GBOC25: Calico Taffeta

Boolprop is celebrating it’s 15th birthday this month (November 2020) and part of the celebration is another challenge. This challenge is to complete some activity 100 times. Or 25, or 50, or 75. There are also points to earn and to lose.

The Great Boolprop Olympic Challenge

The sim that will be taking up the challenge first will be completing 25 achievements. Calico Taffeta is a sim I created awhile back but have never used her in anything, that I can find or recall. Calico is Hot-Headed, Romantic, and a Bookworm. Her aspiration is to become a Nerd Brain.

She moves into Daisy Hovel and begins looking through the list of achievements for her options.

She begins working on her first achievement – mastering photography. During this challenge, she also has to complete her aspiration and try to max her career. Thankfully, she won’t lose points for not maxing her career, but she will lose points if she doesn’t complete her aspiration. She also has to have at least one child.

All right. Calico has her first achievement and it is just 8:51am Sunday morning.

Looking through the achievements, there is one for listening to all of the base game channels on both the stereo and the television. While entertaining her neighbors, Calico runs through all of the stereo channels and all but two of the television channels. It looks like she will have to raise her handiness skill so that she can upgrade the television for the last two channels. So, that will take a little bit of time.

While her neighbors leave after the welcome party, Knox hangs around for awhile. Calico pretty much ignores him as she begins working on her first milestone.

She reads her three books and then as she is about to begin learning logic, she sees a single male walk by.

His name is Alonzo Apablaza and he lives with his grandparents and cousin. Although Calico doesn’t learn that until later.

He is open to some romance, so Calico makes her move.

Alonzo agrees to be her boyfriend and they head inside to celebrate.

Alonzo isn’t sure what he did right, but he isn’t going to complain.

When Calico tells him she is pregnant, he is actually excited about it. They decide he will move in with her, bringing most of the money from his family, but they are not going to get married just yet.

Alonzo is Family-oriented, Good, and a Foodie. His aspiration is to become a Freelance Botanist but after talking with Calico, he decides to change to Master Chef. He also calls and snags a position in the Culinary career, because someone is going to have to make a living to support their new baby.

“Your competing sim must get a job and try to reach the top of their chosen career.” Well, poop. I guess Calico will be getting a job after all.

But first, Calico wants to complete the first milestone of her aspiration – level 3 in logic.

I have never like Daisy Hovel and it is quickly time to replace it with another footprint. This house was downloaded from the gallery and placed unfurnished.

They then spent all of their accumulated funds furnishing the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. They have §1 remaining.

Calico calls around to find a job and takes a position in the Secret Agent career.

Then she heads out to collect wild plants for another Achievement. But she does it wrong and they don’t count. She will try again tomorrow. (Harvest All does not trigger the achievement, she has to Harvest [plant] instead).

Meanwhile, Alonzo is working on his aspiration and career, because they need more money to finish decorating the house.

Calico completes the first milestone and moves on to the next one – handiness and woodworking. But she just gets a little done and it is time for her first day at work.

Back home from work, Calico makes the rounds of the neighborhood, harvesting the plants correctly. She gets 15/50 done in the first day so she should finish the achievement on Friday.

Calico takes the day off from work using Family Leave and she goes on a tour of the various homes. There is an achievement for visiting 25 lots, so Calico is going to visit 25 families. At each house, she has to introduce herself to everyone on the lot at that time. She is not going to any community lots or empty houses (they do count) until she has been to 25 occupied residential lots. She is able to visit every occupied house in Willow Springs (10) before she has to head home for food and sleep.

Unfortunately, at the last house she had an unfortunate accident on their rug.

Alonzo came home with a promotion while Calico was out, and they are happy for the money. They still need to finish furnishing the house and the baby is coming soon.

Calico almost made it to bed. But not quite.

Calico gets some sleep and then her labor starts. It is time for the baby to make an appearance.

Alonzo is working on improving his cooking skill and making lots of food for the fridge while Calico gives birth in the kitchen.

It is a boy. Colin Apablaza.

Calico makes another round of collections and then with the money from that and from Alonzo’s promotion, they are able to buy a new television. Yeah, instead of actual furniture they had to get the TV. Because today is the Season Premiere of Game of Llamas, of course.

After playing the first week, and evaluating the achievements, Calico calls it quits to her attempt. She will be back for another attempt but with a different activity.

If you are wondering why I post failed attempts, it is because I write as I play so most of the time, by the time I know it is a failure, I have already uploaded the pictures and written the post to this point. Might as well post it since the work has already been done.


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