Four Life States, Four Sure

I am getting bad about letting these wait until the last minute to begin playing. This challenge is to have one of each of four life states, with each sim completing a set number of tasks as quickly as possible. The challenge ends when all four sims have completed their tasks and faster is better.

Four Life States? Four Sure!

Life State Goals

Vampire (Damian Duncan):

  • Become a Grand Master
  • Purchase 16 powers
  • Turn 16 new vampires
  • Complete Vampire Family Aspiration

Spellcaster (Barney Benedict):

  • Become a Virtuoso Spellcaster
  • Learn 16 Spells
  • Create 16 unique potions
  • Complete both Spellcaster Aspirations

Alien (Phoebe Phoenix):

  • Build a rocket
  • Complete 16 unique missions
  • Find and Resurrect 16 dead aliens (collectibles)
  • Complete Nerd Brain Aspiration

Mermaid (Kaia Keller):

  • Master fitness skill
  • Collect complete Seashell collection
  • Collect complete Buried Treasure collection
  • Complete 16 Odd Jobs

The foursome begins the challenge in Sulani in the spring. The mermaid is the only one that has a specific requirement that makes the location of their house important.

Kaia slips off for a swim, which is fine since she needs to master fitness among other things.

The rest of the team heads inside to begin working on their tasks. Damian is working on vampire lore and increasing his rank as a vampire while Phoebe reads three books for Nerd Brain. Barney took a quick trip to the magical realm where he was able to pick up one spell and two potion tomes.

The first potion Barney learns is the Potion of Plentiful Needs.

In his first attempt, he does something very wrong and knocks everyone out. He also receives the Potion of Questionable Contents, which I think is the 16th potion I was trying to find during testing.

Kaia keeps slipping away to go swimming, which is fine as it is building fitness.

Damian is almost to the point where he needs to go find five sims to turn for his aspiration. And then another eleven sims to make 16 for the challenge. Almost time.

Kaia is pulled away from the water to explore the cave where she begins collecting seashells and buried treasures.

Phoebe is working on Nerd Brain but she will need to get going on the rocket soon.

Damian heads out to the library in StrangeVille and begins turning sims into vampires.

He feeds here and there to keep going, but once he runs out of energy, he heads home.

Barney is working through his aspirations, and teaching himself potions and spells. He will need to go back to the magical realm for the duels, probably, but first he is going to finish the rest.

He pops into the realm for a quick check of the stores, but this is not the dueling trip.

Damian is trying to get the last of the 16 new vampires turned, but in the daylight is probably not the best time.

He brings his new friend home and tries again.

Phoebe is finally building her rocket. They had to find the money to afford the expense first.

While Barney is practicing his spells, Damian makes some mac and cheese.

Damian sends his fledglings home so that they don’t burst into flames.

But Nancy became a ghost while she was walking. There were no flames. Just a tombstone in their household inventory.

Barney deals with overcharging a lot. He is planning on getting the perk to let him discharge safely.

Damian is Gloomy and he has the Vampire weakness to intense sadness. It is good he has completed his tasks and is just hanging around now. He takes a job as a Criminal so that he can work nights. He is also evil, so that all works out well.

Barney invites Simeon over for some dueling. He loses every single one. He will have to try again later.

Phoebe has completed her 16 unique missions. She found exactly zero dead aliens, so she will upgrade the rocket and make several trips to Sixam.

Phoebe begins staking out the four alien sites on Sixam and she finally gets all 16 dead aliens.

She begins resurrecting them with the four our cooldown.

That means it is time for Barney to head to the magical realm to try to win three duels.

It takes a few losses before he realizes that he should reset his perks.

Now he is actually starting to win some of the duels, finally.

And done. Barney completes his tasks.

Then he comes home and has and overload, but he survives and is done with the magic.

That leaves Kaia to find the buried treasures and seashells collections. RNG hates me.

Phoebe shows off her 16 resurrected aliens.

Finally. Finally. Finally. Kaia completes both collections and the challenge is over.

  • Vampire, Damian – completed Week 1, Wednersday, 10:00pm
  • Spellcaster, Barney – completed Week 2onday, 8:26pm
  • Alien, Phoebe – completed Week 2, Thursday, 12:45am
  • Mermaid, Kaia – completed Week 2, Friday, 4:35pm


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