Flutter Me Shutters

It is time for another recap of the current challenge over at Carl’s Forums. This challenge is a photography challenge – completing certain collections with a limit to the number of photos that can be taken.

Flutter Me Shutters

Taking up this challenge is Selma Adams. She is Cheerful, Creative, and a Loner, and she likes Photography.

While Selma was taking 210 photos, apparently I only took eight. So this will be a short update. Selma moved into the cheapest furnished house in the world. Then she planned her moves to minimize spending any simoleons not absolutely necessary. She placed the EA-created Chez Llama restaurant at the beginning of the challenge to use for the meals collection.

Then she began by taking pictures around her house and around the world. Once the various ore spawned, Selma would collect everything for the metals, crystals, and fossils collection.

She basically worked one collection at a time, although she didn’t forgo shots for the other collections if they were there. Using Chez Llama, she was able to take pictures of the diners’ meals without spending anything to buy them herself.

She worked on both ordinary sims and occult sims at the same time, eventually reaching 50 ordinary and 25 occult and pets.

She was supposed to be watching to see what other sims bought at the food stand but decided she simple must have a cupcake. That is §10 simoleons that did not need to be spent.

She is getting close to completing the challenge. She has completed Unique Ordinary Sims, Occults or Pets, Buildings or Landmarks, and Furniture. She is about to finish the last three and is just looking for one she hasn’t collected yet for Meals (she gave in and made the cheapest meals at home that she could), Harvestables, and Metals, Crystals, Fossils.

Selma has completed the challenge and is heading home to sell the collections and then take the final six random photos to reach the 210 limit. She ends up with §10,023 in funds and has completed all seven collections for a final score of 17,039.


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