ophelia is in a happy mood for the moment.

I catch up with Dalia and Ophelia and find this. Apparently Ophelia needed a diaper change, which I am not sure when that happened. Maybe when she was sleeping.

While Aurelia and Sofia head off to work, Dalia tends to her plants and helps Ophelia learn her skills.

They are both tired and have earned their rest. Dalia has all her plants planted. Now she just has to evolve them to perfection. And, Ophelia has mastered all the toddler skills and is a top notch toddler. While they are sleeping, and I didn’t get a picture, but Aurelia earns a promotion to level 8 and Sofia just brings home more money.

Dalia masters gardening and is slowly evolving her plants as she has the chance. Fetilize, fertilize, fertilize.

Sofia has a few days off, and it is still a few days from Ophelia’s birthday, so she heads out to get some community lots upgraded. I don’t see any limitations on how it should be done, but for me it will be unique upgrades. So across all upgrades, one toilet, one sink, one fireplace. Etc, etc, etc.

When she runs out of time or components she heads home. We also want to be on the home lot each morning before 5am and then long enough for Dalia to tend her garden.

Sofia is done for this session. She spent two days out and ran out of fun, social, hunger, and energy. So, she will do this again in a week of so, once Ophelia is well established as a child. Oh, and around this point, I turned off Lifestyles and Whims for one reason or another.

Dalia adds a vertical planter inside of the house and plants strawberries or something. Don’t even remember now. Sofia upgrades it to have automatic pest control and watering.

Sofia is waiting until she can go back to finish up her community upgrades, so for now, she plays with Ophelia.

It is Ophelia’s birthday, soon. She is ready because all she is doing now is following one of the others around all day.

Aurelia has reached level 9 and once she reaches the top of the career, she is going to move on to another project since it will take the rest of the challenge to possibly complete the charity donations. She hasn’t decided what yet. Maybe the knitting.

There are several cakes in the fridge now, so Ophelia gets her choice when it is time to blow out her candles.

She becomes an Active child and will work on the Motor aspiration. But first, she must join the scouts and get her homework done.

Dalia decides to begin working on flower arranging since it will probably take a lot of time for her garden to become perfect. She will stockpiled the arrangements for her next project, hopefully they can still be given away if the quality drops.

Ophelia needs to be working on her aspiration, but first she is going to get most of the easier badges done.

It is Wednesday of week 11 currently. I think, because they have 14 day seasons and it is the first week of summer. 8 weeks for the first year + 2 weeks for spring. I am going to have to remember where I have been tracking this, but maybe just been counting the seasons. Anyways, Week 11 Wednesday, and everyone heads off to work or school leaving Dalia home to work on her plants and flowers. Dalia is waiting on the plants to improve in quality so she is going to work on Flower Arranging project concurrently.

Ophelia is patiently waiting for Dalia’s attention to ask her a question, but Dalia is a list of things to do that is a mile long. Eventually Ophelia just heads off to school.

For the record, I really hate gardening in this game. Flower arranging is also on the naughty list. But Dalia has time since there are only four heroes currently, three more to adopt and raise.

Now is when they actually leave for work and school.

Dalia creates and gives away the first ten flower arrangements. She picked random people passing by, greeted them, and give them the flowers. Everyone had a positive reaction.

Aurelia comes home with a promotion to level 9, Corporate Raider. Then she masters chess for her last promotion. Hopefully this week so she can choose a new project to work on.


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