Fly Me to the Moon

What to Do

This month’s theme is all about Aliens, Robots, and Sim life on other planets! What more can I say? The rest is up to you!

Getting Started

Meet Janus and Phoebe Mooney

Janus is a Natural Cook, Brave, Neat, Nurturing, and Family-Oriented.  He would love to be Surrounded by Family

Phoebe is Brave, Good, Animal Lover, Hopeless Romantic, and a Genius.  She dreams of finding a Fairy Tale.

Living in Lunar Lakes

Janus and Phoebe take the first step on their journey Kiss

As they are both level 10 Magicians they head out to perform for tips while waiting on permanent gigs.

After earning zero tips, Phoebe heads out to make friends with some wild animals.

Joining the family, because we all know there are unicorns on the Moon, is Prometheus.

Phoebe is happy to have Prometheus but she thinks he needs a mate, so she is still looking for her Fairy Tale.

Pandora joins the family as a mate for Prometheus and Phoebe’s fairy tale.

Pandora and Prometheus bring Calypso into the family.

While upstairs Phoebe and Janus fill up the house with their own offspring.

First up is Hyperion, Rhea, and Helene

Followed by Dione and Atlas

This family consists of 2 genie young adults, 3 genie children, 2 genie toddlers, 2 adult unicorns, 1 unicorn foal.

Janus will complete his lifetime wish once all the kids become teens.

Phoebe has completed her lifetime wish.

Rhea is the first born triplet.  She plans on doing a whole lot of fishing.

Hyperion is the second born triplet and plans on being physical perfection.

Helene is the last born triplet and a budding musician and singer.

Dione is the first born twin and is good and brave.  The plan is for her to enter law enforcement.

Atlas is the last born and the absolute youngest.  He is artistic and eccentric and plans on becoming an acrobat.

Prometheus is fully trained in racing and jumping as all unicorns are.  He is agile, fast, friendly, brave, and neat.

Pandora is also fully trained in both racing and jumping.  She is neat, playful, friendly, agile, and fast.

Calypso is starting off like her mom and dad and is friendly and neat but untrained.

Family Photo



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